Bissell Spot Clean Pro vs Little Green: Which Portable Spot Cleaner is Right for You?

If you’re looking for a new carpet cleaner, Bissell is one of the leading names. However, this brand has several products and you may end up struggling to decide which one is best. Here we’ll explore two of the popular options in our Bissell Spot Clean Pro vs Little Green head-to-head comparison.

Key Features of Bissell Little Green:

The Bissell Little Green is one of the leading portable carpet cleaning machines designed for small cleaning tasks and spot cleaning. The key features of this appliance include:

  • Bissell Little GreenSuperb Portability: As the name suggests, the Little Green is lightweight and compact, so it is easy to carry and spot clean stairs, upholstery, carpets and other small areas.
  • Powerful Cleaning: Despite its modest proportions, this cleaner has a spray nozzle and strong suction to effectively remove stains, spills and dirt.
  • Two Tank System: The Little Green has a two tank system with one for clean water, while the other is for dirty water. This ensures that your cleaning efforts are not compromised by using dirty water. There is also an indicator on each tank to monitor your cleaning progress.
  • Easy to Use: The controls are straightforward and easy to understand, making it simple to activate the suction, spray and other cleaning functions. The provided tools and removable nozzle are intuitive to connect and use.
  • Long Power Cord: The Little Green has a 20 foot power cord, providing decent reach for most cleaning tasks without needing to change power outlets. This includes cleaning your car upholstery if you have a power outlet in your garage or near your driveway.

Key Features of Bissell Spot Clean Pro:

Bissell Spot Clean ProAlthough when looking at the Bissell Spot Clean Pro vs Little Green, comparison will show these appliances are very different, some of the key features of these models are similar. The key features of the Spot Clean Pro include:

Powerful Motor: While the Little Green does have great suction power, the Spot Clean Pro has a mighty 750 watt motor, which is designed to give professional levels of dirt, stain and moisture extraction.

Large Tanks: Like the Little Green, the Spot Clean Pro has two tanks, but their capacity is larger, reducing the need for frequent emptying and refilling.

Stain Trapper Tool: Depending on the specific model, the Spot Clean Pro may include a stain trapper tool. This is designed to help remove and collect set-in tough stains within a separate container.

Extra Long Hose: The Spot Clean Pro has an extra long hose which at 5 feet long, makes it easier to clean those hard to reach areas.

Bissell Spot clean Pro Vs Little Green Comparison:

Both the Spot Clean Pro and Little Green are designed to be portable cleaners designed for spot cleaning. However, while there are some similarities, there are some important differences, which may influence your purchase decision. So, here we’ll explore a Bissell Little Green vs Spot Clean Pro comparison in different areas.


Suction Power: The Spot Clean Pro has a larger motor, which means that it offers greater suction compared to the Little Green. This means that it can be more effective at removing moisture and dirt from your carpets and upholstery.

Tank Capacity: As you would expect from the overall size of the machines, the Little Green has smaller tank capacities compared to the Spot Clean Pro. However, with the Spot Clean Pro having a tank capacity of 96 ounces, it is double that of the Little Green’s 48 ounces.

Tools and Attachments: Both models are supplied with specialized cleaning tools, but most Spot Clean Pro models are supplied with a stair tool and a tough stain tool, which are not offered with the Little Green.

Portability: While both models are designed to offer portability, the Little Green is both lighter and more compact. This makes it easier to carry and use for spot cleaning tasks around the home.

Price Point: As you would expect with a larger, more powerful model, the Spot Clean Pro is priced higher compared to the Little Green.

Which One is Best?

If you’re still struggling to decide between the Little Green and Spot Clean Pro, there are a few things to consider.

  • Bissell Spot Clean Pro vs Little GreenThink about your cleaning needs: You will need to assess the frequency and scale of your cleaning task. If you will primarily use the appliance for quick spot cleaning and the occasional spill, a smaller model should be sufficient, but for larger or more frequent cleaning tasks, you’ll need the enhanced performance of the Spot Clean Pro.
  • Assess portability: If you have mobility issues or need an easily transportable machine for different areas of your home, or even your vehicle, the Little Green’s more compact, smaller design makes it a better option.
  • Tank Capacity: This follows on from the previous points, as a larger tank will increase the weight of the machine. However, a larger tank capacity will also mean fewer times to empty and refill as you’re cleaning.
  • Tools and Attachments: While both models are supplied with a toolkit, there are more tools offered with the Spot Clean Pro including stair and tough stain tools.
  • Cleaning Formula: Both models have a recommended cleaning formula for optimum performance. However, these formulas are compatible with either model.
  • Budget: Finally, you should compare the prices of both models. The smaller Little Green is typically lower cost, making it more budget friendly if you have limited funds.


Bissell Spot Clean Pro vs Little Green In Conclusion:


Hopefully our Bissell Spot Clean Pro vs Little Green comparison has helped you make a decision. Both models are highly recommended with solid reputation and excellent consumer reviews. However, you will need to think about your specific requirements, budget and preferences to determine which is the best fit for you.

In summary, if you’re looking for a general purpose spot cleaner that is budget friendly and lightweight, the Little Green should be sufficient for your needs. However, if you need to deal with set-in stains or tough stains such as pet accidents, you are more likely to need a more powerful and specialized model, like the Spot Clean Pro. Although this will cost more initially, it is likely to deliver the performance you need.