Best Bissell Robotic Vacuum Reviews in 2021 with Buying Guide

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Bissell Robotic Vacuum ReviewsCleaning is a basic part of our life. A spick and span environment provides a healthy and peaceful lifestyle. Manual cleaning is difficult and takes time. Since time has always been the most essential part of our life, spending it cleaning is not feasible. Especially while you have these convenient robotic vacuum cleaners. Among them, Bissell robotic vacuums are doing pretty well. In this Bissell robotic vacuum reviews, I will demonstrate most of their features and what to look into.

A robotic vacuum cleaner is a perfect alternative for this task. You can program it to clean particular surfaces automatically. It reduces the trouble, and it is way much more effective than manual cleaning too. Robotic vacuum cleaners can clean your house’s almost every part on its own. Bissell robotic vacuum cleaners do not deviate from that. Moreover, these robotic vacuum cleaners will serve you more efficiently than its’ competitors.

I will go straight to the product reviews. If you want to know more on what to look for before purchasing your first robotic vacuum cleaner, please refer to the later portion of the article.

Top 3 Best Bissell Robotic Vacuum Reviews

1. Bissell EV675

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It has a “Triple Action Cleaning System” which includes three of the major components for cleaning any kind of surface. A Bissel EV675 has dual edge brushes. A rotating brush roll and the powerful suction clean pet furs and other discarded matter on the floor.

This model can also clean along with the edges and in between the corners of the house. It can detect different surface textures. When EV675 is in Carpet Boost Mode, it detects the height adjustment sand increase the suction power automatically on a rug or carpet.

Compared to the other robotic vacuum cleaners, this model has brushes on both sides. This allows it to perform incredibly against edges and in corners of the house. An extra pair is also provided in the box in case you need to replace them.

One thing to truly like Bissell is it has a few instructional exercise recordings. It shows the best way to do everything in this vacuum, from utilizing the controller to cleaning the cliff sensors. Apart from the videos, it is very easy to follow the manual provided with the Bissell EV675.

It can function properly with only a button press on the remote or a single push of the bottom on the device. So, no complicated scheduling or mobile application is required for this model. You can use the Remote to command the device to activate different modes which are explained below:

  • Spiral mode– This mode is used to clean the spots in small areas.
  • Manual mode– This mode allows you to click and pint to send the bot to your desired area.
  • Auto mode– This mode is a default mode where the machine moves in a straight way until it is hit by an obstacle that leads the machine to change its course.
  • Single room mode– Easily accessible itself but, Bissell prefers shutting ways to contain the robot to the territory in this mode.
  • Wall mode– The device moves against the edges of the wall to clean the corners perfectly in this model.
  • Return to dock mode– This mode causes the bot to return to its charging dock.

Its battery life is 100 minutes. The first charge takes about four to five hours to complete but later it takes lesser time. It has an amazing ability to return to its docking station by itself when the battery is low to recharge after cleaning. This makes this model price effective. No other Roomba can provide this feature within the price range offered by Bissell robotic vacuum.

The vacuum has a basic design, along with a low profile. So, it can easily move under the bed, below the furniture, etc. which benefits cleaning throughout the house properly.

The device cannot be washed. The filter covers and filters are cleaned using a cleaning tool. You can wash the dustbin after it is emptied.

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2. Bissell CleanView Connect Robot Vacuum

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This robot vacuum accompanies the natural round shape which is quite familiar. You may find this shape in numerous other robot vacuums. It also contains two side brushes that rotate to sweep the dirt at the center of the device’s way. Thus, the main brush and vacuum can perform the main cleaning.

The main brush contains bristles and can be maintained easily. These bristles can effectively clean hard floors as well as rugs. Bissell CleanView Connect robot vacuum has a suction power of 1500Pa along with a “Triple Action Cleaning System” just like Bissell EV675. The suction power is very efficient. Why? Because it can change the applied suction power according to the surface texture of the house. It is programmed to automatically recognize the floor that helps it to balance between the runtime and its performance.

It can accelerate its strength automatically when it is introduced to the carpet area and can also decelerate its strength automatically after reaching the floor that is much easier to clean.

The vacuum can be controlled in two ways.

  • Press start or pause bottom– This option is very easy and straightforward. You just need to press the start or pause button to make the device into action. After pressing, the device will start moving and cleaning the different surfaces according to the need. After the work is done, double pressing the start or pause button will end the cleaning session. It makes the vacuum cleaner to return to its docking site too.
  • Bissell Connect smartphone app location– This robot vacuum can be connected to the WIFI to do its task. After the app is being paired with the robot, you will be able to control the device, for example, scheduling the cleaning time or routine.
    Scheduling will help you to escape the hustle of monitoring your cleaner. Especially when you are busy.
    This app will offer different cleaning modes for your robot – spiral, manual, auto, single room, wall, and return to dock modes. These modes are explained above in Bissell EV675. This application even allows you to enjoy the characteristics like support videos, alerts like- low battery, encountering any obstacle, etc. I left one in the previous sentence, it’s the cleaning history.
    Here the robot shows where it has cleaned the house and when. This robot vacuum has a very simple navigation system so, it might get stuck after encountering any obstacle and might need to be freed. Besides, the application will allow you to control the robot remotely.

You need to charge the battery for four hours before it starts its action. It has a runtime of 100 minutes. It is enough time to clean an average-sized room.

A single-stage paper filter and a 0.4-liter dirt collection cup are offered along with the robot for filtration. You need to clean using a cleaning tool since it cannot be washed.

It has a low-profile design like Bissell EV675 that can reach places like under the furniture, below the bed, etc.

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3. Bissell SmartClean 1605

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The term ‘smart clean’ means the combination of cleaning along with the help of brand-new technology. This is a modern solution for modern problems regarding the cleaning and tidiness of the house. Smart clean includes a cost-effective robot vacuum, less time consuming and more efficient in cleaning.

Just like other Bissell robotic vacuum, Bissell SmartClean 1605 also has a ‘Triple-Action Cleaning System’. To convey a reliable and more complete clean, the SmartClean Vacuum highlights double rotating brushes for corners and edges. A rotating brush roll helps to clean the debris and pet furs and hair. It also contains a powerful suction that can accumulate loose dirt into the dustbin.

This vacuum can adapt to multiple surfaces according to the texture. This robot is programmed to recognize and adapt to different types of floors including tiles, carpets, hard floors, and laminates. The suction power increases automatically when the vacuum detects a carpet or rug thus, the particles are picked up with a greater force. Alternatively, the suction power decreases on the hard surface, since the dirt can easily be picked up. This device can also detect a cliff so that it can avoid falling off and being destroyed.

The robotic vacuum has Opticlean sensors to detect dirt and debris from the concentrated places that are very difficult to reach, thus cleaning them efficiently. The invisible wall technology attained by this robotic cleaner allows it to stay in the room you want to clean and keeps it away from the room that you do not want to clean.

Cleaning with this device is very convenient and flexible since it can be scheduled to clean the entire house at a specific time of day when you are not around. So, it does not come in your way in your day-to-day life activities.

It has a lithium-ion battery that provides powerful, lasting, and hand-free cleaning up to 80 minutes of run time on the hard floors. The robotic vacuum can detect a low battery and returns to its docking station to recharge by itself or when the cleaning is done.

It has a low-profile design that allows it to explore effectively to vacuum under the furniture, below the bed including tables, chairs, and other places from which it is difficult to collect dust and derbies.

Bissell SmartClean 1605 comes off with a user manual that gives clear instructions and proper guidelines about its usage. Remote is not required since the robotic vacuum is fully automated. A one-year warranty is also provided with this vacuum cleaner.

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Key Features of Bissell Robotic Vacuum

If you are planning to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner, you need to consider some important features first. Each robotic vacuum cleaner has some specific performance skills and qualities. One differs from another. You should specify what features you need the most and lookout for it.  Some of the main characteristics of the best robotic vacuum cleaners are given below:

  • CLEANING PERFORMANCE– Regardless of anything else, the cleaning execution of an automated vacuum is the main point to take into account. The most exceptional automated vacuum cleaners today can clean numerous sorts of floors, for example, hard surfaces, hardwood, floor coverings, rugs, etc. The advanced ones can clean pet fur, dust, dirt, etc. Three factors determine a cleaner’s performance:
    • The kinds of brushes used in the cleaner, precisely, the side brushes, rotating brushes, and the rubber extractor.
    • The method to navigate around the house and within a room.
    • The vacuum motors that regulates the suction power.
  • SCHEDULING– Robotic cleaners must be convenient to use. Simply hitting the clean button should do the work. Most of them are programmed to clean the house at a specific time automatically. For some latest models, you can even control them using your smartphone. Most of the time, you need to install a specific app to control it. You can schedule the vacuum for cleaning on a specific day or time. And this can be done even if you are far from home, you’ll just need a stable net connection.
  • BATTERY LIFE– If you ask me, what is the approximate battery life of the best robotic vacuum cleaner out there? The answer is “two hours”. Battery life mainly depends on the cleaning mode. Some of the automated vacuum cleaners can sense their current battery life. When it senses the battery is low, it returns to their charging dock and gets recharged. To let you know that the battery is low, others robotic vacuum cleaners have light or something other indicators. Usually it blinks to send signals when the power is low.
  • MAINTENANCE– The vacuum cleaners require filters to be cleaned and the bin to be vacated regularly.

There are some other features you can consider:

  • User manual– The user manual gives you a detailed explanation and instructions about the automated vacuum cleaner.
  • Warranty– A fundamental warranty will cover deficient parts. A few items have a longer warranty than others. Fortunately, maintenance agreements are pretty modest for robot cleaners.
  • Optional Accessories– Few models offer optional remote or extra batteries.

Bissell robotic vacuums are, therefore, one of the most efficient tools needed in day to day life for cleaning properly without any hustle. These devices are cost-effective compared to Roomba. Bissell robotic vacuums are incredible partners for a busy lifestyle whose main purpose is to help keep the house clean.

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