iRobot Roomba 650 vs 655 [Pros And Cons] in 2024

AiRobot often releases newer models of their existing series by adding incremental upgrades to see which one works best. Roomba 650 vs 655 are prime examples of that, featuring similar designs but with Roomba 650 being so popular among customers considering its price range, can 655 really top it off? Is the extra cost worth the product you get?

We are reviewing particularly the performance, maintenance cost, cleaning capabilities and ultimately, the advantages and disadvantages between the two. On the sideline, we’ll also talk about the designs and which one you should get depending on your needs.

Roomba 650 vs 655: Setup, Performance and More

Roomba 650 vs. 655

1. Dimensions & Features

Roomba 650

Roomba 650 DimensionsThe Roomba 650 features iAdapt Navigation that helps it navigate around the house swiftly and efficiently. The iAdapt Navigation is a full suite of sensors that will prevent the robot from bumping in the same area repeatedly. It also features the 3-Stage Cleaning System which is to agitate, brush, and perform suction on the floors. Also equipped with Dirt Detection that helps it to go over spots that need more cleaning.

It can also be scheduled to perform automatic cleaning for up to 7 times a week. After cleaning, the Roomba is also equipped for Automatic Docking. The Roomba 650 also comes with a Dual Mode Virtual Wall that will keep the Roomba 650 out of areas it’s not supposed to enter. The Roomba 650 also adjusts itself to different surfaces from carpet, tile, hardwood, laminate, and more.

Roomba 650 has a dimension of 13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 inches and weighs 7.9 pounds. The Li-ion battery allows it to have a runtime of a full hour.

Upon purchasing the item, you will receive:

  • The Roomba 650
  • The Home Base for your Roomba to dock
  • A Dual Mode Virtual Wall
  • And one Aerovac Filter

Roomba 655

Roomba 655 DimensionsThe 655 edition is an upgraded model of the Roomba 650. We’ll kick it off with the iAdapt Navigation Technology that helps the robot navigates through your constantly changing environment. Note that the company mentions the Roomba supposedly has a better navigation system. It also has an AeroVac Vacuum System which removes dirt, pet hair, and dust effectively.

It is part of the 3-Stage Cleaning System which agitates, brushes, and sucks dust and debris from the surface. The unit is also equipped with Dirt Detection technology and can be scheduled for up to 7 times cleaning per week.

The dimension of the Roomba 655 is 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.6 inches, the exact same size to the 650 models. It also weighs 7.9 pounds. The battery has also been enhanced for longer cleaning time before docking.

When you buy the Roomba 655, it comes with more types of brushes for different types of surfaces. Here’s what in the box:

  • The Roomba 655
  • An Air Filter
  • A Bristle Brush
  • A Beater Brush
  • An Edge Sweeper Brush
  • Two Cleaning Tools
  • The Home Base for the Roomba to dock
  • And one Dual-Mode Virtual Wall

2. Cleaning Performances

Roomba 650 vs 655 Cleaning Performances

Roomba 650

The Roomba 650 is one of the most popular models, although it is a bit old. However, the model is so popular, especially for pet owners. That is thanks to the model’s decent power in sucking out dust, hair and debris from the floor.

However, the Roomba 650 comes with only one traditional flat brush and the model relies on only this and its sensors to clean through all surfaces. It does have spinning edge brushes to pick up dust from corners.

It doesn’t come with the range of brushes 655 comes with, so whether it’s dust or hair that you’re mostly cleaning, the unit will force its way through. Sometimes, it can frustrate users as untangling pet hair from the brush is torture. Unless you untangle them as often as possible, your robot won’t be cleaning at all and simply drains your battery away.

The bin is not terrific, but the size is actually good enough that you can empty it one to every few days, depending on the traffic of the area being cleaned. The model comes with two brushes that agitate and picks up dust better than those with only one brush.

Roomba 655

The 655 model is a renewed and upgraded compared to the 650. The main difference this particular model shows is how it comes with more types of brushes, especially one very suitable for pet hair compared to the 650 models. The rubberized brush is especially great for picking up hair since it’s so much easier to untangle compared to the usual brush.

The Roomba 655 also features NiCad XLife that lets it run much longer than 650. This means longer time for a single run and it won’t dock back for a while. The Roomba 655 does better in sucking our dirt and dust compared to 650. In terms of Dirt Detection and navigating, it’s slightly better than 650. Roomba 655 occasionally misses obvious dirty spots.

Roomba 650 vs 655: Advantages and Disadvantages Overview

Both models come assembled, so all you need to do is turn on the Roomba 650 and 655 to start cleaning your house. They also come with a user manual if you find it complicated to operate and we highly recommend you read the manual.

Avoid operating the Roomba if you’re not sure with what you should do to make it easier to consult with the support team to consult on your problem.

Both Roombas feature similar designs with Roomba 655 released in all new grey color. There is a round button in the middle that reads ‘Clean’ to kick start the robot vacuum cleaner. A lock button is also available right below the ‘Clean’ button. If you want to schedule the robot to work when you’re not home, both models can be scheduled for up to 7 times a week. After they’re done, they’ll automatically dock to charge to full and will run again on their next schedule.

How are Roomba 650 and 655 Similar

importanceIt’s time to admit that both models have more similarities than differences. First of all, both are designed very similar with the only difference in color. Roomba 650 comes in sleek black color while Roomba 655 comes in cool gray color.

Both have the iAdapt Navigation Technology System that allows them to map out the house area even as it’s changing. They also rely on 3-Stage Cleaning System that begins with agitating, brushing and finally sucking that persistent dirt and hair from the floors. Each one comes with a Dual Mode Virtual Wall that keeps your Roomba out of rooms or areas.

Both also come with a scheduling feature that allows you to set cleaning itinerary up to 7 times a week. Both come with a Home Base and Automatic Docking feature, so you don’t have to find the robot when it runs out of battery. It’ll find its way to home on its own. They also prevent accidental falling from edges such as the staircase.

Unfortunately, despite the supposedly better 655 models, it is not doing as great as 650 when it comes to navigating. Both 650 and 655 have the tendencies to get stuck under furniture, although it’s great that they have the exact same dimensions that allow them to go under and vacuum all that dust. Roomba 655 models have much fewer reports on getting stuck. Both models will also leave marks on baseboards since it agitates dust.

Both units come with a 1-year-warranty which is one good thing (considering that both also receives similar complaints of ‘not working’ within a year of usage).

How are Roomba 650 and 655 Different

Pros and Cons in a Nutshell

Roomba 650 excels in terms of being adaptive to multiple surfaces without having to switch brushes. That said, it does poorly in terms of transitioning to rugs as it tends to either go around them or stop and consider them as obstacles. Roomba 650, however, only have one traditional flat brush while 655 comes with dual brushes and on top of that, three additional brushes.


There are people who mention that 655 has less tendency to get stuck under furniture, but in fact, it still happens, but we don’t have the resources to test out how many out of a hundred to give you the percentage.

They also go over the same spot repeatedly and missing out dirty locations every now and then. That means a drained battery with the potential to get more job done if it had better navigation.

They are not the best robot vacuum cleaners to date, but if you consider the affordable price both are available at, they perform pretty well. They have the basic settings and features most people need picks up dust from corners and do go over places repeatedly (both wanted and unwanted) to make sure that dirt and dust are picked up. All you need to do is empty the bin every 1-3 days depending on the area it’s cleaning.

Roomba 655 cleans better than 650

But this, by no means, means it navigates better. It, sometimes, loses its way, but once it passes through, it picks up more dirt and dust compared to Roomba 650.

Battery life could be better with Roomba 655 having longer runtime compared to 650. Both also do well in finding their way back to the home base, as long as you install them according to the instructions.

Roomba 650 vs 655: Which You Should Get one

WhyThere is nothing more tedious than picking up after pet hair one day after another. It’s tedious, but you have no choice unless you are willing to let your house be overrun with dog or cat hairs every day.

Roomba 600 series of earlier models are not perfect and may even come with some annoyances, but they are now offered at affordable prices. They are also great for pet owners since you can ditch vacuuming for hours and focus on other things instead.

Roomba 655 is more suitable for pet owners

thanks to its rubberized brush that makes it easy to untangle. While it does have lower battery life, we always suggest people prioritize performance over price when the products are within your budget.

On the other hand, Roomba 650

Works like magic when it comes to delivering what it promises. We can say this because you don’t have to bother switching brushes – just turn it on and set your wall to keep it away from places you don’t want to be cleaned. Both models come with double brushes which works great at sucking up dirt and dust in one run.

Roomba 650 easily beats 655

When it comes to performance x price. Roomba 655 has shown very little improvements from the previous models while the rest about it remains the same. The 655 has a bigger battery and more brushes, but that’s it and you probably cannot be bothered to keep changing the brushes every now and then. Both models also come with a cleaning tool that makes it easy to pull out hair from the brushes.


Both models are so similar that the first question you probably asked was ‘what is the difference?’ And yep, that was the question we answered. They don’t have many differences, except for the extra brushes Roomba 655 comes with and the longer battery life. Both have the same spinning edge brush, double inner brushes, and Dirt Detection feature.

They even come with the same accessories (except for the extra brushes) and navigate through the house nicely. Do remember that they still need to know their way around upon the first activation, but after that, both models proof to do great most of the time. Roomba 650 seems to have more tendencies to get stuck under furniture compared to 655.

When it comes to price and performance-wise, both models deliver what they promise. Although, we lean more towards the Roomba 650 due to the cheaper price and better support.

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