Neato Botvac D80 vs D85: In-depth Comparison Guide For 2023

If you think that robot vacuum is a new addition to the home appliance technology, then you are wrong. Robot vacuums have been in the market for the last decade and people are growing fond of them day by day. Robot vacuums make life much easier. You will not have to put physical effort to clean your house anymore once you buy a robot vacuum cleaner.

In this article, we will review and discuss comparison of the two models – Neato Botvac D80 vs D85. We will also focus on the several features these two vacuums have in common.

There are many robot vacuum manufacturers in the market who are tirelessly innovating and upgrading their product lines. iRobot Roomba is among those high end brands that everyone knows about.

But there is another brand that matches the versatility and inattentiveness of Roomba. This brand is called “Neato”. They have already gained popularity with their botvac series. Now they have launched several robot vacuums in the market to show their uniqueness.


Neato Botvac

Neato Botvac D80 & D85 both have premium features that rank them among the most luxurious home appliances. But these two robot vacuum cleaners have many features in common. They even look the same at first glance. That is why; customers often fall into dilemma of choosing the better one. In this article, we will try to make everything simple for you as much as possible.

But first, let’s take a glance at the comparison chart of Neato Botvac D80 vs D85.

Neato Botvac D80 vs D85 : Head to Head Comparison

Neato Botvac D80
Neato Botvac D85
Neato Botvac D80Neato Botvac D85
13.2” x 12.7” x 3.9”12.64” x 13.19” x 3.94”
Cleaning Area
Up to 3000 square feetUp to 3000 square feet
Item weight
9 pounds9 pounds
Auto-charge feature
Boundary markers
Scheduling program
Dirt cup size
Extra largeExtra large
Check hereCheck here

In-depth Comparison –Neato Botvac D80 vs D85

What Do They Have in Common?

Neato Botvac D80 vs D85 in-depthAs we have mentioned earlier, D80 & D85 – both look very similar. They incorporate all the high end features a robot vacuum should have.

First, we will explain all the features they have in common. So, bear with us!

Unique D-shaped Design

There are many circular robot vacuums. But none of them are as good as either of the two vacuum cleaners. Both Neato BotVac  D80 and D85 are D-shaped. That’s why it is easier for them to clean the house. They can reach deep into the corners and edges of the floor where dirt usually pile up.

LaserSmart Technology

Neato’s exclusive LaserSmart technology is one of the key features that make both of the vacuum cleaners the best among all. This patented navigation technology allows these vacuum cleaners to scan the whole room and identify obstacles. By doing so, they map the best route for vacuuming.

SpinFlow Power Clean

Most of the customers’ major concern is whether a robot vacuum is as good as an upright vacuum – in terms of suction capability. Thanks to SpinFlow Power Clean, both the vacuums deliver strong suction. Using precision brushes, they can efficiently remove dirt and pet hair.

CornerClever Technology

This feature is available in both D80 and D85 models. Other robot vacuums are typically round. That is why, they are unable to efficiently pick up dirt and hair from the corners of the room. But since, these two vacuum cleaners are d-shaped, they are capable of doing so. In that way, these vacuum cleaners offer maximum dirt and hair pick up.

Cleaning Mode

When you think about it – you always don’t need powerful suction. It is not efficient and can drain your battery quickly. Keeping that in mind, Botvac models introduced two cleaning modes – Eco mode and Turbo mode. Eco mode is for light cleanup and turbo mode is for intense cleaning performance. That is why, eco mode uses the motor moderately to save energy.

Use of Specialized brushes

A unique spiral blade brush, and a combo brush – these are the two things available in both D80 and D85 models. They are suitable for all types of floors. They were designed specifically to remove any kind of hair. Many people cannot stand the idea of tolerating noises made by conventional vacuum cleaners. Both D80 and D85 models will deliver a quieter experience regarding this matter.


Robotic vacuums are smart devices. The greatest advantage such vacuum cleaners have is the maneuverability. Using LaserSmart technology, botvac vacuum cleaners automatically operates within the house. You can do whatever you want (even sleep) and leave the rest up to the vacuum cleaners.

AutoReturn Charging and Resume

To be honest, this AutoRetun Charging feature caught our attention the most. Both D80 and D85 models cam cover up to 3000 square feet area per charge. Let us explain how their charging system works:

These two robotic vacuums can monitor their power level. If the battery is low, the vacuum will automatically return to its docking station to be fully charged. And one it’s fully charged, it will get back to the old route to complete the unfinished task.


Since robot vacuums are portable, they are powered by rechargeable batteries. Over the years, Neato has upgraded their battery in their latest models every time. Two types of batteries are found in Botvac models – NiMH and Li-Ion. D80 and D85 both use Li-Ion batteries.

Auto-Schedule Cleaning

You can schedule a time for the vacuum cleaner to operate in Botvac D80 and D85. There is a display screen and control in the vacuum cleaner. You can set the schedule either for a quick spot-clean or a thorough multi-room clean with the push of a button. The scheduled Neato Robotics D80 and D85 models will provide you effortless cleaning, that’s for sure.

Extra Large Bin

Normally, the circular vacuums do not have a large dust holding capacity, but D80 and D85 models do. Their extra-large, bag-less 0.7-liter dust cups are actually a combination of innovativeness and flexibility. The dirt cup is easy-to-empty. The bin is mounted on top of the vacuum. You can just lift the bin up and clean it. It is actually less troublesome if you think about it. You won’t have to open it sideways. Therefore, there is no chance of dirt falling out.

Advanced Filtration

The Neato Robotics Botvac D-Series models D80 and D85 feature unique jumbo filters in them. Although the filters are not HEPA filters, they are still more efficient at capturing allergens than the previous botvac models. People with allergy do not need to worry because this latest filtration system can filter out even the tiniest particles as small as 0.3 microns, so that your air stays breathable and you stay healthy.

What are the accessories?

Every vacuum cleaner comes with more than one extra tool to facilitate the cleaning experience. Botvac D series models are no different than that. D80 and D85 both models feature some special things such as specialized brushes and charging dock. Here we have listed the tools that come with these 2 models –



Integrated Charging Dock



Power Cord



Helix Brush



Combo Brush

1 (installed)

1 (installed)

Side Brush



High Performance Filters

1 installed

1 installed, 2 extra

Combo brush is probably the best feature of D80 and D85 models. Combo brush works by combining the power of blades and bristles. That way, it can easily pick up dirt, pet hair and can operate on all types of floors.

Boundary Markers

This is an interesting feature of Botvac Robot Vacuums. This new technology allows the user to set a limit for the robot to operate. That way, the robot vacuum does not cross the marked area while cleaning.

The problem here is that, Neato Botvac models use physical boundaries which can often be hard to set up.

Neato Genuine Accessories

In order to get the most out of your robot vacuum, always use the genuine accessories provided by Neato. Accessories bought from local vendors can damage your vacuum cleaner.

Also, charge your robot vacuum at night fully before using it for the first time. This will ensure the longevity of your vacuum cleaner.

What are the differences: Neato Botvac D80 vs D85

Neato Botvac D80 vs D85Botvac D80 and D85 both are amazing robot vacuums. From the above discussion, it should be clear by now that they have a lot of similarities. But D85 model came with some improved features that make it far superior than D80.

D-series models gained popularity with the help of their large filters. These filters are not as good as HEPA filters, but they are quite efficient. D80 and D85 both feature these filters. What sets them apart is the fact that D80 model comes with only 1 filter. But D85 model is equipped with 3 high performance filters. Therefore, D85 is much more efficient in capturing small particles.

Also, the battery life of D85 is longer than the D80 model. D80 model has the AutoReturn feature but that is a bit erroneous. With D85, Neato solved that problem.

Which One Should I Buy – D80 or D85?

How to decideBy now, you know very well that both the models feature almost the same technologies. But D85 has 2 additional filters included in them. Also the battery performance is better in D85.

If you need additional filters for high-performance and want your robot vacuum to operate for longer time, you should go for D85. But if you think that you will be happy with the previous version, then you can buy the D80 model.

Our personal opinion is that you go for D85. It has improved battery life and boundary marker and is not a lot more expensive than the D80 model. With D85, you will get all the latest improvements.

What to Look for in a Robot Vacuum

Things to ConsiderSince robot vacuums are quite different than any vacuum in the market, you should put a lot of thoughts before making the purchase decisions. To help you out, we have gathered some points that you should consider

  • User-Friendly Controls: Since it is an electric device, there are a lot of technicalities involved in this – even more than the other vacuum cleaners. If there is no digital interface, operating one can be quite troublesome. Luckily, Neato Botvac vacuum cleaners have that.
  • Stair Detection: Your robot vacuum should be smart enough to detect stairs. It is important because obviously you don’t want your expensive vacuum cleaner to fall down the stairs. Stair detection feature is common in most models. It helps the vacuum detect the edge of a surface and prevents falling.
  • Programmable timer: This is one of the important features you should look for in a robot vacuum. If you are going to spend a handful of money in one vacuum cleaner, you should expect it to be smart enough to do its job. This feature lets you set a cleaning time through an app or set on the device manually. That way, whether you’re asleep or at work, your vacuum cleaner will do the job on time.

Final Thoughts- Neato Botvac D80 vs D85

Neato is best known for its user friendly design and innovative technologies. For these reasons, are able to compete with market leaders such as Roomba.

Both D80 and D85 have almost identical features. What sets them apart is the number of filters included and the battery experience.

Both D80 and D85 models are wonderful devices. They are quite efficient in picking up dirt and pet hair. They both work well on all types of floors. Their unique D-shaped design attracts a lot of customers. But in many cases D80 was not competent enough. That’s why; Neato launched the new D85 model.

Neato D85 is far superior to D80 model is terms of highly efficient filter and advanced technologies. The number of features remains the same, but those features were improved in the D85 model. The new model has quiet operation, improved battery life and easier navigation. Even after all that, the prices of the two models don’t differ much. That is why, Neato Botvac D85 robot vacuum seems the better choice for customers.

But then again, the final choice rests on your requirements and budget.

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