Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors And Carpet In 2021 [Reviewed]

Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors And Carpet In 2021 [Reviewed]

Everybody is busy. Everyone is succumbed to their own lives. Nobody has time to do other people’s chores. That is one of the reasons why having a housemaid to do all your house chores is a luxury only millionaires can afford.

But you need your house to stay clean. And it is not going to clean itself. And you also do not want to scrub floors and wash carpets every now and then

If only there were something with which you can do it yourself. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Best Vacuum for hardwood floors and carpetVacuum cleaner is the answer to all your problems. Vacuum cleaners were invented keeping the ever changing pattern of life in mind. It is a reliable, efficient and cost effective way of cleaning your house, and you can do it yourself (You do not have to be a millionaire for that).

But, there are hundreds of vacuum cleaner brands out in the market. Each has a unique aspect that serves a unique purpose. So choosing the best vacuum cleaner can be a strenuous thing to do. Even I sometimes pull my hair out thinking of what should be the best choice for me.

You see, every house has its own style of floor. Some people like their floors to be covered in rugs, while others like hardwood floors. People in some cases even like their floors to be just bare. But one thing is common for all. They all get dirty. It is inevitable. And different types of floors require different strategy to clean. Hence, there are numerous vacuum cleaners available in the market that serve different purposes. And that is why, choosing the best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet is a matter of concern for some people.

You can go to the internet – browse tons of websites with details about the products. But those are not enough. Because most of them do not truly care for your problem – they just want to market the products with glittering information.

That is why, to save the day, I have come up with a list of vacuum cleaners that should justify your needs and problems. These vacuum cleaners are great for both hardwood floor and carpet. They all are justified thoroughly and with care. After going through this article, you should have firsthand knowledge about the different types of vacuums cleaners and what their prospects are and how you can get the maximum out of using them. You will also find some key points that should be considered for getting the best result.

There are a total of 5 vacuum cleaners that are thoroughly discussed. All of them are very suitable for being used both on hardwood floor and carpet. You will learn about the pros and cons of these vacuums and will get a justification as to they made it to this list.

You may be thinking “one vacuum cleaner for two types of floor? That’s preposterous”. Well, believe it. Science is advancing day by day – changing everything drastically and making everything much easier. A vacuum cleaner today can do so many things that it was impossible to even imagine 10 years ago.

So let’s dive into the article to see what magic these beauties can do!

Why Should You Need a Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors and Carpet?

Why Should You Need a Vacuum Cleaner For Hardwood Floors And Carpet

That is a pretty basic question – a good one as well. Why do need a vacuum cleaner specifically designed for hardwood floors and carpet anyway? Isn’t a normal vacuum cleaner sufficient enough to do the job? What is so special about hardwood floors and carpets? You probably are thinking that all vacuums are alike and just one regular vacuum can do whatever is necessary.

You are wrong!

Different people have different tastes. Some people like their floors to be covered all with hardwood. Some people like their floors to be covered with carpets. Again, there are different types of hardwoods and carpet.

Hardwoods alone can be of many types – depending on the type of woods used for making them. Hardwoods bring eye catching view to the home environment. They look attractive and last a lifetime. There are maple, rosewood, mahogany, walnut, oak, pine and many other types of woods from which hardwood floors can be built.

Versatility is the most important thing to look for in a vacuum cleaner when you have hardwood floor. The job of clearing the dirt that piles up on the hard surfaces is not an easy one. It requires less resistance and free flow of suction. The vacuum cleaner should also be able to easily find tight spaces where little dust particles hide behind. While buying the best vacuum hardwood floor and carpet, you also might want to note that your vacuum cleaner cannot, at any point, do any kind of damage to your precious hardwood flooring.

Now comes the question of having floors covered in carpets. Like hardwood floors, there can be numerous types of carpets. Carpet types vary on a lot of things such as fiber type, style, pattern, colors etc. Different carpets have different texture as well. But all carpets are very delicate. Normal vacuum cleaners cannot do justice to something as delicate as carpets. If you buy a vacuum cleaner without knowing the suction power of it, chances are that vacuum might shred your carpet to pieces. You need a vacuum that has just the right suction power specifically set to work on your carpet.

But what if your house has both hardwood flooring and carpet? What if one of your rooms is covered with hardwoods and others have carpets? You certainly are not going to have 2 different sets of vacuum cleaners.

That is why I have come up with this list of vacuum cleaners. All of them are uniquely designed keeping you in mind who likes the taste of both worlds. These vacuum cleaners work well both on hardwood floors and carpets. Even if you have only one type of floors, no need to worry. These vacuum cleaners will work just fine for you.

For this very reason, you should have a vacuum cleaner built specifically for hardwood floors and carpets. Because hardwood floor and carpets are the two types that need delicacy and utmost care.

Now let’s look at some of the best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet.

Top Five Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors And Carpet in 2021

1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

If you have a big house and you want to have flexibility in times of cleaning, then this cleaner is best suited for you. You can use Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E for both hardwood floors and carpets.

This vacuum cleaner serves a lot of purposes, unlike any other ordinary cleaner. Many reviewers found Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E to be excellent in clearing dirt, dust and pet hair.

This model is great for vacuuming smaller areas of your room where it’s not easy for normal vacuum cleaners to reach.

Know more in brief below:

Lightweight Lift-away Canister:

The canister used in Shark Navigator NV356E weighs only 13.7 lbs. It is lightweight as well as detachable. There is a button in the vacuum cleaner by pressing which you can lift the canister away.
As a result, the vacuum cleaner is movable and you can reach hard corners of your room. Using this vacuum cleaner you can not only clean the floors, but also can reach the ceilings and stairs.

Brushroll Shutoff:

This spectacular vacuum cleaner comes with a brushroll on/off system. It only means one thing. Yes, you can use this vacuum cleaner for both deep carpet and bare floor cleaning. That is what makes it so special and popular among the users. It works like a charm in all cases.
Additionally, you can control the suction power of the vacuum cleaner on your own. It makes you tension free when you want to clean the delicate rugs. The cord that comes with the vacuum cleaner is about 30 feet long. As a result, you can cover a great deal of area.

HEPA filter:

Probably the most entertaining feature of this product is that it uses HEPA filter. If you don’t know what this is, it is a filter which is specifically designed to trap 99.99% of the dust inside the vacuum. The anti-allergen complete seal technology helps the cleaner do so. so the air of your house stays clean as well as your floor.

Cons: Some users have complained that this vacuum cleaner does not have noise reduction technology, so it irritates some people. But that does not compromise with the efficiency of this amazing vacuum cleaner.

This vacuum cleaner is often hailed as one of “the most versatile vacuum cleaner in the market”. You should note that for getting the best result, you need to wash the pre-motor foam and felt filters once in every three months. If you want to, you can wash and dry clean the HEPA filter once in every two years for maximum efficiency.

2. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner 

Are you tired of being tangled by cords? Worry not. Dyson has come to save you with the new sensation Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. This stick vacuum probably offers the most powerful suction in the market right now. This lightweight cordless vacuum for cleaning all types of floor – be it hardwood or carpet.

This is the most innovative and smartest of all the Dyson series. Other vacuum cleaners are no match for this one because of its build quality.

Know more in brief below:

Longer run time:

V10 can operate non-stop for up to 1 hour without compromising the efficiency. Dyson has used a very light yet very powerful motor in this vacuum cleaner. When you are using the non-motorized tool, it will run for up to 60 minutes. If you use soft roller cleaner head, it will run for 40 minutes easily. The cyclone technology of this vacuum is out of this world. It will need only 3.5 hours to be fully charged.

Lightweight and versatile:

When it comes to versatility, Dyson exceeds all expectations. Dyson Cyclone V10 weighs only 6 pounds; something very few competitors have achieved. Instead of setting the dust basket vertically, they have set is horizontally. As a result, the vacuum cleaner is more balanced and you can lift it up easily. The science can be pretty amazing, right? It can also be put in a wall mounted dock where it can be charged.

Digital motor V10:

The motor technology is the best thing Dyson has achieved with this vacuum cleaner. It can spin at a 125,000rpm speed. It has 14 mini cyclonic tubes which create powerful suction. Therefore, it is absolutely magnificent at picking up large debris and tiny particles.

Three power modes:

For a proud owner of both hardwood floor and carpet, you must want something that can work on every situation. V10 provides just the right answer for you. It has three power modes for you to choose from. The power modes are suitable for quick clean ups, spot cleaning and cleaning difficult areas.

The most efficient cleaner heads:

This vacuum cleaner comes with two types of cleaner heads. Torque cleaner head is reportedly 25% more powerful than its predecessors. It is very useful for cleaning up dusts from the carpet. Another one is a motor-driven Soft roller cleaner head. It is covered in both fluffy nylon fiber and anti-static carbon fiber. It makes it easy for you to clean up large debris while the carbon fiber simultaneously picks up the small particles.

Larger bin:

The Dust bin used in this model is almost 40% larger than the one used in Dyson V8. Yes, you can clean your house freely without worrying about the bin being filled. This spectacular vacuum cleaner uses whole-system filtration. That means it has a fully sealed filtration system that can trap 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. That way air of your house stays clean and dust free.

Cons: The price of Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a bit steep. But considering the number of feature it comes with, I would suggest it is totally worth it.

Dyson’s V8 was an absolute madness and its successor V10 surpasses every possible expectation you have as a consumer. You can think of this vacuum cleaner as the epitome of excellence. I know the price is not satisfactory but once you get a hold of this, you will realize its true value.

3. Bissell 9595A CleanViewBagless Vacuum with OnePass

Looking for a vacuum cleaner that works well both on hardwood floor and carpet? You want your product to be cheap too? This spectacular vacuum cleaner weighs 15.1 lbs and has been handpicked just for you then.The best thing about Bissell 9595A is that it comes in a reasonable price yet provides an excellent service. This lightweight vacuum cleaner is powerful enough to meet all your demands.The reason it is called OnePass is because of the way it works. It has innovative brush design. A combination of strong suction power and rotating brush helps you effortlessly suck in the dirt and pet hair; just in one pass!

Know more in brief below:
  • Multi-Cyclonic System: They are very good with word play, just as good as their vacuum cleaner works! This vacuum cleaner has a strong suction ability. The innovative brush design rotates down into the carpet like a vortex. Therefore, it does not let tiny dust and particles lurking beneath the carpet.
  • TurboBrush Tool: This vacuum cleaner basically works as an all-rounder. TurboBrush tool is a handheld mini motorized brush tool. You can clean the furniture, stairs and upholstery using this effective tool. This brush tool rotates. A powerful suction with the combination of rotating feature lets Bissell 9595A CleanViewBagless Vacuum with OnePass clean out debris, dirt and dust particles.
  • Easy Empty Dirt Tank: The tank has a 2.2 liter capacity. So you can easily understand what that mean. Yes, OnePass! While cleaning the house, you will not have to stop in the middle and clean out the tank. It’s very easy to clear out the tank. The vacuum cleaner uses multilevel filtration technique and comes with a washable foam tank filter. That is why; you will only need few seconds to clear out the dirt tank.
  • Wide power cord: Bissell CleanView Vacuum comes with a 25-foot long power cord. Therefore, you can use the vacuum cleaner tocover a large area keeping it plugged in.
  • Extension Wand: Another mesmerizing feature of this vacuum cleaner is its extension wand. You will have to admit that there are not many vacuum cleaners in the market with features as unique as this. You can use it as a single tool or attach this with TurboBrush or Dusting Brush. It helps you reach the ceilings, fans or baseboard. No need to strain your back anymore!
Cons: Some users have reported that the rotating brush can’t be turned off.  That can be a bummer in some cases. But you should not be worried. This vacuum cleaners offer so many other features that some anomalies will seem insignificant to you.

This is a solid vacuum cleaner that comes at a cheap price. If you live in a small to medium sized house, this vacuum cleaner should do well enough for you.The Bissell 9595A CleanView stays true to its title – you can literally use it and clean your room in just one pass.

4. Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Cleaner

Stick vacuum cleaners are the new talk of the town. They are easy to handle and looks very stylish. And if you want your vacuum cleaner to be affordable as well, then I suggest you take a look at Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Cleaner.

This one is ideal for pet owners because not all vacuum cleaners in the market are specifically designed keeping the problem of pet hair in mind. The makers of this cleaner have made sure that it is sturdy yet flexible. It works great on hardwood floors but can get the job done for carpets too.

Know more in brief below:

  • Versatility: You will not find many vacuum cleaners with as much feature as Bissell PowerEdge does. Its stylish V-shaped design of the nozzle is what attracts the customers the most. This V-shape enables it to reach the corners of the furniture easily and pick up debris. It has a unique rubber squeegees that can clear out pet hair and dust and channel them into the vacuum. The center of the V captures the large debris while the ends of the V capture the smaller particles. On top of that, it weighs only 7.5 lbs!
  • Bagless cleaning technology: With this technology, you will never forget about emptying the vacuum cleaner. Compared to the bagged vacuum cleaners, it is more environment friendly. Also, you will not have to worry about buying bags for vacuum cleaner every time. Unlike the other bagged vacuums, it does not lose its suction power over time.
  • Swivel Steering: The steering used in Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Cleaner makes it easier for you to maneuver. As a result, you get more flexibility.
Cons: They provide only one year of warranty for this vacuum cleaner, which is not up to mark considering the fact that many competitors go as long as to give 5 years of warranty.

Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Cleaner is really a very good cleaner that also comes out as cheap.  So if you are budget constraint, then this vacuum cleaner might be the best solution for you. Because it does all the necessary jobs you want it to.

5. Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Another addition to the Dyson family is the Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. Much like its relative V10, this bad boy has two levels of suction power and cordless. That is the best thing about Dyson products. You will not find many cordless stick vacuum in the market. It has a sleek red design that looks very fashionable. If you need hard-to-reach areas to be cleaned, Dyson V6 is the savior.

Know More in Brief Below:

  • Cord-free: Absolutely cord free! It runs on battery. The problem with corded vacuum cleaner is that everything can get tangled while you clean your house. That can create a lot of mess. You don’t want that, right? If you want everything to be tidy. Then you will never have to worry about the vacuum cleaner always being plugged into socket. You can roam around freely with one of these.
  • Lightweight and versatile: This vacuum cleaner weighs only 5.1 pounds – the lightest vacuum cleaner in our list. This innovative machine uses Instant-release trigger. It means that it does not have an on/off switch. It operates only when you’re pressing the trigger. Stops working immediately once you release the trigger. That way it can save tons of energy for you.
  • Direct-drive Cleaner Head: V6 Absolute comes with direct-drive cleaner head. This large direct-drive motorized turbo brush head is best suited for carpets and hardwood floors. It has 75% more power than the V6 cord-free.
  • Soft Roller Cleaner Head: This tool is specifically made for hardwood floors. It is great for picking up fine dust and large debris.
  • HEPA Filtration: If you are an asthma patient, then I have some good news for you. V6 absolute uses HEPA Filtration. It has an extra filter at the back. This 2 tier filtration system, along with sealed technology makes sure that all the dusts trapped inside the vacuum do not get away into the air you breathe.
  • Convenient docking station stores: Worried about keeping your precious vacuum cleaner in a safe place? This beautiful vacuum can be hanged in a wall mounted dock. This docking station can also be used for recharging the battery of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Additional features: Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner also has a handheld mode. This feature is very useful for cleaning furniture and car seats. There is an additional Mini Motorized Tool that comes with this vacuum cleaner. It is great for removing pet hair.
Cons: Some users have found that it is a bit difficult to push this vacuum cleaner on carpets than on hardwood floor. But that totally depends on the quality of the carpet I hope.

This vacuum cleaner is one of the finest creations of Dyson. It is cost effective and does a lot for you. If you live in a medium sized house, this powerful vacuum cleaner should do well for you.

What to Consider before Buying Vacuums for hardwood floors and carpet

Things to Consider

No matter what happens, you should always do your homework before you go into the market to buy the best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet. You probably are thinking that all vacuum cleaners are same with a little difference. So what worse could possibly happen? That is where you are wrong. Each model is unique and helpful in its own way. If you have already visited the market, you probably would have noticed that some are specifically designed for carpet, while others are made for bare floors. But we want something which will do the job for two, right? So here are the factors you should consider before buying vacuums for hardwood floors and carpet –

VersatilityNumber of Separate Floors TypeFiltration PowerBattery LifeLong Extension HosesNoise LevelCost
Versatility is the key feature you should look for in a vacuum cleaner. If you have different types of floors in the same house, you need something that stands out to be an all-rounder. The vacuum cleaner should be lightweight yet flexible, so that you can maneuver it quickly. Your vacuum cleaner should also have the ability to switch mode efficiently. Hardwood floors do not require that much strong suction power. So if you buy a vacuum cleaner in which power mode can be switched, you will be benefited a lot.
As I have mentioned earlier, not all people keep the same type of floor in their houses. Some people like versatility in their lives and choose to live an exciting life. Those should be more cautious of buying a vacuum cleaner. If you live in a one-storied house, a medium to heavyweight vacuum cleaner can do the job for you. But suppose your house has stairs. Then you must buy something that is lightweight and flexible. Probably a cordless vacuum cleaner will be the best option for you.
All vacuum cleaners come with at least one filtration level. Some companies go a long way and provide additional filtration system to the vacuum cleaner. The first and foremost thing to look for is the dust tank and how large it is. If you are an asthma patient or have allergy to dust, you should look for something that comes with HEPA filter. Do not confuse HEPA-type with a certified HEPA filter. HEPA filter keeps the air clean by preventing the dust particle from escaping into the air.
The best thing I like about the cordless vacuum cleaner is that – they are cordless. You do not have to worry about getting your feet tangled by cords while cleaning. But cordless vacuum cleaners need power to run too, and that power comes from the battery. Yes, battery is the only source of power that keeps a cordless vacuum cleaner running. The problem is that, you cannot operate a cordless cleaner forever; battery runs out at one time. So, if you are going with a cordless one, make sure the vacuum cleaner has a long battery life.

Otherwise, you will just have to stop in the middle of cleaning your house, which can be pretty frustrating. A good cordless vacuum cleaner should operate fully around 40 minutes after fully charged. On a side note, make sure that your vacuum cleaner is charged very quickly. Most cordless models require 3.5 hours to be fully charged.

No matter what type of vacuum cleaner you look to buy, you should always consider one thing; you cannot reach nook and cranny of your house conveniently without some additional tools. An extension hose can help you a lot. Selecting a short extension hose might not be a good idea for you if you want to reach the high ceilings or beneath the furniture. You will need to bend a lot and that can cause serious damage to your back and will tire your arms easily. A vacuum cleaner with long extension hose can relieve you from that stress.
Every vacuum cleaner is supposed to make noises while operating. But that does not mean you need to tolerate it. I have noticed that upright cleaners tend to be a little quieter but canister vacuums are noisy. If your house is situated in such a place that there are a lot of people, or if you live in apartment building, your neighbors may not like the sound. Many vacuum cleaners feature noise cancellation technology. You can go for those if you are totally against loud sounds.
No matter what happens, buying an expensive model will not solve all your problems if that model is not suitable for your floor type. Let people say whatever they want to say. You should ask yourself this “which one is reasonable?” There are plenty of vacuum cleaners in the market that provide tons of features. But those features come at great cost. If you do not need all the features, buying those product will only waste your money. Look carefully in the manuals of the products. Find out what solutions they offer. Don’t be influenced by the shiny outlooks. Your money matters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have gone through the whole article, kudos to you! After gaining so much information, you probably are asking yourself some questions. Well, I have covered that part for you too! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by the consumers about the vacuum cleaners –

Q1. How often should I vacuum?
Vacuuming every day is desirable in rooms that have plenty of people going in and out. To be more pragmatic, you should do the trick once or twice a week. Take your time, go through the area more than once and move back and forth in parallel rows for best returns.
Q2. How many vacuum strokes should I do?
If one area is really covered with a lot of debris and dirt, you should give 8-9 strokes in that area to fully clean it. Normal areas can be cleaned with 3-4 strokes max.
Q3. Which is better, a vacuum with a bag or a bagless vacuum?
There is no definite answer for this question, because both types have different purposes. With a bagless vacuum, you can save money because you will not have to buy bags for your vacuum cleaner every day. Also they are ECO-friendly. On the other hand, Bagged vacuums are ideal for asthma patients and people with allergic reaction to dust. Most bagged vacuum cleaners use HEPA filter. They require less maintenance, but they can be expensive sometimes.
Q4. What does HEPA stands for?
HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. Itworks by pushing air through a fine mesh that traps dangerous particles like pollen, pet hair, dust particles, and smoke from tobacco. Most air purifiers use HEPA filter, but there are some vacuum cleaners that use this technology. This is due to keeping the air clean while you are vacuuming, so that dust particles do not shift from floor to air.
Q5. My vacuum cleaner is not picking up dirt properly. What should I do?
There is a complete inspection needed for that. Switch off the vacuum and disconnect the cord. Check whether the belt is broken or stretched. Examine the brush with the roller. See if there’s a full bag. Do blockages exist anywhere? If these basic checks are carried out without any results, you must go to the repair shop or service center.
Q6. What are the basic features I should look for?
This one is a tough one. The thing about vacuum cleaners is that, none of the features of any vacuum cleaner is basic. But if I have to choose, I would suggest you always go for something lightweight and probably not too expensive. And never become influenced by the shiny outlook of anything.
Q7. What are the best accessories to include with a vacuum cleaner?
This also depends on your requirements. I would suggest you always have a crevice tool for hard to reach places. An extension wand/hose can go a long way for you for cleaning high ceilings.


Shopping is actually an easy task. You go to the market or order online and pay, simple. But choosing which product is right for you will always put you in dilemma. Therefore, do your research before going to buy the best vacuum for hardwood floors and carpet.

I have seen many people regretting over the decisions they have made while purchasing any home appliances. Do not be like them. Rise above. A little research beforehand will help you a lot afterward.

I know the technical specifications may have gone over your head in some cases. It used to happen to me too. Therefore I have tried to make this whole article as simple as possible. I hope after reading this article, you will be much more confident about making your choice.

All the vacuum cleaners that have made to this list are my personal favorites. They are best suited for both hardwood floors and carpets.

Some people will also tell you to go for the most expensive one. Do not listen to them. Often the most expensive does not mean the most reliable. In this article I have added a section consisting of factors which should be considered while buying a vacuum cleaner. Take a good look at that, you will get a much better view and probably get a new perception.

Have you already made your purchase? Let us know in the comments below.

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Roomba 650 Vs 770: Reviews And Comparison Guide

Roomba 650 Vs 770: Reviews And Comparison Guide

Adding a robot vacuum to help with your household chore means that you have less swiping to worry about and more time for yourself. iRobot is a company that has dedicated years of research and development into manufacturing the best robot vacuum cleaners for home.

Needless to say, robot vacuums have gone through a lot of reviews and insults. But with years of research that fails and succeeded, iRobot managed through. From falling down the stair to missing the corners, nowadays, it is no easy feat to find the weaknesses of a robot vacuum.

This time, we’re going to compare the Roomba 650 and Roomba 770. One is a predecessor and the other has a seemingly more expensive price tag. Who will win this showdown?

Roomba 650 Vs 770

iRobot Roomba 650

Roomba 650 has a sleek black design that makes you look, techie. It has this ‘fresh, new technology’ vibe that will make anyone who first laid their eyes on it attracted. So, let’s just say that appearance-wise, it’s awesome. iRobot did a great job in not making their robot vacuums look like another junk.

What You Like About Roomba 650:

  • iAdapt Navigation helps keep the robot away from falling down the stairs and adapt to the changes that happen in your house. This keeps the robot working effectively and efficiently.
  • 3-Stage Cleaning System that can agitate, brush and suck on floors. The brush has been made to be versatile on multiple types of floors such as carpet, tile, & hardwood and handle corners well.
  • You can create up to 7 schedules for the robot or instantly put it to work by pressing CLEAN.
  • Dimension is 13.4 x 3.6 inches. 3.6-inch height is good enough to allow the robot vacuum to slip through below furniture and kick boards.
  • Automatically docks itself to recharge.


  • Unnecessarily does repetitive cleaning on a certain sector, causing to lose batteries before it gets to clean other parts.
  • Doesn’t have a HEPA filter, so it might suck animal hair well, but not dealing with fine dust and prevents allergy. Roomba 650 filter is AeroVac.
  • Is now much more expensive.
  • Can make scratches on baseboards.

iRobot Roomba 770

Roomba 770 is like an upgraded version of 650, but it priced more expensive on release. That’s a given because who won’t pay a few more dollars for a better home cleaning appliance? Appearance wise, it is still sleek with visible D-shape design in the mid. You can see the buttons are in a straight line and

But that’s not all and it’s been quite a while since it’s out in the market. Roomba has also received a lot of positive reviews and love.

What You Like About Roomba 770:

  • iAdapt Navigation helps keep the robot away from falling down the stairs and adapt to the changes that happen in your house. This keeps the robot working effectively and efficiently.
  • 3-Stage Cleaning System that can agitate, brush and suck on floors. The brush has been made to be versatile on multiple types of floors such as carpet, tile, & hardwood and handle corners well. 770 is equipped with the Dirt Detect Series II which comes with an optical sensor that helps detect additional debris and clean up 98% of them.
  • You can create up to 7 schedules for the robot or instantly put it to work by pressing CLEAN. Comes with a remote control as well.
  • Dimension is 13.9 x 3.4 inches. Very short and will fit under a lot of hidden space.
  • Dual HEPA filters to keep fine dust and allergen from flying around the house as it works.
  • Automatically docks itself to recharge.


  • Seems to be a little louder than Roomba 650.
  • Nothing else!

Comparison Guide Between Roomba 650 Vs 770

Between Roomba 650 and 770, the comparison just has made it pretty clear which one is better.


Roomba 650 vs 770 Performance
Roomba 770 wins performance wise and is much better at picking up dirt, dust, and hair without wasting too much time. Unlike Roomba 650 that might need a little tinkering on the system.

Despite the fact that we have been pointing out on this particular weakness, it doesn’t necessarily mean that 650 is bad. No. It is still a good robot vacuum cleaner that gets the work done fairly good enough and is good for owners who don’t own pets. It’s also good if your house does not have a lot of transitions of different flooring types.

Cleaning Abilities:

Roomba Cleaning

Roomba 770 excels in many things, starting from having a HEPA filter that prevents fine dust and allergen from going through. The problem with strong suction appliances is that they tend to get dust blown up around the room and you can’t even see it. Many people suffer allergic reactions to this, so HEPA filter is a must for you who don’t want to be sneezing all the time when the robot is on.

The HEPA filter makes Roomba 770 an excellent choice for pet owners, although both do good jobs at getting rid of pet hair. Both have their dust bin full at the time they are done with their work!

When talking about transitioning, Roomba 770 does a better job at that. There are cases where customers complain about their 650 not being able to clean a room with a rug that only ¼ inch high. While the full information is not disclosed, there are also customers who talk about having no problem using it on carpets that are up to one inch thick.


Price is also an important factor. 770 beats 650 at almost every part. This is the part where 650 wins in a sense. I am telling in a sense because when you count what you get in term of price paid, 770 wins again. To check the prices, check the buttons below.


Getting the Roomba 770 seems to be the obvious option to go with. It has a very smart design with easy to use buttons. Roomba 770 also comes with a remote control which allows you to turn it on without going close to the robot. It is also better at keeping the perimeter clean and above all, it is not priced that differently from the 650 model.


Roomba Self chargingSelf-charging and long lasting battery makes Roomba 770 better than Roomba 650. With a single charge, Roomba 770 can run 70 mins. But on the other hand, Roomba 650 only run for 50 to 60 mins maximum. Also, Roomba 770 is able to recharge by itself where Roomba 650 is unable.


The only thing the 770 loses in is that it has a six-month warranty while 650 has a one-year warranty.

Why Roomba 770 is Better then Roomba 650?

WhyIf we are to compare side by side, Roomba 770 wins. Let’s see why.

  • Navigation System: Roomba 770 comes with better iAdapt Navigation System. It doesn’t go through the same place over and over again (although we should praise how that really makes sure the area is clean). This saves a lot of power and makes sure that your robot gets its job done before it’s docked in. Whereas Roomba 650 has the problem of getting stuck in an area.
  • Built-in Virtual Wall: Both robots have a built-in virtual wall, but Roomba 770 has two, so you can mark more areas.
  • Size: Dimension-wise, both products are similar and almost identical. With only a few millimeters in different, Roomba 770 is 0.2 inches shorter, but Roomba 650 is 0.5 inches smaller. Aside from that, both will do great when cleaning under kick boards or other small areas.
  • Dirt Detect Technology: Both robots are equipped with Dirt Detect but Roomba 770 is equipped with Series II. Aside from the 3-stage cleaning process they both have, Roomba 770 does a better job at detecting debris and making sure no stone left unturned. That is how Roomba 770 boasts the ability to clean up to 98% of dirt and dust.
  • Tangle Free: Well, Roomba 650 does get tangled up from time to time, with 50:50 chance of avoiding or accidentally sucking in cords. Roomba 770 does do a better job at avoiding this, but it may still get tangled up. So, in comparison, you will still need to take them out of the way to prevent them from getting sucked by the robot vacuum.
  • Noise: The noise that a robot vacuum makes can really be distracting and scare your pets away. That is how we’d define the noise that Roomba 650 makes. It’s loud, no other way around that and a solution that we find interesting is by attaching a rubber door weather stripping. It won’t get in the way of the Roomba as it gets docked back.


Typically, in comparisons, each product has its own ups and downs and that’s what makes making a choice hard. We help our readers by pointing out the strengths of this product and why anyone would need it. Then, we compare it with the other and point out why other users might prefer this one. Well, this time, we could easily see which one is the better overall choice.

Roomba 770 was designed with fewer flaws that 650 possess. It has better dirt detection technology that cleans 98% debris and less of noise to make. 770 is also equipped with a fancy remote control, so you don’t have to get up of your seat to turn it on. Roomba 770 is also equipped with a HEPA filter that makes cleaning less of a mess.

On the other hand, AeroVac from 650 is enough for those of you who don’t fine vacuuming that much of a problem. It is actually pretty good in cleaning small area by repetitively going through those sections and keep the floor squeaky clean. Basically, a simple man without a pet will find using 650 to be good enough.


Now, what are you thinking right now? Decided yet? which one is your pick?

Neato Botvac D80 vs D85: In-depth Comparison Guide For 2021

Neato Botvac D80 vs D85: In-depth Comparison Guide For 2021

If you think that robot vacuum is a new addition to the home appliance technology, then you are wrong. Robot vacuums have been in the market for the last decade and people are growing fond of them day by day. Robot vacuums make life much easier. You will not have to put physical effort to clean your house anymore once you buy a robot vacuum cleaner.

There are many robot vacuum manufacturers in the market who are tirelessly innovating and upgrading their product lines. iRobot Roomba is among those high end brands that everyone knows about.

But there is another brand that matches the versatility and inattentiveness of Roomba. This brand is called “Neato”. They have already gained popularity with their botvac series. Now they have launched several robot vacuums in the market to show their uniqueness.

In this article, we will review and discuss comparison of the two models – Neato Botvac D80 vs D85. We will also focus on the several features these two vacuums have in common.

Neato Botvac

Neato Botvac D80 & D85 both have premium features that rank them among the most luxurious home appliances. But these two robot vacuum cleaners have many features in common. They even look the same at first glance. That is why; customers often fall into dilemma of choosing the better one. In this article, we will try to make everything simple for you as much as possible.

But first, let’s take a glance at the comparison chart of Neato Botvac D80 & D85.

Neato Botvac D80 vs D85 : Head to Head Comparison

Neato Botvac D80
Neato Botvac D85
Neato Botvac D80Neato Botvac D85
13.2” x 12.7” x 3.9”12.64” x 13.19” x 3.94”
Cleaning Area
Up to 3000 square feetUp to 3000 square feet
Item weight
9 pounds9 pounds
Auto-charge feature
Boundary markers
Scheduling program
Dirt cup size
Extra largeExtra large
Check hereCheck here

In-depth Comparison – What Do They Have in Common?

Neato Botvac D80 vs D85 in-depthAs we have mentioned earlier, D80 & D85 – both look very similar. They incorporate all the high end features a robot vacuum should have.

First, we will explain all the features they have in common. So, bear with us!

Unique D-shaped Design

There are many circular robot vacuums. But none of them are as good as either of the two vacuum cleaners. Both Neato BotVac  D80 and D85 are D-shaped. That’s why it is easier for them to clean the house. They can reach deep into the corners and edges of the floor where dirt usually pile up.

LaserSmart Technology

Neato’s exclusive LaserSmart technology is one of the key features that make both of the vacuum cleaners the best among all. This patented navigation technology allows these vacuum cleaners to scan the whole room and identify obstacles. By doing so, they map the best route for vacuuming.

SpinFlow Power Clean

Most of the customers’ major concern is whether a robot vacuum is as good as an upright vacuum – in terms of suction capability. Thanks to SpinFlow Power Clean, both the vacuums deliver strong suction. Using precision brushes, they can efficiently remove dirt and pet hair.

CornerClever Technology

This feature is available in both D80 and D85 models. Other robot vacuums are typically round. That is why, they are unable to efficiently pick up dirt and hair from the corners of the room. But since, these two vacuum cleaners are d-shaped, they are capable of doing so. In that way, these vacuum cleaners offer maximum dirt and hair pick up.

Cleaning Mode

When you think about it – you always don’t need powerful suction. It is not efficient and can drain your battery quickly. Keeping that in mind, Botvac models introduced two cleaning modes – Eco mode and Turbo mode. Eco mode is for light cleanup and turbo mode is for intense cleaning performance. That is why, eco mode uses the motor moderately to save energy.

Use of Specialized brushes

A unique spiral blade brush, and a combo brush – these are the two things available in both D80 and D85 models. They are suitable for all types of floors. They were designed specifically to remove any kind of hair. Many people cannot stand the idea of tolerating noises made by conventional vacuum cleaners. Both D80 and D85 models will deliver a quieter experience regarding this matter.


Robotic vacuums are smart devices. The greatest advantage such vacuum cleaners have is the maneuverability. Using LaserSmart technology, botvac vacuum cleaners automatically operates within the house. You can do whatever you want (even sleep) and leave the rest up to the vacuum cleaners.

AutoReturn Charging and Resume

To be honest, this AutoRetun Charging feature caught our attention the most. Both D80 and D85 models cam cover up to 3000 square feet area per charge. Let us explain how their charging system works:

These two robotic vacuums can monitor their power level. If the battery is low, the vacuum will automatically return to its docking station to be fully charged. And one it’s fully charged, it will get back to the old route to complete the unfinished task.


Since robot vacuums are portable, they are powered by rechargeable batteries. Over the years, Neato has upgraded their battery in their latest models every time. Two types of batteries are found in Botvac models – NiMH and Li-Ion. D80 and D85 both use Li-Ion batteries.

Auto-Schedule Cleaning

You can schedule a time for the vacuum cleaner to operate in Botvac D80 and D85. There is a display screen and control in the vacuum cleaner. You can set the schedule either for a quick spot-clean or a thorough multi-room clean with the push of a button. The scheduled Neato Robotics D80 and D85 models will provide you effortless cleaning, that’s for sure.

Extra Large Bin

Normally, the circular vacuums do not have a large dust holding capacity, but D80 and D85 models do. Their extra-large, bag-less 0.7-liter dust cups are actually a combination of innovativeness and flexibility. The dirt cup is easy-to-empty. The bin is mounted on top of the vacuum. You can just lift the bin up and clean it. It is actually less troublesome if you think about it. You won’t have to open it sideways. Therefore, there is no chance of dirt falling out.

Advanced Filtration

The Neato Robotics Botvac D-Series models D80 and D85 feature unique jumbo filters in them. Although the filters are not HEPA filters, they are still more efficient at capturing allergens than the previous botvac models. People with allergy do not need to worry because this latest filtration system can filter out even the tiniest particles as small as 0.3 microns, so that your air stays breathable and you stay healthy.

What are the accessories?

Every vacuum cleaner comes with more than one extra tool to facilitate the cleaning experience. Botvac D series models are no different than that. D80 and D85 both models feature some special things such as specialized brushes and charging dock. Here we have listed the tools that come with these 2 models –



Integrated Charging Dock



Power Cord



Helix Brush



Combo Brush

1 (installed)

1 (installed)

Side Brush



High Performance Filters

1 installed

1 installed, 2 extra

Combo brush is probably the best feature of D80 and D85 models. Combo brush works by combining the power of blades and bristles. That way, it can easily pick up dirt, pet hair and can operate on all types of floors.

Boundary Markers

This is an interesting feature of Botvac Robot Vacuums. This new technology allows the user to set a limit for the robot to operate. That way, the robot vacuum does not cross the marked area while cleaning.

The problem here is that, Neato Botvac models use physical boundaries which can often be hard to set up.

Neato Genuine Accessories

In order to get the most out of your robot vacuum, always use the genuine accessories provided by Neato. Accessories bought from local vendors can damage your vacuum cleaner.

Also, charge your robot vacuum at night fully before using it for the first time. This will ensure the longevity of your vacuum cleaner.

What are the differences: Neato Botvac D80 vs D85

Neato Botvac D80 vs D85Botvac D80 and D85 both are amazing robot vacuums. From the above discussion, it should be clear by now that they have a lot of similarities. But D85 model came with some improved features that make it far superior than D80.

D-series models gained popularity with the help of their large filters. These filters are not as good as HEPA filters, but they are quite efficient. D80 and D85 both feature these filters. What sets them apart is the fact that D80 model comes with only 1 filter. But D85 model is equipped with 3 high performance filters. Therefore, D85 is much more efficient in capturing small particles.

Also, the battery life of D85 is longer than the D80 model. D80 model has the AutoReturn feature but that is a bit erroneous. With D85, Neato solved that problem.

Which One Should I Buy – D80 or D85?

How to decideBy now, you know very well that both the models feature almost the same technologies. But D85 has 2 additional filters included in them. Also the battery performance is better in D85.

If you need additional filters for high-performance and want your robot vacuum to operate for longer time, you should go for D85. But if you think that you will be happy with the previous version, then you can buy the D80 model.

Our personal opinion is that you go for D85. It has improved battery life and boundary marker and is not a lot more expensive than the D80 model. With D85, you will get all the latest improvements.

What to Look for in a Robot Vacuum

Things to ConsiderSince robot vacuums are quite different than any vacuum in the market, you should put a lot of thoughts before making the purchase decisions. To help you out, we have gathered some points that you should consider

  • User-Friendly Controls: Since it is an electric device, there are a lot of technicalities involved in this – even more than the other vacuum cleaners. If there is no digital interface, operating one can be quite troublesome. Luckily, Neato Botvac vacuum cleaners have that.
  • Stair Detection: Your robot vacuum should be smart enough to detect stairs. It is important because obviously you don’t want your expensive vacuum cleaner to fall down the stairs. Stair detection feature is common in most models. It helps the vacuum detect the edge of a surface and prevents falling.
  • Programmable timer: This is one of the important features you should look for in a robot vacuum. If you are going to spend a handful of money in one vacuum cleaner, you should expect it to be smart enough to do its job. This feature lets you set a cleaning time through an app or set on the device manually. That way, whether you’re asleep or at work, your vacuum cleaner will do the job on time.

Final Thoughts

Neato is best known for its user friendly design and innovative technologies. For these reasons, are able to compete with market leaders such as Roomba.

Both D80 and D85 have almost identical features. What sets them apart is the number of filters included and the battery experience.

Both D80 and D85 models are wonderful devices. They are quite efficient in picking up dirt and pet hair. They both work well on all types of floors. Their unique D-shaped design attracts a lot of customers. But in many cases D80 was not competent enough. That’s why; Neato launched the new D85 model.

Neato D85 is far superior to D80 model is terms of highly efficient filter and advanced technologies. The number of features remains the same, but those features were improved in the D85 model. The new model has quiet operation, improved battery life and easier navigation. Even after all that, the prices of the two models don’t differ much. That is why, Neato Botvac D85 robot vacuum seems the better choice for customers.

But then again, the final choice rests on your requirements and budget.

SweepoVac Reviews [The Best Kitchen Vacuum Cleaner in 2021]

SweepoVac Reviews [The Best Kitchen Vacuum Cleaner in 2021]

If you are home bound and like to cook, it’s normal that your kitchen will be messy. As a result, keeping a built-in vacuum cleaner in the kitchen has become a recent trend in many households.

And among all the brands, Sweepovac built-in kitchen vacuum is the most sophisticated and popular vacuum cleaner right now. The unique design and features of this vacuum meet the affordability of regular people – which has been a key factor for it to gain huge popularity.

About Sweepovac?

Sweepovac is a company founded and run by engineers. Therefore, they are very much cautious about the quality of the services their products provide. They believe that convenience is the key factor that all customers want. And they work and try to develop their products keeping that in mind.

Today, we will review the overall features and benefits of this kitchen vacuum comes with, and will also provide additional information for you – so that you get a clear picture of this product.

SweepoVac Reviews

SweepoVac Reviews [Best Built-in Kitchen Vacuum in 2021]



This vacuum cleaner is not only efficient, but also looks stylish too. The design of the Sweepovac vacuum blends perfectly with the interior of your kitchen. After installation, it looks just like another compartment of your kitchen.

Strong Build Quality

Strong Build QualityThe SweepoVac kitchen vacuum is very sturdy and durable. It is made of heavy duty materials. And since the vacuum is not portable rather built –in, you will not have to worry about it being broken.


Sweepovac Built-in kitchen vacuum comes with all the latest technologies available for a vacuum. It is basically a central vacuum cleaner. It uses anti-bacterial bag for keeping germs and odors out of the kitchen. When the dirt bag is full, a light will be automatically turned on to remind you to clean it. The powerful suction capability of this vacuum cleaner is unparalleled. The vacuum takes only 3 seconds to clean all the dirt and particles swept in front of it.

Extra Tools

SweepoVac Reviews-Extra Tools

As we have said before, Sweepovac comes with anti-bacterial dirt bag and post-motor filters that keeps the bacteria and smells off the kitchen environment. In addition to that, you can easily covert the built-in vacuum cleaner into a typical vacuum. Sweepovac has an option where you can plug in a hose. An 18 ft. expandable hose is included with it. There are three more tools included that makes it easier for the hose to clean hard-to-reach places.

Basic Installation Process

Basic Installation Process

Sweepovac has gained widespread acclaim for its easy installation process. The vacuum comes with a user guide. Even for an inexperienced homeowner, it takes only 30 minutes to complete the whole installation process. This built-in kitchen vacuum is 14-7/8″ Wide, 4 1/2″ Tall and 18-1/4″ deep. It can be put anywhere in the kitchen – be it the kitchen wall or base cabinet.

Why Should You Choose Sweepovac?


  • Design: Sweepovac has done an amazing job designing an affordable vacuum cleaner. Both the versions are very cheap. The vacuum can be installed in the toe kick of the base cabinet. Therefore, it blends in with the design of your kitchen and is hardly noticeable as well. Its dimension is comparatively much smaller. As a result, it takes up little place of your kitchen. For these reasons, sweepovac is gaining popularity among the customers.
  • Strong Suction Power: The dimension of this vacuum cleaner can be small, but that is not the case for its suction capability. Sweepovac is 5 times more powerful than traditional hand-held vacuum cleaners. It takes only 3 seconds for it to suck all the dirt presented in front of it. The removal system is so strong that it can also remove pet hair.
  • Great Efficiency: The efficiency of the Sweepovac built-in kitchen vacuum cannot be put into just a few words. It offers convenience and saves time. The toe kick feature lets you turn it on or off without ever bending over. Since it’s a built-in model, you do not need to carry it around. Also, the dirt bags are reusable, saving you the hassle of buying dirt bags over and over again. And if you have an awkward place to clean, you can always plug in the hose with the vacuum cleaner.
  • Requires Little Maintenance: This amazing vacuum need little to no maintenance at all. It does not require a central vacuum system. Its anti-bacterial bag and post-motor filter are enough to keep it clean and germ free. You will need not more than 30 minutes to fully install the vacuum cleaner in your kitchen. The product comes with a 2 years warranty – all the more reason for you to not worry.
  • Timer: This is an interesting feature. You can set a 10 seconds timer for the vacuum cleaner to run. After sweeping all the dirt near it, the vacuum cleaner will stop automatically.

FAQs – What People Want to Know About

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the anti-bacterial dust bags included in the box?

Ans: Yes, you will not need to buy them separately.

Q: What are the tools needed for the installation of Sweepovac vacuum cleaner?

Ans: You do not need a lot of things to install it. Moreover, you can install it on your own.

If you want it to be placed in the base cabinet, use – a marking pen, Drill machine, Reciprocating saw, a Screwdriver and 4 screws. For better understanding, you can watch this video

Q: How many versions does this vacuum cleaner have?

Ans: There are currently two basic styles available in the market – V1.0 and V2.0.

Final Verdict

Even if you own a handheld vacuum cleaner, there is no harm in keeping a built-in kitchen vacuum cleaner. It will save you tons of efforts of carrying the vacuum cleaner. Sweepovac is essentially a perfect kitchen appliance. It is self-contained and works great for keeping your kitchen odorless.

Based on what we have found so far, Sweepovac is unique in all aspects. And this vacuum cleaner costs comparatively less than the traditional models. Therefore, buying it will be a win-win situation for you.


Shark Navigator DLX Reviews [Head-to-Head Comparison]

Shark Navigator DLX Reviews [Head-to-Head Comparison]

SharkNinja, or simply called “Shark” is one of the most common name in the vacuum cleaner industry. Their uniqueness and ability to understand customer preferences have led them to stand out in the market. Now they have several products under a number of categories and every year they are coming up with something better for every product line-up. One of their most popular line-up is “Shark Navigator Deluxe”.

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Roomba 805 Vs 880: A Complete Comparison Guide With Review

Roomba 805 Vs 880: A Complete Comparison Guide With Review

The battle of finding the smartest, most effective, and pet-friendly robot vacuum continues. Among so many competitors, iRobot Roomba makes some of the best robot vacuum cleaners among other automated cleaning robots. They have been constantly coming up with new technology for their robot to enhance the user’s experience and reduce the common issues people have with robot vacuum cleaners.

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