Dyson V8 Absolute vs Animal [A Complete Comparison Guide]

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Dyson has been constantly manufacturing better vacuum cleaner one version better than its previous. Throughout their V-series, Dyson redefines how upright vacuum cleaners should be like. Dyson V-series is very well-known for being cordless, easy to use, and lightweight. It might be cordless, but the company has also made sure that it can run on full power for that powerful suction. In this post, you will find out a complete comparison between Dyson v8 absolute vs animal.

This time, we will be reviewing the Dyson V8 which splits into two types: Absolute and Animal. Price-wise, many of you might notice that Dyson V8 Animal costs slightly more than the Absolute.

We’ll start by reviewing the specifications that Dyson V8 possesses, its strength compared to previous versions and then the differences between Absolute and Animal series.

Inside the box of Dyson V8 Absolute vs Animal

Inside the box of Dyson V8 Absolute and AnimalDyson V8 was the hype when it came out, boasting 150% suction power compared to the V6 and runs for 40 minutes, twice the run time of V6. Let’s start with what you get from the box at opening the packaging of a Dyson V8 Absolute or Animal.

Inside the box:

  • Detachable wand to turn the vacuum cleaner into a handheld mode.
  • Crevice tool
  • Motorized brush bar
  • Combination dusting tool
  • Mini motorized brush bar for pet hairs
  • Mattress tool
  • Docking and charging station that can be installed on the wall.
  • Hose extension

Both Dyson V8 Absolute and Animal contain the same thing, except for the soft roller cleaner head that comes with the Dyson V8 Absolute version.

Features of Dyson V8 Absolute and Animal

Dyson v8 Absolute vs Animal
As mentioned before, both the Absolute and Animal version comes with the same Dyson V8 with the only exception being an additional accessory for the Absolute series.


Dyson V8 has a similar design to their predecessors which is upright and slim with the canister being on top, close to the handle instead of being hung in the middle of the vacuum cleaner. Dyson always makes sure their vacuum cleaners are compact and lightweight. The handle is also part of a detachable wand that can turn into a handheld vacuum cleaner.

The docking station is installed on the wall which is the home for your vacuum cleaner when not in need. It is also the charging station for your vacuum cleaner, so you can be totally cordless with your vacuum cleaner.

Suction power

Dyson v8 Suction powerDyson V8 brags 150% stronger suction than their V6 and comes with normal as well as max mode. Dyson V8 is powered by Dyson digital motor V8. If we were to use one word to describe it, it would be satisfying.

Dyson V8 manages to pick up fine dust on max mode and many more on carpeted floors. You will understand what it does when you look at the result and it’s pretty safe to say you don’t have to go over the same area too many times. In fact, once is enough at max mode. The suction power the Dyson V8 has is at a better level compared to many

Yes, there are many vacuum cleaners out there with better suction power, but many users don’t necessarily need that. In fact, for daily home use, normal suction is good enough with this vacuum cleaner, considering how lightweight and versatile it is. At max mode, the vacuum cleaner runs at 115 AW, however, this mode can be used at the exchange of battery life. It runs for 7 minutes at max mode.

Dyson V8 does well on all types of floors with both versions doing well on carpeted floors. The Absolute version gains the upper hand when dealing with hard floors thanks to its soft roller cleaner head.

Battery life

With all those powers, you might think that there is a drawback to what this vacuum cleaner can do. Unfortunately, yes. It’s true that Dyson V8 can run for 40 minutes max at normal or low mode. If you want to use the max mode, which means sucking all that fine dust, you only have 7 minutes. Not very good if you have a lot of cleaning to do and everyone can always use more.

However, as a matter of fact, you don’t always need to run the vacuum cleaner at max mode. For example, not all areas have high traffic and you can always run them at low mode. Max mode can be used for the main bedroom or living room where kids like to play a lot. The vacuum cleaner’s battery life can be better, but at this point, it is enough for most users.

Additionally, you can do your cleaning intermittently since docking the vacuum cleaner is the same as charging it.

Remember to charge the vacuum cleaner for 4 hours before initial use. At the full battery, you will see 3 bars lit up on the side of the handheld. When it runs out, the last bar beeping and the vacuum cleaner immediately stop on its track. For the next use, it takes 5 hours to charge the battery.


Dyson v8 FilterDyson V8 is equipped with a HEPA filter which means cleaner air out of the vacuum cleaner. The HEPA filter captures allergens and dust which means less sneezing on your side. The HEPA filters are washable and are claimed to last a lifetime. But to make sure that it does last a lifetime, you need to regularly keep the filter clean and unclogged.

The Cyclone technology that Dyson V8 employs is patented and has 15 sets of 15 racial cyclones set under two tiers. This gives the vacuum cleaner its suction power like no other and separates dirt and dust accordingly.


No matter what a product offers, price is always an important determining factor. Dyson absolute costs more than Dyson animal. Check the current prices below


Both versions are bagless and have a considerably bigger capacity for their canister compared to V6. Which means you can empty the canister fewer times and fewer times for the dust to fly around during emptying. Being bagless is also the feature that many users seek to improve the convenience of their vacuum cleaner. You also save from having to buy new bags for your vacuum cleaner.

The canister for Dyson V8 holds up to 540 ml or 0.14 gallons of dust and dirt. The canister is also equipped with the new ejection system. You don’t have to be close to the mouth of the canister which can potentially get dust on your hand. Simply pull up the lever that is on the upper side and push it back in place to lock the cyclone in place.

There is no full indicator on the canister, so you have to manually see and judge if the canister is full.


Dyson v8 Multi-surfaceDyson V8 is equipped with various tools that allow you to work it on the various surface. Dyson bragged its functionality that cleans from the ground up to the ceiling without leaving anything in between. Being an upright vacuum cleaner, Dyson comes with a roller brush that works well on both thin and thick carpet. Thanks to being lightweight, it’s possible to live this up to clean the ceiling and ventilation with the motorized brush.

For everything in between, you can detach the wand and turn your Dyson into a handheld vacuum cleaner. The tools range from cleaning crevices on furniture to vacuuming your carpeted stairs. Both Absolute and Animal versions come with a mini motorized brush for pet hairs (which takes up more battery life).

What about hard surfaces? That is where Dyson V8 Absolute comes as the better candidate. The version comes with a soft roller cleaner head that works best on surfaces like hardwood. This also marks the main differences between the two versions.

Dimension and weight

Dyson V8 is known to be a portable upright vacuum cleaner which is why it makes sense to clean the ceiling with this. The weight of the vacuum cleaner is 5.75 lbs. This covers the stiffness of the roller head that doesn’t flexibly turns. Thanks to being slim and lightweight, the control as well as carrying of this particular tool is not too demanding.

The vacuum cleaner is 49 inches tall. For most users, this is tall enough to allow you to do the vacuuming with one hand from the ground up to the ceiling. And if you haven’t noticed, this vacuum cleaner is designed to be used one-handed only. If you use both of your hands, you will have to bend yourself over and possibly hurting your back while doing it.

There are no differences between Dyson V8 Animal and Absolute in terms of dimension and weight.

Pros and Cons in a Nutshell

Pros and Cons in a NutshellDyson V8 pros:

  • Lightweight and versatile thanks to being 5.75 lbs and has a detachable handheld as well as a bunch of accessories to boot. Makes this a fitting vacuum cleaner to clean your ceiling as well.
  • Does better cleaning than its predecessor at 150% stronger suction compared to V6. Dyson digital motor V8 powers both versions. Max mode runs at 115 AW and is stronger than many, but without the expense of its portability.
  • (Only for Dyson V8 Absolute!) Cleans hard surfaces well with the soft roller cleaner head.

However, people are concerned about:

  • The wand gets scratched easily, possibly because the outer layer is not made of the best material.
  • The battery life could be better; runs for only 7 minutes at Max mode.
  • The product often ends up with issues on either the charging station or the battery, both of which not covered by the warranty.

Dyson V8 Absolute vs Animal : Who wins?

Dyson V8 Absolute vs Animal Who winsEverybody wins, mainly because they are basically the same vacuum cleaner. The two vacuum cleaners only differ because Dyson V8 Absolute comes with a soft roller cleaner head. This gives Dyson V8 the upper hand for cleaning hard surfaces, namely hardwood, ceramic or tiled floors.

Dyson V8 Animal, as the name suggests, is designed for homeowners with pets. The mini motorized tool picks up pet hair like nothing does and is the reason why people love V8. The same feature exists in Absolute. But this doesn’t mean that non-pet owners will not gain from it!

Mini motorized tool brush functions to capture hair and dirt on carpeted stairs, edges, and corners of sofas or even your bed for that deep cleaning.

The Absolute version is a better choice if you need a lot of cleaning done around hard surfaces regularly. The Animal is enough if you have a more carpeted area. On the other hand, if you suddenly need to do the cleaning on hard surfaces, then you can use a soft roller cleaner head.

Final Verdict

Here is our final conclusion. (Psst! TL;DR section here.)

  • Dyson V8 Absolute and Dyson V8 Animal’s only difference is the soft roller cleaner head that comes with Dyson V8 Absolute.
  • Dyson V8 series brags 150% suction power which is a proven under-scrutinized test. At 115 AW Max Mode, Dyson does an incredible job taking in all fine dust, hair, and dirt.
  • Dyson V8’s design and dimension make it a great company even for kids. Weighing at less than 6 lbs, you can use V8 to clean the ceiling as well and it’s not a problem at all. Remember, it’s intended to be one-handed and the handle is ergonomic or this purpose.
  • Dyson V8 battery life could use some improvements despite running for 40 minutes in normal mode. However, at max mode, it runs for only 7 minutes. In some cases, it might not be enough for some users to clean everything at one go.
  • Dyson V8 versatility is amazing. From an upright vacuum to a handheld, bedroom deep cleansing, you just need to use the right accessory for the job.

Dyson V8 of both versions are totally worth the price offered. The two versions of the Dyson V8 provide the same performance and suction power. The Absolute version does best on hard surfaces. The battery life could do better, however, you can do enough cleaning for 40 minutes most of the time. The test has shown that 7 minutes on max mode is enough to get thorough cleaning around important locations in the house.

The best thing of all is that you can buy Dyson V8 Animal first and get the additional accessory if you want the benefits of Dyson V8 Absolute!

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