Best Vacuum For Intex Pool Reviews in 2024 [With Buyers Guide]

Summer is finally here and most of you probably need a break from the hot weather by dipping into an above ground Intex pool with your family. With any type of pool comes the responsibility of maintaining them and one of the best options is a vacuum for Intex pools. As one of the leading brands in providing above ground pools of various types, sizes, and forms, it’s pretty understandable if you want a vacuum cleaner that is made specifically for them.

We’ve checked out many vacuum cleaners for above ground pools and have come to the decision that these five are the best. From size, maintenance, to cleaning capability and durability, we handpicked the products and also provide you with basic tips and tricks when using your Intex pool vacuum cleaner.

Top 5 Best Vacuum For Intex Pool

1. Aquabot Pool Rover Hybrid Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Aquabot family is known to make some of the best hybrid robotic pool cleaners. Their Pool Rover Hybrid Pool Cleaner is one of the best sellers that is suitable for cleaning Intex Above Ground Pools. Their marketing message promotes the convenience of operating this robot which is to drop and push a button.

The best part about cleaning with Aquabot is that you don’t actually have to do anything to clean your pool. Aquabot Pool Rover works automatically and requires no supervision thanks to their smart navigation around your Intex pools. Not only that, but they are also self-sustained, requiring no hoses, connection to a filtration system or external (booster) pumps. Because of that, they have no annual expenses such as gears, swivels, hoses or complex drive motors replacements.

This Aquabot is able to clean up to 5,400 square feet of area per hour and has a jet propelled system that will also clean slopes of a 24-foot-diameter pool in less than an hour. The suction is able to clean from leaves to 2-microns size algae and has a 19-quart micro filtered bag. When debris is micro-filtered, clean water is released back that comes out as a jet propeller for the Aquabot.

Wheel pins are included that will rotate the robot after each cycle in your Intex pool. This discourages tangling of the cord so that you make sure to only pull just enough cord to clean the whole pool. The wheels are non-marring to ensure less slippage of the cleaner.

Upon receiving the package, you will get the pool cleaner, 41-feet of floating cable, power supply, operator manual and additional flotation. The Aquabot comes with a 1-year warranty per seller’s confirmation.

2. Aquabot X4

Aquabot is a leading manufacturer of robotic vacuums for pools. The Pool Rover is an affordable choice for efficient and unsupervised cleaning around your pool. The Aquabot X4 is one of their best products to date when it comes to convenience, power, and speed.

Let’s start with the brush that is ‘like a fine-tooth comb’. The Aquabot picks up debris from the bottom to the waterline, as only 1% of debris is suspended. Durable micro-brushes scrubs and picks up dirt, debris, algae, and bacteria into its baskets that also now comes with enhanced filtration and holds up to 190 cubic inches of debris. These filters capture fine particles as small as 2-micron.

The X4 also comes with high-grade water mixing capability and pumps up to 85 gallons of water per minute. This works together with the fine mesh filter in cleaning water quickly and efficiently while propelling the Aquabot further, which means you don’t need as many chemicals as other cleaners do to keep your pool clean and safe for the family.

It runs on a true 4-wheel drive that comes with superior grip and helps in the vacuum for pools transition from floor to wall with minimal slipping. It also has AutoX Pool Mapping that helps it remember the shape of the pool and cleans it better the next time.

Comes with a pool robot caddy for easy transportation of the Intex pool cleaner, 60-feet of cord, a swivel to prevent tangling cords and a wheel kit for cleaning tile and fiberglass surface. It has a 1-year warranty for bumper to bumper and 3-year warranty on the power supply, pump, and motor.

3. Pool Rover S2 40, BLUE

Another Aquabot above-ground pool vacuum cleaner makes it to our list! The Pool Rover S2 40i is the most affordable of our list from Aquabot and it comes with all the quality features of this brand.

This vacuum cleaner promotes high energy efficiency that comes with a jet throttling system to move the robot. It pumps 80 gallons of water per minute through its fine mesh filter that removes particles as small as 2 microns. After the water is filtered, they are pushed back out as cleaner water into the pool, saving you energy from having to run the robot. The self-sustained Aquabot will clean your pool area in 1 or 2 hours depending on the option you’ve chosen.

Operation of the Pool Rover S2 is similar to its predecessor – it’s the plug-and-play type where the robot will operate automatically. You just need to sit back and relax. You save your time, keep your pool healthy and saves cost in operating the robotic vacuum pool cleaner while using much fewer chemicals to clean the pool. There are few annual expenses needed for the robot since everything is self-sustaining.

The product also complies to ETL standards. It is also made to clean above-ground pools, the floor and coves so long as there is a 6”-wide space for optimal cleaning. Note that this means you are not advised to try cleaning your in-ground pool with this Aquabot. The axle pin also helps maximize cleaning capabilities and prevents cord tangling. It comes with a 40-feet cord and has a 1-year warranty.

4. Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum with Telescoping Aluminum Shaft

Here we have two Intex vacuum cleaners that we would like to recommend to those of you who like to remain loyal to the brand. We’ve mostly shown you robotic pool cleaners and this is the only manual cleaner that made it to our list. It’s definitely suitable if you have a small above ground pool and don’t mind putting in the time necessary to get the job done.

This is a handheld rechargeable vacuum cleaner, which means no cords or cable during your cleaning. It also only operates when properly submerged and automatically shuts off when it comes out of the water. This means you save energy and also avoids problems in the case of the vacuum cleaner sucking in debris outside the pool. It’s equipped with IPX8 waterproof protection to prevent damage to the internal gears.

The vacuum cleaner is powered with built-in Ni-MH batteries, runs for 50 minutes per full charge and it comes with a USB cable for charging.

The vacuum cleaner is 94” long and made of the lightweight telescoping aluminum shaft. It also comes with a shaft adapter if your Intex above-ground pool is deeper or wider for up to 18 ft wide. Intex provides two interchangeable brushes for different purposes – one with wider coverage and the other with more intense scrubbing and cleaning.

This handheld vacuum cleaner also comes with a 1-year-warranty.

5. Intex Auto Pool Cleaner

The other robot vacuum cleaner we want to recommend is this Intex auto pool cleaner at under $150.

The Intex handheld vacuum cleaner requires a pump with a minimum flow rate of 1,600 gph. The hose stretches as far as 24 feet to the inlet connector in the pool. The hose fittings are 1-1/2” and is meant for cleaning Intex above-ground pools at the maximum size of 24 feet. The robot automatically reverses direction to clean the area inside the pool and its anti-slipping wheels work accordingly.

You can purchase various types of pumps from Intex official website and remember that the max pump rate the robot can handle is 3,500 gph. It is also constructed of durable material and many users find it satisfactory after more than a year of usage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any kind of warranty.

What to Consider Before Buying a Vacuum Cleaner for Intex Pool

Things to Consider

You want to ensure that once you buy a vacuum for your soft-sided pool it’s the best one out there for you. And since there is no one-size-fits-all, it means you have to choose the best vacuum that fits your personal needs.

So that’s where this section comes in. Below, we’ll walk you through some of the things to consider before buying your new vacuum cleaner. After reading this, you’ll (hopefully) know exactly which vacuum is best for you. Let’s go!

Types of Intex pool vacuums

The first thing to decide is what type of pool vacuum you want. When it comes to Intex vacuums there are three main types.

The question of what type of pool vacuum is best for you, will be answered by the size of your pool as well as your personal preferences. Let’s have a look at your options.

  1. Manual or Handheld Pool Vacuums

These vacuums work similarly to the vacuum cleaner you use in your home. Of course, you don’t have to get in the pool to use them. These vacuums are attached to a long pole that allows you to manually vacuum the bottom of your pool while walking around it yourself.

Handheld pool vacuums tend to be the cheapest options, but they do require more work on your part than other pool vacuum types.

  2. Suction Pool Vacuums

Suction pool vacuums do still require some manual operation, but they use your pool’s pump’s suction power to suck up any dirt or debris.

This makes these pool cleaners more effective than handheld vacuums, but a drawback is that they require quite a bit of energy.

3. Robotic Pool Vacuums

As the name suggests, robotic pool vacuums are robots that will do the work for you. You simply place the robotic pool cleaner at the bottom of your pool and it will automatically do the rest for you.

They come with their own motor and filtration system, which means you don’t have to plug them into your pump or the filtration system,

As is to be expected, this type of Intex pool vacuum is the most expensive model available. But given the ease of use and crystal clear results, we do think it is worth the initial investment.

The Size of Your Pool

Although you might be eager to immediately buy the biggest, coolest robot you come across, you should stop and think about whether you really need it.

In fact, if you have a small pool for children, then a large robot probably won’t even be able to clean it due to it being oversized.

Moreover, you won’t need a vacuum cleaner with a long hose for a tiny pool either.

Luckily, most vacuum cleaners will specify the recommended pool size to use the vacuum in, as well as how much debris/workload it can actually handle. This way, you’re sure to end up with a vacuum cleaner that fits your pool size.

If a product doesn’t specify these things, you’re best off either contacting the manufacturer directly or choosing a more reputable manufacturer – like the ones listed above – instead.

Other Important Things to Consider

  • Make sure it’s recommended for Intex above-ground pools cleaning. This is important because the company will only abide to their warranty instructions if you had used the equipment according to their recommendations.
  • Check the annual maintenance of the equipment. Even hybrid models that are self-sustaining may require replacements on the filter or other parts. As with most things simple preventative maintenance will obviously give you maximum life of the product.
  • Coves, walls and liners – several robot vacuum cleaners find it hard to navigate the vertical surfaces of the pools. Check to make sure your vacuum cleaner can handle that transition from the floor to the wall and if it’s meant for that. If it’s not, you’ll have to manually scrub the walls of your pool regularly.
  • Is your pool full of debris, have not been used for years and is covered in algae? No vacuum cleaner can clean an above-ground pool that is thickly covered in living algae that persistently glues itself to the walls and floors of the pool. Make sure that you kill the algae to make it easier for the vacuum cleaner to pick up the aftermath.
  • For handheld types, double check the maximum length of the vacuum cleaner – you won’t be able to clean your pool properly from the outside if your vacuum cleaner is not long enough. Telescopic handheld vacuum cleaners, like the one we recommend, is preferred to make the task easily achieved. This will give you incentive to do it again next time.
  • Anti-tangling feature is an important one for pool cleaners and most products come with a swivel to tackle this. This feature will assist in allowing the pool vacuum cleaner to do it’s job to the full extent of the cord.

Tips for Owners of Above-Ground Intex Pool Vacuum Cleaners

Tips you can do to maintain

Once you’ve purchased your new Intex pool vacuum cleaner you want it to last for as long as possible.

That’s why the maintenance and correct operation of your vacuum cleaner is so important. You can buy the best robotic vacuum cleaner on the market, but if you never clean it your little robot won’t last that long.

Tips on how to Best use Your Pool Vacuum

  • Check the manuals and instructions that come with the unit. This is something that we can’t stress enough in everything we suggest. For maximum result and performance, by following the instructions, you will be eligible for the warranty should anything happen to the unit.
  • Empty the cartridge regularly so your vacuum cleaner can work with maximum efficiency which will prevent having to go over the same area repeatedly.
  • Check the health of your cleaning equipment and the pool’s pump at regular intervals. Preferably at the beginning of summer and also at the end. Make sure that the hose and pump are not leaking, the pool has no algae sticking to the bottom, etc. You should also keep the manual of your vacuum cleaner to know how to disassemble the unit when you need to fix it on your own.
  • For automatic vacuum cleaner users clean the pool as often as possible. The usual standard is once a week and since you don’t actually do anything, it’ll be easy to just drop the pool cleaner into the water and go on with your activity until it’s finished. You can reduce the use of chemicals to clean the pool and that also means a safer environment for friends and family to swim and play in.
  • Best time to clean the pool. If you plan to vacuum or run your pool cleaner, we recommend to do it when the water is calm because dirt and debris would have settled to the floor of the pool. Since only about 1% of the sediment remains suspended this cleaning procedure will eliminate almost all of the unwanted debris.

Benefits of Owning a Vacuum Cleaner for Your Intex Pool

Benefits of Owning a Vacuum Cleaner for Your Intex PoolAnyone who owns a pool realizes that pool maintenance is an ongoing job. Not everyone has the time to clean it every week, but at the same time it is vitally important to keep the pool water pristine for everyday use, otherwise what’s the use of having a pool in the first place. That is why we highly recommend that people get themselves a vacuum cleaner for their above-ground Intex pool, because the health of your family is paramount.

The Hybrid Vacuum Cleaner

All you need to do is to attach them to an inlet and let the vacuum cleaner run on its own. The only time you need to be involved is when you take them out after an hour, clean the cartridge filter and charge the vacuum cleaner. This saves much more time than a manual vacuum cleaner.

Manual Vacuum Cleaner

Manual vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, allows owners to do a more thorough cleaning and picks up persistent debris and algae better. Intex handheld manual vacuum cleaner is waterproof and runs on batteries for up to 50 minutes. You can press the vacuum cleaner for more intense cleaning and they also come in different types of brushes for different types of cleaning on different surfaces.

Saves Long-term Maintenance Fee.

Hiring a professional company to drain and clean your pool is not cheap nor is it quick. Professionals also charge you hourly and the algae, debris, dirt, and everything will only pile up again in the future. Meanwhile, hybrid vacuum cleaner or using manual ones still get the dirt out and reduces the frequency necessary to get a professional to clean the pool up. And if you maintain your pool regularly, you won’t even have to spend the dollars on hiring a professional at all!

Reduces the Need for Chemicals

Who likes swimming in green water that is potentially full of bacteria? Regular cleaning will prevent sediments and algae from forming on the bottom and walls of your pool. Hybrid models do come with the capability to tread the wall and clean them as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vacuum Cleaners for Intex Pool

How to decide

What is the difference between above ground and in ground pool vacuum cleaners?

The two main differences between above ground and in-ground pool vacuum cleaners are price and power.

Inground pool vacuum cleaners need to be capable of handling both larger volumes of water and higher water flow rates. Inground pool vacuums are also designed to go deeper than above ground pool cleaners.

Since inground pool cleaners demand more power, it won’t come as a surprise that they come at a higher price tag.

How do you vacuum a small Intex pool?

If you have a small Intex pool you’re best off using a simple handheld or manual pool vacuum.

Since your pool is small, you don’t have a large area to cover. This means that doing it manually won’t be too time-consuming or tiring. This is unlike larger pools, where manual vacuuming becomes quite a labor-intensive job.

That’s why larger pools are more suited for robotic pool vacuums that do the work for you. But robot pool vacuums will cost you a lot more, and they might not even work that optimally in a smaller Intex pool.

That’s why we advise you to choose a handheld pool vacuum for your small Intex pool.

Do you need a vacuum for above ground pool?

This depends on the size of your above ground pool. If you have a tiny pool for kids, then you might be able to clean your pool by hand. But the larger your above ground pool is, the more you will require a pool vacuum.

Cleaning an above ground pool can take a lot of time and effort if you don’t have the right equipment. So, unless you have a very small pool, you are probably better off purchasing a pool vacuum.

And with some of the handheld models already starting below $100, it is definitely worth the investment.

Can it brush and suck up green algae on my pool’s floor?

Most of the vacuum cleaners can’t do this job and it can be a serious problem. A lot will depend on the severity of the algae buildup. A pre-clean strategy may have to be implemented to achieve better results. Most hybrid vacuum cleaners are able to pick up after the dead algae, leaves, dirt, and debris easier this way.

Afterward, maintain your pool by letting the vacuum cleaner run regularly to prevent algae from manifesting.

Why doesn’t my hybrid pool cleaner stay on the bottom of the pool?

A hybrid pool cleaner works by making rounds on the bottom and sometimes on the walls of the pool. But they are practically useless if they can’t stay submerged to the bottom! Floating vacuum cleaners like this one can be caused by either a misplaced jet thrust or leaky hose.

First, turn off the cleaner and lift it up to check where the thrust jet is facing. If it’s facing downward, it will propel the pool cleaner up and keep it afloat. Adjust it to face either 5 or 7 o’clock, so the jet will shoot the robot forward instead of upward.

The leaky hose can also cause the pool cleaner to lose pressure and causes it to float. Check the hose for any leakage and replace those parts. You don’t have to worry about water leaking from the connections as it’s not a completely sealed system.

Will the vacuum cleaner or pool cleaner pick up huge debris such as straw and leaves?

Some will, some won’t. It depends on every product and the size of the filter, so be sure to check the specifications of the product before using them.

Should I invest $800 into an automatic pool cleaner?

For some people, the price might seem a little bit too much for a robot pool cleaner. However, products like Aquabot X4 does a great job for the price tag it comes with. They clean very thoroughly and are even able to climb the walls. They are also more powerful and faster than other bot cleaners, which minimizes the need for more chemicals for pool hygiene.

In the end, it comes down to your budget and what you think is important. Some people like to be convenient and use their Intex pool quite often which makes it worthwhile to spend $800 on an automatic pool cleaner.


Vacuuming your pool is a mandatory activity to keep the pool clean and safe for the family to swim in. Owning an above-ground Intex pool is a great thing to have for entertaining the family but with it comes the responsibility of maintaining it properly. Hiring professionals are costly, so we’ve reviewed 5 capable pool vacuum cleaners that will do a great job in their place.

As much as possible we’ve chosen models that are Intex-compatible and that they do a great job with minimal effort. Usually within 1-2 hours, your Intex pool vacuum cleaner will have finished its job on its own. If you use a manual handheld vacuum cleaner, it will take even less time and results in a cleaner pool. While the price can vary from $50 to $800, there is a model for everyone based on your needs or budget!

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