Miele Complete C3 Marin Review and Buying Guide

The Miele Complete C3 Marin canister vacuum is one of the best vacuums you can buy. The Miele vacuum features super-quiet cleaning with a built-in HEPA filter, motorized brush head, automatic suction control, and additional tools. Suppose you’re looking for a canister style vacuum that performs outstandingly on any hardwood floor or carpeted flooring. In that case, the Miele Marin is worthy of consideration.

The Miele Marin canister vacuum cleaner is a top-of-the-range model in the Complete C3 range. Other Miele C3 vacuums include the ‘Complete C3 Brilliant,’ ‘C3 Alize PowerLine,’ ‘C3 Cat & Dog Vacuum,’ ‘Complete C3 Kona,’ ‘Miele Soft Carpet C3 Vacuum,’ and the affordable ‘Complete C3 Calima.’

  • What makes the C3 Marin Canister Vacuum the top choice among the many canister vacuum models on the market?
  • Which things sets the Marin vac apart from other Miele canister vacuums?
  • What kind of cleaning power can you expect if you buy the Miele Complete C3 Marin?

You will find the answer to these questions and more in this guide for the Miele Complete C3 Marin.

Complete C3 Marin Vacuum Specifications

Complete C3 Marin VacuumThe Miele Complete C3 Marin superior floor and upholstery cleaning is thanks to the powerful 1,200W motor. The Electro Premium brush and wide brush roll mean you spend less time cleaning medium to deep-pile carpets. Additionally, the LED light on the electro brush roller illuminates floors.

The Marin C3 also features automatic suction control. This function makes it easy to switch between smooth surfaces and hardwood floors or tiled floors. The savvy, self-adjusting automatic setting increases and decreases suction as you move between different types of flooring.

Also included with the Miele canister vacuum is a range of handy tools for vacuuming all flooring types and surfaces. The Parquet Twister floor tool provides 180-degree rotation and makes it easy to clean delicate surfaces. Additionally, there is a crevice tool, upholstery tool, and dusting brush. These accessories are kept in the compact onboard tool storage compartment.

As with all Miele Vacuums, the Marin C3 has a HEPA AirClean filtration system. This filter prevents 99.9% of dust particles and allergens from escaping back into the air.

Additional specifications of the Miele C3 Marin Complete vacuum include the following:

  • 1,200-W Miele-made Vortex motor
  • Dimensions: 19.52 x 11.18 x 8.94 inches
  • Weight: 19.4 lbs.
  • AirClean Sealed System
  • Filter bag volume is 4.5 liters
  • The power source is corded electric
  • Marine Blue color
  • 36 feet operating radius
  • Six-speed suction settings and foot switch controls
  • Recommended for low to deep pile carpeting, hardwood floors, tiled floors

Miele C3 Marin

In-depth Review of the Miele C3 Marin Vacuum Canister Vacuum Cleaner

What is it like to use the Miele Marin canister vacuum for carpet cleaning? The first thing you notice is the sleek, modern design. Switching on the vacuum, you’ll be surprised at how quiet it is. However, you’ll soon find out that the low-noise operation doesn’t affect the vacuum’s cleaning ability.

One of the impressive features of the Marin C3 is the powerful suction. When moving from hardwoods to carpeting, there is no loss of suction. The vacuum automatically increases suction on solid, smooth flooring and decreases power on soft carpets and rugs. You can also use the foot switch to get the exact suction power you require quickly.

Many find that the swivel flooring attachments—the motorized brush head and parquet twister floor head—make cleaning easy. The 180-degree motion allows you to clean in tight spaces. Even though it has fantastic suction power, the vacuum operates incredibly quietly.

One of the reasons many people buy Miele vacuums is due to the superb filtration system. All vacuums in the C3 range, including Marin, have the Miele HEPA AirClean sealed system. This is one of the best that we have come across. This high-quality allergy filter makes the Marin one of the best vacuums for removing allergens from the air—ideal for any allergy sufferer.

Miele C3 Marin Vacuum Canister

Are there any Negatives to Consider

There are a few drawbacks of this Miele vacuum that are good to consider before buying this model. For example, some users find it to be relatively heavy. The sturdy German-made vacuum weighs in at around 23 pounds. So, this is something to think about if you need to vacuum stairs.

Also, the position of the foot switches can make it easy to mix up the one-touch automatic rewind and the power switch. It may seem like an insignificant drawback, but it seems to frustrate some users. It’s also worth noting that top performance comes at a cost.

Pros and Cons of Miele C3 Marin Canister

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Miele C3 Marin vacuum?


  • One of the most powerful motors on a canister vacuum
  • Includes electrically-driven carpet tool and parquet vacuum head
  • Swivel steering
  • Telescopic, stainless steel wand
  • Effective for cleaning cat and dog hair
  • Built-in HEPA filter
  • Quiet vacuum compared to other cheaper vacuums
  • Large dust bin capacity and non-spill dust bag
  • Long electrical cord (21 feet) giving a cleaning radius of 36 feet
  • Suitable for heavy-duty vacuuming
  • Customer reviews consistently rate the Marin as exceptional
  • Three-year warranty


  • Expensive price tag
  • It can be heavy to carry when cleaning stairs
  • It doesn’t contain a charcoal filter or motorized upholstery tool for pet dander
  • Dust bags are expensive to buy

Reasons to Buy Miele Complete C3 Marin Canister Vacuum

There are many compelling reasons to buy the Marin Complete C3 model. If anyone in your household suffers from allergies, then the HEPA AirClean system is ideal. You’ll find that the air is cleaner after vacuuming the house. Also, the AirClean 3D efficiency dust bag means that the risks of spillage when emptying the vacuum are minimal.

Another reason to consider the Miele C3 Marin is that it’s suitable for all floor types and upholstery. The powerful suction automatically adjusts depending on hardwood floors or soft rugs, or carpeting. This model is recommended for the following floor types:

  • Hard floors — parquet, tiled floors, hardwood floors
  • Low-pile carpeting
  • Medium-pile carpeting
  • High pile carpeting

The Complete C3 Marin PowerLine Compared to Other Miele Canister Vacuums

The Complete C3 Marin by Miele compares well to other canister vacuums in the C3 range. The purchase price is lower than the “Complete C3 Brilliant” and has many of the same features and tools. However, you don’t get the illuminated ergonomic handle with the six power controls. But for most people, this is not a significant factor.

The main difference between the C3 Marin and the Miele “C3 Cat & Dog” vacuum is the activated charcoal filter to remove pet odors. Also, there is no turbobrush with the Marin model. For pet owners, the C3 Marin is still a good choice if you don’t need the pet-hair tool. And, both Miele vacuums do a great job of removing pet hair and dander from hard and soft surfaces.

Apart from the “Complete C3 Brilliant” vacuum and the “C3 Alize,” the Complete C3 Marin is the only one with automatic power controls and controls via the foot switch.

Miele C3 Marin

Miele C3 Marin — In Conclusion

If you have lots of carpeting in your home, the Miele Complete C3 Marin is one of the best canister models you can buy. The canister vacuum has all the power of upright vacuums but is easier to maneuver. Its powerful suction and Electro floor brush are ideal for deep cleaning carpets, and the Parquet twisting floor tool is perfect for hard surfaces.

Despite its high price tag, the Miele Complete C3 Marin is an excellent household cleaning tool guaranteed to perform for many years without any problems.