Best Vacuum Cleaners for Multiple Surfaces

A mix of different floor types and carpeting can mean a difficult time cleaning your home. Luckily, with a multi-surface vacuum cleaner, you can get the job done easily without using a different vacuum cleaner for every section. With the best multi-surface vacuum cleaner, you can sweep and mop simultaneously, saving you time.

But which is the best option on the market? Well, you needn’t go through the painstaking process of test every model on the market to determine the winner. Our team has done the job and is now ready to present the top performers. Find the top-recommended wet dry combos as well as powerful models for thick carpets and all sorts of debris.

Best Vacuum Cleaners for Multiple Surfaces

1. Bissell Crosswave 1785A (Wet-Dry) Vacuum – 2022 Top Pick

Bissell Crosswave 1785AThe Bissell Crosswave 1785A is a multi-surface cleaner that vacuums and washes floors simultaneously. It is made for multiple surfaces, including sealed hard floors, bare floors, sealed wood floors, and rugs.

During cleaning, you can easily switch between the settings for cleaning hard floors or rug-like surfaces with the quick touch of a button, making it easy to operate.

The vacuum is rated 4.4A and It’s powered by an electrical cord stretching 25ft that gives you ample space to vacuum within a limited environment, e.g. a bedroom or bathroom.


To ensure fresh cleaning, there is a two-tank system separating the liquid cleaning agent and dirty water to make sure that you’re constantly cleaning with a fresh mix of water and a cleaning agent. By allowing dry vacuuming and washing simultaneously, this vacuum cleaner removes dirt from surfaces very quickly, making it a good time saver when carrying out household chores.

The manufacturer itself has a lineup of floor-cleaning products that work ideally with it, but they’re not the only ones you can use like those from other manufacturers are also compatible.

The vacuum’s cleaning path is 12” (1 foot) with a dirt cup capacity of 14.5 oz while the clean tank capacity is 28 oz. There are a few things to note about this model for instance it doesn’t fold for storage and the handle is not adjustable. Also, it has no attachments.


● Vacuum Type: Stick and handheld
● Cord Length: 25ft
● Weight: 11.5lbs
● Dirt Cup Capacity: 14.5 ounces
● Clean Tank Capacity: 28 ounces
● Warranty: 2 years, limited


● Dual-action cleaning
● Strong suction
● Easy to control
● Comes with a docking tray


● Lacks water-level indicators
● Only for floors

2. Tineco iFloor (Wet-Dry) Vacuum – Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for Multiple Surfaces

Tineco iFloor (Wet-Dry) VacuumThe Tineco iFloor vacuum cleaner is comparable to our top pick Bissell Crosswave 1785A, with similar features such as simultaneous vacuuming and washing, the two-tank system, and is suitable for multiple surfaces.

But unlike the Bissell 1785A, this one is cordless and therefore offers more flexibility when cleaning; you don’t need to worry about restriction from any cords.

With its battery fully charged, the Tineco iFloor allows up to 22mins of running time, enough to clean up several rooms. If drained, it takes about 4 hours to fully recharge.

It works very well for cleaning sealed hard surfaces, including hardwood floors, tiles, marble, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, and stone.

During cleaning, one of this vacuum’s special features is called “Spot Mode”, a feature that makes it focus on one spot where you encounter stubborn dirt with higher suction speeds and a stronger spray. This makes it ideal for cleaning up difficult stains.

For maintenance, this vacuum has a self-cleaning feature that autonomously cleans its roller with fresh water and detergent with no need for you to get your hands dirty. For further cleaning, all its parts are detachable and washable and therefore easy to clean and dry.


● Vacuum type – stick and handheld
● Battery: 2500mAh, built-in battery
● Dirt Cup Capacity: 13.5 ounces
● Clean Tank Capacity: 18.5 ounces
● Weight: 13.9lbs
● Warranty: 2 years, limited


● Cordless flexibility
● Powerful suction
● Self-cleaning
● Easy to set up out of the box


● Detachable parts prone to damage when not handled with care
● No HEPA filter
● No LED display

3. Shark NV752 Rotator TruePet – Most Versatile Vacuum Cleaner for Multiple Surfaces

Shark NV752 Rotator TruePet Yes, you have a large home, multiple pets, and kids. If cleaning is no longer fun, you can turn that around with the Shark Rotator NV752 TruePet.
Shark NV752 is a full-sized model capable of deep-cleaning carpets.

It is extremely powerful, with 95CFM suction power at the hose and 58CFM at the cleaner head. This vacuum can remove embedded sand from thick carpets without bogging down.
The start and control buttons are right at your fingertips. So, you no longer need to bend to change from hard floors to carpets.

Shark NV752 is the only vacuum on our list with three working modes. Use it in the upright mode for regular cleaning on hard floors and low and medium-pile carpeting.

You’ll particularly like that it has a near-perfect capability of picking up pet hair, dander, and small to medium-sized debris with the brush roll. And, you can turn the brush roll on and off. It means you won’t suck up the tablecloth when all you want is to pick up spilled cereal.

As for large debris, you’ll use the easy-to-remove wand for fast pickup. The wand can quickly reach a normal-height ceiling so you can get to cobwebs.
The pod mode sheds the weight of the vacuum to only 8 pounds. It gives you the flexibility to go under furniture or carpeted stairs with ease.

Finally, the canister mode means you can use this appliance while lifting it from the dust bin,
and it won’t pop off.
Shark NV752 has the best accessories of any other vacuum on the market. It comes with an upholstery or dusting brush for the car, stairs, sofa bed, etc.

This Vacuum is Ideal for Pet Hair

But perhaps the most likable is the motorized pet tool. The pet tool has an independent motor that makes it ideal for pulling hair from furniture, thick carpets, and floors (hardwood floors, laminated, pressed wood floors, and linoleum).
Another helpful tool is the hard floor accessory. It has the best suction compared to vacuums in its price range.
Other features to look forward for to include LED lights that illuminate your path, an extra-large dustbin, and crevice pickup.


● Vacuum Type: Upright Corded
● Cord Length: 25ft.
● Canister Volume: 1L
● Weight: 16.7 pounds
● Warranty: 2 years


● Brush roll runs on lift-away mode
● Suction is adjustable
● Includes motorized pet tool
● Wide cleaning path of 10 inches
● Extra-long cord at 25ft.
● Completely sealed to wad off allergens


● The brush is not self-cleaning
● Brush roll motor can stop on extra-thick carpeting

4. Hoover MAXLife ProPet – Best for Pet Hair

Hoover MAXLife ProPet If you’re a heavy shedder owner, it means your home is never spotless. And unless you want to lend him to a friend who can keep up, getting the best tool for the job is a must. In this case, we are talking about the Hoover MAXLife ProPet.

A trail of tumbleweed should be a thing of the past with Hoover MaxLife ProPet. This vacuum features a powerful brush roll that takes up hair while preventing hair from rolling around it.

The pet tool comes with heavy-duty strips instead of rollers. They provide more straightforward pickup than rollers.
Hoover MAxLife ProPet is a bit bulky. But with the help of its steering system, moving around is a breeze.

All you do is step on the base to kick it back. After which, you’ll be working around furniture and tight spots with no problem. It is also the only vacuum with automatic floor-height adjustment. It can reach under beds and
low-lying furniture with ease. And you also have LED lights that show you all the hidden hairs and fine debris.

A Multi-Surface Cleaner and a good if you have a Pet

Like other vacuums on our list, Hoover MAXLife ProPet is also a multi-surface cleaner. It is ideal for hard floors, low-medium pile carpets, rubber floor mats, and above-floor surfaces. It includes a wand that stretches as far as 13ft, a crevice tool, a dusting tool, and multiple pet tools. But none of these accessories are motorized independently. They rely solely on the vacuum’s suction power.

The HEPA filter is capable of capturing allergens and minimizing odors. Instead of throwing dust and dander around, Hoover MAXLif Pro traps them and keeps them in the vacuum. It is super helpful if you’ve been dealing with allergies.


● Vacuum Type: Upright Corded
● Cord Length: 30ft
● Cleaning Path: 10 inches
● Canister Volume: 1.29L
● Weight: 17 pounds
● Warranty: 2 years


● 30ft cord
● Can lift safely using the handle on the dust cup
● Last 3x longer with Enhanced MAXLife System
● Relatively quiet
● Quick-release dustbin


● The cord does not retract
● Can be cumbersome to handle for the elderly

5. Bissell Crosswave 2554A (Wet-Dry) – Best Wet Dry Vacuum for Large Homes

Bissell Crosswave 2554A (Wet-Dry)Bissell Crosswave 2554A is one of the most recommended wet dry vacuums on the market. It is a highly competitive product for large homes where you want to sweep, mop, and vacuum simultaneously.

This vacuum boasts versatile performance since it can also deal with areas rugs. The only disadvantage is that it cannot clean carpets. This is because it cannot suck up much water when cleaning. So, it leaves us with hard surfaces and area rugs.

To this end, Crosswave 2554A is ideal for fine, small, and medium-sized debris. It can also clean sticky stuff like honey and liquids like milk and soda. It requires a few passes to get out sticky drinks from the floor.

When it comes to liquids, it can quickly push them to the corners. Fortunately, Crosswave 2554A comes with improved edge cleaning so it can pull liquids and dirt from baseboards.
As for area rugs, you may want to vacuum large debris and dirt before mopping. This is because if stuff like soil gets wet, it can embed in the fibers, which will give you a hard time cleaning.

The multi-surface brush roll has no problem picking dirt and debris from hardwood floors, laminates, and tiles. It is designed for indoor floors that are not textured. The brush roll can easily agitate debris, mop, and wash area rugs with ease due to its powerful suction power.

Operating the Crosswave Vacuum

On the handle, there are two buttons for the hard floor mode and area rug mode. There’s also a trigger that you press to dispense the clean water solution. When you choose the area rug mode, Crosswave 2554A will dispense 4x the cleaning solution of the hard floor mode. This feature allows it to deep clean area rugs.

Like its Crosswave counterparts, it has a two-tank system. But unlike other wet dry vacuums, it has a larger capacity at 27 ounces for the clean water tank and 16.9 ounces for the dirty water tank. Hence, it can store more than the Tineco iFloor.
This vacuum includes a washable filter that needs cleaning after every major wash. Furthermore, there’s a cleaning tray. You fill the tank with clean water and press a button to start the cleaning cycle.

Overall, Bissell Crosswave 2554A is a well-rounded model for vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping hard floors. It can also wash area rugs, which improves its versatility. Now, you don’t need multiple solutions for different areas in your home. The Crosswave 2554A can do it all.


  • Vacuum Type: Upright, Cordless
    ● Runtime: 30 minutes
    ● Battery: 36V Lithium-Ion battery
    ● Dirt Cup Capacity: 16.9 ounces
    ● Clean Tank Capacity: 27 ounces
    ● Weight: 11.5 pounds
    ● Warranty: 2 years, limited
    ● Cleaning Path Width: 10.5″


● Cordless performance
● Two tank system to separate dirty and clean water
● Includes the cleaning solution
● Can work with homemade cleaning solutions
● Supports app via WIFI


● Swivel head turns only 25 degrees
● No attachments

6. Tineco Floor One S3 – Longest Runtime on Batteries

Tineco Floor One S3Tineco has undoubtedly become a recognized brand in the cleaning industry thanks to its capable cordless vacuums. The Tineco Floor One S3 is the best in the smart wet dry vacuum category. In addition to vacuuming and mopping, the vacuum comes with infrared sensors integrated on an LED display.

It’s also the only Tineco upright vacuum that supports voice assistant, auto control function, and iLoop sensor technology.
So, the sensors automatically detect large messes in the auto mode and increase the brush roll speed and suction power. It shows you the increase in intensity on the dirt monitoring loop on display.

The Tineco Floor One S3 makes tough cleaning jobs more manageable. It cuts your cleaning time in half, and thanks to its high power, floors dry faster than with the Crosswave. Because it adjusts suction power, its 4000mAh battery life can last longer than Crosswave, which has only one power setting.

Another thing, you don’t have to squeeze a trigger to dispense the cleaning solution. It does so automatically. In addition, it has a high profile at the brush roll, which enables it to pick up large spills without creating a mess.

This Vacuum has a Self-cleaning System

Perhaps the best feature of the Tineco Floor One S3 is that it has the most sophisticated self-cleaning system. As you know, cleaning the brush roll can take up more time than mopping.
So, Tineco devised a system where all you do is fill the tank with water, place it on the cleaning tray, and press a button.

The self-cleaning process removes leftover debris and flushes out embedded dirt. What’s more, it has a mode that cleans the plumbing system. So, it will last long in excellent condition.
Now, don’t do two things while you can complete sweeping and mopping on hard floors in half
the time.


● Vacuum Type: Upright, Cordless
● Runtime: 35 minutes
● Battery: 4000 mAh battery
● Dry Cup Capacity: 13.5 ounces
● Clean Tank Capacity: 18.5 ounces
● Weight: 17.64 pounds
● Warranty: 1 year


● iLoop smart sensor technology
● Shows real-time battery life
● It can connect to an app
● Shows cleaning reminders and reports
● Long runtime of up to 35 minutes
● Comes with two brush rolls


● The cylindrical brush struggles with corners
● Auto mode sometimes fail to sense large messes

7. Shark Vertex AZ2002 DuoClean – Most Powerful for Carpets

Shark Vertex AZ2002 DuoCleanIt looks good and cleans well too. It’s the Shark Vertex AZ2002 DuoClean. This vacuum cleaner is the most powerful model in the Shark line of high-end vacuums. You can tell that its construction is superior to the Rotator and Navigator models from the same brand.

Its dominant feature is the DuoClean system which uses two brush rolls. One is a spiral, rubberized roller with added power fins, while the other is a soft roller brush. Together, these brush rolls can handle all sorts of debris from hard floors, low carpets, high carpets, and area rugs.

Shark Vertex AZ2002 DuoClean comes with three working modes that are simple to change on the handle. You’ll not be bending when switching between modes. It can lift pretty much anything on hard floors, low carpets, and rugs. The only area it struggles with is fine debris on high carpeting.
However, it leaves very few particles that a few more passes will get everything into the sizeable 1.1L dust cup.
Nonetheless, this is a bulky vacuum. It weighs 16.38 pounds which can take a toll on your back if you carry it up the stairs. That’s why Shark has included a powered, lift-away mode.

You can lift the middle section from the base and use it as a canister vacuum.

The lift-away mode gives you versatile performance since you can lift it and use the wand for above-floor cleaning. The wand provides up to 5.5ft extra reach, so it can reach high ceilings too.
With this vacuum, you get a motorized pet tool for picking pet hair and stubborn debris from various surfaces. It also comes with a dusting brush for hard surfaces and a crevice tool for furniture and corners.

Overall, Shark Vertex AZ2002 DuoClean is a fantastic option for large homes with lots of carpeting. It beats other models in terms of suction power. That’s why it can agitate carpet fibers without getting tangles.


● Vacuum Type: Upright, Corded
● Cord Length: 30ft.
● Dustbin Volume: 1.1L
● Weight: 17.64 pounds
● Warranty: 1 year


● Self-cleaning brush roll
● Can clean thick carpets
● Controls are on the handle
● DuoClean system improves performance
● Washable HEPA and Foam Felt filters


● It’s bulky
● A bit pricey


We hope we have helped you make a decision on the best vacuum cleaner for multiple surfaces. Every vacuum presented here is designed to work on multiple surfaces. Some are better on hard floors, while others double up as carpet and rug cleaners.
Remember that flooring is expensive. That’s why choosing the best vacuum for multiple surfaces is crucial. Only then can you take care of your floors with peace of mind