Best Central Vacuum System Reviews in 2024

Best Central Vacuum SystemWith the fast-paced and busy lifestyle of people these days, we barely have time to clean our homes manually. That is why the demand for central vacuuming systems is growing more and more. Purchasing a central vacuuming unit can be as tedious a task as buying any other home appliance for the long term.

So, here you can find a list of 6 best central vacuum systems that will make your life easy. Maybe not all of your life, but at least will take down your burden of cleaning the house.

Best Central Vacuum System Reviews in 2024

Before jumping into the reviews, let’s take a glimpse of the key points of the central vacuum cleaners first.

Vacuum Collection limit Coverage Motor Air Watt
OVO large and powerful 18 liter 7500 sq ft 2 stage motor 650 watt
Nutone pure power 6 gallon 9000 sq ft 13.5 amp,

1 stage motor

650 watt
OVO heavy duty 25 liter 9000 sq ft 2 stage motor 700 watt
Allegro mu4500 champion 6 gallon 6000 sq ft 2 stage motor 600 watt
Ultra-clean sc200 steel 5 gallon 7500 sq ft 2 stage motor 550 watt
Hp products dirt devil 1 gallon N/A N/A 501 watt

1. OVO Large and Powerful Central Vacuum System

OVO Large and Powerful Central Vacuum System
As the name suggests, this central vacuum unit by OVO is bulky in size and powerful in performance. With the consistent quality and services by the brand, this too delivers fast and efficient output. The canister of this registers at 18 liters, which is quite high and long-lasting compared to its other competitor models in the market.

Among many of its other features, it has an adjustable carpet beater that is perfect for all types of floors. This model uses cutting edge technology which is appropriate to be used on any surface. The system requires a 2-stage motor and a quality steel body to ensure longevity. This deploys a 650-watt operation which is required to ensure smooth performance throughout its lifetime. The hybrid filtration system of this makes the unit run fast and deliver reliable services.

Bonus Feature

It uses soft-start technology which increases the life expectancy by 20%. The large design of this is not bulky but also delivers top-notch cleaning, covering up to 7500 square feet of area. So, if you are thinking of installing a vacuum unit in a large home, this might be the perfect model to look for. On top of that, the heat protection features are one of the best in the market.


Amid all the smooth experiences with this unit, one thing that people do not seem to like about this system is that the design is not the best possible out there in the market. The end spout that reaches the narrow corners of your home is not quite as user friendly or effective. Although the motor is powerful, due to the poor design of the spout, the suction power becomes weaker.

It is one of the more expensive vacuum units in the market.

Who should buy it?

It is the most powerful central vacuuming system for consumers. OVO has more powerful central vacuuming systems but those are intended mainly for commercial use. If you still want some more juice and want to go for the most powerful one, refer to the 3rd reviewed central vacuuming system here.

central vacuum cleaning

2. Nutone Pure Power 650 Air Watts Central Vacuum System

Nutone pure power vacuum system
This Nutone pure power vacuum system can cover a small to medium-size home easily. This is said to reach about 9000 square feet of a house. So, you can easily rely on it for a big space. It generates a decent performance of pulling 650 air watts with a 13.5-amp motor.

This unit deploys a single-stage motor that is quite versatile. Thus, working with this shall not be too troublesome. It is also going to last for a long while as the single-stage system keeps the regular wear and tear at a minimal level. With that, the hybrid collection of this provides an all-in-one cover for your service. The HEPA filtration of this system is strong and you get to choose to use it as a bagged or a bagless central vacuum. A major merit of this machine is that it is quite easy to install and operates quietly. For a vacuum cleaning unit, this is a crucial feature as it ensures noise control while operating. This prevents any sort of annoying noise in your home ambiance.


If you compare this unit with the previous one, you will find quite a lot of short-comings with this unit for several reasons. The CFM of this system is unexpectedly low, as well as the water lift. This is quite unsatisfactory given the power and surface area it is said to be capable of covering. On top of that, the thru flow motor is also very weak compared to a bypass motor.

Who should buy it?

It covers a very large area, 9000 sq ft while you pay a very cheap price. It’s not anywhere near the best regarding its power. If you own a large house and want a central vacuuming system at a very reasonable price, this is a very good choice for you.

central vacuum cleaning

3. OVO Heavy-Duty Powerful Central Vacuum System

OVO Heavy-Duty
This powerful vacuum unit features 700 air watts, a two-stage Ametek Lamb motor, and a water lift capacity of 140 inches. All these make it a very powerful machine, paired with its heavy-duty steel body.

Similar to the previous two models featured earlier, this machine too can cover a large surface area. It is said to be able to cover 9000 square feet. So, it can come in handy if you are thinking of covering a large home.

The unit uses soft-start technology which allows it to last long. Due to this reason, a mere 3-second delay might be experienced as it ensures the debris does not come off when you close the power unit. Because of this technology, the motor’s lifespan increases by up to 20%. Alongside that, it has top-tier heat protection which ensures an excellent level of safety.

Other Features

Another great feature of this machine is its filtration technology. It uses a cyclonic filtration system that purifies air in two stages. This cleans the air at a great speed. It uses disposable bags for filtration, resulting in good quality air with efficient outcomes. Besides that, it has three-layer filtration in the bags which prevents mini dust storms by getting rid of the debris. The non-contaminant gasket ensures air loss at its best. It has a large capacity of holding 25 liters of debris and reaching 9000 square feet.

A useful feature that consumers enjoy a lot is the led status indicators that help you to inform you at the point of the full capacity of the debris container. It prevents overflowing and that way, maintaining this unit becomes one step easier.

The installation of this unit is also easy as it comes with an installation bracket to maintain a noise-free operation and heat protection safety. Thus, the motor is never overheated even if you use it frequently. The design is unique and looks sophisticated.


But all these excellent features come with a hefty price tag. And that might be the only downside of this unit.

Who should buy it?

It is the most powerful central vacuuming system reviewed here. If you are not under a tight budget and want to go all the way, this is your choice.

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4. Allegro MU4500 Champion

Allegro MU4500 Champion
This unit in particular is liked by its users for its impressive motor. With an impressive 600 air watts of power, this creates powerful suction. The motor allows it to perform well with the power lift.

The solid shape and design are sturdy. This uses a two-stage motor. It might require frequent repair. The container is bagless, and the filter is inverted. It has a capacity of about a whopping 6 gallons of debris. That makes it a low maintenance unit as you don’t need to empty the container too often. Sometimes, it only needs to be cleared once in the first 6 months of use. It works pretty well and does not need much maintenance other than keeping the microfiber filter clean.

It has a giant handle, which helps you to operate the unit with ease. Besides, attaching and removing the handle from the machine is pretty easy.

Alongside these helpful features, the vacuum is very silent in this, rated 70 dB. Thus, you will not need a muffler for noise cancellation.


Similar to the previous vacuum system, this unit too is more on the expensive side. Besides that, it has a limited reach of only 6000 square feet area, which is not quite satisfactory.

Who should buy it?

If you want a central vacuum cleaning system, install it and then forget about it – this is your pick. It does not need any maintenance, everything is designed perfectly. Very unlikely to undergo a problem in future.

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5. Ultra-clean SC200 Steel

Ultra-clean SC200 Steel
After the consecutive listing of hefty price tag units, this ultra-clean sc200 unit is just the perfect machine if you are looking for something more pocket-friendly.

This has a vacuum capacity to reach about 7500 square feet area, which is a standard for a central vacuuming unit. The motor takes 13.8 amps, which may not be the best, but not shabby either. This includes a bypass design but it also functions on a two-stage system. The suction power is moderate. But it comes with a microfiber filter which needs to be cleaned regularly. And it gives you a versatile, hybrid styled container, which can be quite handy.

Although this machine performs okay, the total air watts are pretty low (550 air watts). Not only that, the CFM and the water lift are also quite low (121 cfm, and 125” water lift). With this rate of output, this machine delivers a weak performance compared to its competitors. Thus, as an overall central vacuum unit, it is not the most reliable machine if you do not consider affordability as a factor.

Who should buy it?

It is the cheapest option while it covers 7500 sq ft. The next one is cheaper than this one but covers a very small area.

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6. HP Products Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System

HP Products Dirt Devil Central Vacuum System
This product is known for its convenient structure. It is a durable vacuuming unit, delivers efficient and smooth performance. It is quiet, operates nicely, and complemented with the required accessories, it is the most cost-effective option.

This is a compact-sized unit with a lasting vat of dirt debris. The container is claimed to be of one-gallon capacity. This has an extendable power hose. It enables you to reach out to the corners of your home. This also makes sourcing the power outlet easier.

This budget-friendly unit includes a 10-inch rug tool, a crevice tool, an upholstery tool and a dusting brush. Which is quite an impressive package, even more so for a pocket-friendly option.

The motor is reliable and offers effective performance. And it is said to have a capacity of cleaning 100 square feet per minute. Besides all these buyer-friendly features, this unit is consistent with ensuring a high rate of consumer satisfaction. It has built the reputation of a hassle-free, easy, and fast installation process.

Who should buy it?

It is the cheapest, it performs surprisingly well too regarding the price paid. The only problem is it is small and covers a very small area. Perfect choice for apartments consisting of two or three rooms.

central vacuum cleaning

It is ideal to consider all the factors before buying a central vacuum system. The type of filtration systems, materials, the collection vat/container, motor type, power (air watts), water lift, size of your house, CFM, noise, all these are important to keep in mind while purchasing a vacuum unit. Every unit is different in terms of features and performance. Thus, knowing what you are looking for is vitally helpful while investing in an appliance like this.

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