How To Vacuum a Shag Rug? [Don’t Ruin Your Delicate Shag]

Nowadays many people use shag rug carpets to create a special feature to the room, especially if it is predominantly a hard floor. These carpets are unique in design and trendy indeed. But they need to be cleaned after a certain period.

It is not an easy task to clean a shag rug, that’s why people have a hard time deciding how it should be cleaned. Even though most people use vacuums to clean their house, people still often wonder “How To Vacuum a Shag Rug?”

Just like other household objects, a shag rug needs to be cleaned every once in a while. It’s obvious that shag carpets are not normal fabrics  that you can be washed in a washing machine.

The fact is, a shag rug is a carpet that needs to be cleaned with caution. Now it raises a crucial question, how to vacuum a shag rug?

How To Vacuum a Shag Rug?

How To Vacuum a Shag Rug“Can I vacuum a shag rug?” well, the answer to that question is, “Yes! but for that you need a vacuum cleaner for shag carpet with some special features.”

Vacuuming a shag rug is very effective. It cleans your shag carpet properly. But you need to vacuum your carpet very carefully.  In this article, we will discuss how we can vacuum a shag rug.

Always Be Careful

Be CarefulBefore vacuuming a shag rug, you have to keep in mind that Shag rugs are extremely exquisite. These rugs are filled with long fluffy fibers. There is a possibility that these fibers could get sucked up by your vacuum.

These could not only damage your whole carpet, but they could also be dangerous for your vacuum cleaner. Considering all these facts, you should be careful while vacuuming a shag rug.

You must be careful about using an upright vacuum to clean a rug, it would be best if you can use an upright vacuum that doesn’t have motorized rollers. You should be careful while using motorized rollers.

Use The Brush Attachment

Brush AttachmentThe Brush attachment of a vacuum could be a great option for you, if you want to vacuum your shag rug. You see, most vacuums have an extra brush attachment with them. This brush attachment doesn’t have any motorized rollers as normal vacuums do.

So all you need to do is, remove the motorized rollers and install the brush attachment to the vacuum. Now you are all set to vacuum your rug carpet.

Use Both Brush Attachment & Motorized Rollers Accordingly

Use both motorized rollers and brush attachment for vacuuming your rug. If you want to use both of them, you need to be extra careful.

Remember, vacuuming the edge of the shag rug is the most critical part. Shag rugs contain uneven and rough fibers at the edge which are very unkempt.

So when you are about to vacuum the edges use the brush attachment for this portion of the carpet. This brush attachment will clean the specks of dirt without damaging the edge by not sucking any of the fibers.

When you are about to clean the main part of a shag rug, now you can use the motorized rollers.

Move The Vacuum In a Definite Direction

Always try to vacuum the rug in a particular direction according to the rug’s design, try to avoid the zig-zag action while vacuuming.  The same goes for the edges of a shag rug.

When you are about to vacuum the edges with the brush attachment, try moving the brush from outside to inside direction.

A Shag rug is a delicate household material that enhances the interior beauty of a house. A fresh looking shag rug can make the interior of a house appealing and welcoming.

That’s why it needs to be cleaned and vacuumed every once in a while. If you vacuum your shag rug properly and keep it nice, your house would shine brightly with aesthetic beauty.

What is a Shag Rug?

 Shag RugDeep pile rugs which have long-haired soft fibers are called shag rugs. It is rather obvious that they are called a shag rug because they are have that shaggy and unkempt look.

Fibers are so soft and fluffy that it adds an extra warm and welcoming environment to any room.

The shag rug was first introduced in Greece. It was very popular among the royal families of the middle east and was at it’s peak of popularity in the 70’s and 80’s.

But somehow it lost its appeal in the 90s and the early  2000s, but it is regaining popularity nowadays.

How a Shag Rug Can Make Your Room Look Great?

Shag Rug Can Make Your Room Looks GreatPeople love to decorate their house in a classy way, although we all have different tastes.

But when it comes to home decor they always search for unique and interesting pieces to decorate their home.

An artistic home interior reflects your classic taste.  We know artistic home decorating pieces of decor are special to you, the owner, so would having these beautiful rugs fresh and new looking.

The way to do that is to have the best vacuum for shag rugs.


Cleaning of Shag Rug

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