How to Vacuum Intex Pool Without Skimmer [In-depth Guide]

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Intex Pool VacuumA Backyard pool adds a luxurious and aesthetic vibe to a house. People often dream about a lush green backyard lawn. Backyard lawn adds scenic beauty to a house. And with a sleek blue pool on the lawn, tops any synonym of beauty. That’s why many people have a fascination for backyard pools. But installing an inground backyard pool brings a lot of expenditure along with a lot of hardship.

To save people from that labor and cost, “Intex” brand came up with an idea of an above ground pool. Above ground pool is a bowl-shaped pool that can be installed on your lawn.

Intex is a brand which is famous for manufacturing outside aboveground pools. Intex has become an icon for this for about a significant time.  When it comes to choosing an above ground swimming pool, many pool purchasers will choose Intex instead of other above ground pools.

Intex above ground pool serves in a great way. But it has to be maintained properly. You need to clean the Intex pool regularly. But cleaning an Intex pool is a tough task. You can ease your hardship and save time by vacuuming it. Now the real question arises, is vacuuming an Intex pool really that easy?

You might change your opinion if I tell you that vacuuming an Intex pool is not that easy. You gotta be careful when you are vacuuming an Intex pool.  In this article, we are gonna enlighten you about, “How to vacuum Intex pool without skimmer”.

First things first, you have to keep in mind that you will need some tools to vacuum your Intex pool without a skimmer. You have to have these tools if you don’t have a skimmer.
How to Vacuum Intex Pool Without Skimmer

How to Vacuum Intex Pool Without Skimmer

Tools Required to Vacuum Intex pool

Tools Required to Vacuum Intex pool

  • Pool Vacuum Head: You will need a pool vacuum head to vacuum the pool. You have to check two things in a pool vacuum head
    1. The pool vacuum head fits properly to the end of pool-cleaning poles
    2. It has to be light-weighted as it needs to be floated on the pool water
  • Telescoping Pole: Telescoping poles connect to hooks, skimmers, and nets. You have to make sure that it allows you to reach the bottom of your pool
  • Vacuum Hose: You need to connect the hose to the vacuum system. The length of your hose should be enough to reach your pool.   
  • Skim Vacuum Plate: It will allow you to use your pool skimmer basket as opposed to the strainer. You will not need to turn on/off the pool pump.

Intex Pool Vacuuming Process

INTEX POOL VACUUMING PROCESSFirst, you need to prime the vacuum. To do that you need to remove the air in the system. It will make your vacuum strong. You need to attach the vacuum head to your telescoping pole submerge the pole into the pool. Push the other end against a jet to remove the air. The bubbles will come up and that’s how you would know that airs are coming out.

The vacuum system works in a certain way. If you attach the skimmer inlet to the vacuum, it will run itself. The skimmer inlet is powered by the suction of the pool system. Since your pool doesn’t include a skimmer your inlet will remain free. Now the open end of the vacuum hose needs to be attached to this inlet. And the vacuum head is installed on the other end.

After attaching and priming the vacuum, now you can finally start vacuuming your Intex pool. Move your vacuum around the pool and it will clean your pool. It will not require any skimmer. That’s how you can vacuum your Intex pool without a skimmer.

Are you worried about not having a skimmer in your Intex pool? Do you have confusion that mainstream pool vacuum would harm your intex pool that doesn’t have a skimmer? Then I must say, you absolutely no need to worry for your pool. so, being an expert I am assuring you this process will help you while you are using a intex pool vacuum cleaner to clean your pool. This will also work If your pool doesn’t have any skimmer.

Things To Keep in Mind

THINGS TO KEEP IN MINDYou need to keep the necessary tools close to you to follow this process.

  • Pool vacuum head should be light-weighted so that it could float on the surface of the water
  • The telescoping pole and vacuum hose needs to be long enough to cover the whole pool
  • Never forget to prime your vacuum. Get the air out from the vacuum properly. Otherwise, the whole process will not be fruitful
  • Never stop vacuum machine without moving it properly to every corner of the pool
  • And finally, after you are done with vacuuming don’t forget to clean the vacuum. If you don’t clean the vacuum machine and other tools. Your vacuum machine will not perform properly. Plus there are pool chemicals in your pool that may harm your pieces of equipment. So to save your tools from the chemicals you need to clean them properly.

Final Thoughts

Skimmers are a great feature for any pool. But if your pool doesn’t have any skimmer, you have nothing to worry about. You can vacuum your pool without skimmers.

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