Roomba 650 Vs 770: Reviews And Comparison Guide

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Adding a robot vacuum to help with your household chore means that you have less swiping to worry about and more time for yourself. iRobot is a company that has dedicated years of research and development into manufacturing the best robot vacuum cleaners for home.

Needless to say, robot vacuums have gone through a lot of reviews and insults. But with years of research that fails and succeeded, iRobot managed through. From falling down the stair to missing the corners, nowadays, it is no easy feat to find the weaknesses of a robot vacuum.

This time, we’re going to compare the Roomba 650 and Roomba 770. One is a predecessor and the other has a seemingly more expensive price tag. Who will win this showdown?

Roomba 650 Vs 770

iRobot Roomba 650 Review

Roomba 650 Review

Roomba 650 has a sleek black design that makes you look, techie. It has this ‘fresh, new technology’ vibe that will make anyone who first laid their eyes on it attracted. So, let’s just say that appearance-wise, it’s awesome. iRobot did a great job in not making their robot vacuums look like another junk.

What You Like About Roomba 650:

  • iAdapt Navigation helps keep the robot away from falling down the stairs and adapt to the changes that happen in your house. This keeps the robot working effectively and efficiently.
  • 3-Stage Cleaning System that can agitate, brush and suck on floors. The brush has been made to be versatile on multiple types of floors such as carpet, tile, & hardwood and handle corners well.
  • You can create up to 7 schedules for the robot or instantly put it to work by pressing CLEAN.
  • Dimension is 13.4 x 3.6 inches. 3.6-inch height is good enough to allow the robot vacuum to slip through below furniture and kick boards.
  • Automatically docks itself to recharge.


  • Unnecessarily does repetitive cleaning on a certain sector, causing to lose batteries before it gets to clean other parts.
  • Doesn’t have a HEPA filter, so it might suck animal hair well, but not dealing with fine dust and prevents allergy. Roomba 650 filter is AeroVac.
  • Is now much more expensive.
  • Can make scratches on baseboards.

iRobot Roomba 770 Review

Roomba 770 Review

Roomba 770 is like an upgraded version of 650, but it priced more expensive on release. That’s a given because who won’t pay a few more dollars for a better home cleaning appliance? Appearance wise, it is still sleek with visible D-shape design in the mid. You can see the buttons are in a straight line and

But that’s not all and it’s been quite a while since it’s out in the market. Roomba has also received a lot of positive reviews and love.

What You Like About Roomba 770:

  • iAdapt Navigation helps keep the robot away from falling down the stairs and adapt to the changes that happen in your house. This keeps the robot working effectively and efficiently.
  • 3-Stage Cleaning System that can agitate, brush and suck on floors. The brush has been made to be versatile on multiple types of floors such as carpet, tile, & hardwood and handle corners well. 770 is equipped with the Dirt Detect Series II which comes with an optical sensor that helps detect additional debris and clean up 98% of them.
  • You can create up to 7 schedules for the robot or instantly put it to work by pressing CLEAN. Comes with a remote control as well.
  • Dimension is 13.9 x 3.4 inches. Very short and will fit under a lot of hidden space.
  • Dual HEPA filters to keep fine dust and allergen from flying around the house as it works.
  • Automatically docks itself to recharge.


  • Seems to be a little louder than Roomba 650.
  • Nothing else!

Comparison Guide Between Roomba 650 Vs 770

Between Roomba 650 and 770, the comparison just has made it pretty clear which one is better.


Roomba 650 vs 770 Performance
Roomba 770 wins performance wise and is much better at picking up dirt, dust, and hair without wasting too much time. Unlike Roomba 650 that might need a little tinkering on the system.

Despite the fact that we have been pointing out on this particular weakness, it doesn’t necessarily mean that 650 is bad. No. It is still a good robot vacuum cleaner that gets the work done fairly good enough and is good for owners who don’t own pets. It’s also good if your house does not have a lot of transitions of different flooring types.

Cleaning Abilities:

Roomba Cleaning

Roomba 770 excels in many things, starting from having a HEPA filter that prevents fine dust and allergen from going through. The problem with strong suction appliances is that they tend to get dust blown up around the room and you can’t even see it. Many people suffer allergic reactions to this, so HEPA filter is a must for you who don’t want to be sneezing all the time when the robot is on.

The HEPA filter makes Roomba 770 an excellent choice for pet owners, although both do good jobs at getting rid of pet hair. Both have their dust bin full at the time they are done with their work!

When talking about transitioning, Roomba 770 does a better job at that. There are cases where customers complain about their 650 not being able to clean a room with a rug that only ¼ inch high. While the full information is not disclosed, there are also customers who talk about having no problem using it on carpets that are up to one inch thick.


Price is also an important factor. 770 beats 650 at almost every part. This is the part where 650 wins in a sense. I am telling in a sense because when you count what you get in term of price paid, 770 wins again. To check the prices, check the buttons below.


Getting the Roomba 770 seems to be the obvious option to go with. It has a very smart design with easy to use buttons. Roomba 770 also comes with a remote control which allows you to turn it on without going close to the robot. It is also better at keeping the perimeter clean and above all, it is not priced that differently from the 650 model.


Roomba Self chargingSelf-charging and long lasting battery makes Roomba 770 better than Roomba 650. With a single charge, Roomba 770 can run 70 mins. But on the other hand, Roomba 650 only run for 50 to 60 mins maximum. Also, Roomba 770 is able to recharge by itself where Roomba 650 is unable.


The only thing the 770 loses in is that it has a six-month warranty while 650 has a one-year warranty.

Why Roomba 770 is Better then Roomba 650?

WhyIf we are to compare side by side, Roomba 770 wins. Let’s see why.

  • Navigation System: Roomba 770 comes with better iAdapt Navigation System. It doesn’t go through the same place over and over again (although we should praise how that really makes sure the area is clean). This saves a lot of power and makes sure that your robot gets its job done before it’s docked in. Whereas Roomba 650 has the problem of getting stuck in an area.
  • Built-in Virtual Wall: Both robots have a built-in virtual wall, but Roomba 770 has two, so you can mark more areas.
  • Size: Dimension-wise, both products are similar and almost identical. With only a few millimeters in different, Roomba 770 is 0.2 inches shorter, but Roomba 650 is 0.5 inches smaller. Aside from that, both will do great when cleaning under kick boards or other small areas.
  • Dirt Detect Technology: Both robots are equipped with Dirt Detect but Roomba 770 is equipped with Series II. Aside from the 3-stage cleaning process they both have, Roomba 770 does a better job at detecting debris and making sure no stone left unturned. That is how Roomba 770 boasts the ability to clean up to 98% of dirt and dust.
  • Tangle Free: Well, Roomba 650 does get tangled up from time to time, with 50:50 chance of avoiding or accidentally sucking in cords. Roomba 770 does do a better job at avoiding this, but it may still get tangled up. So, in comparison, you will still need to take them out of the way to prevent them from getting sucked by the robot vacuum.
  • Noise: The noise that a robot vacuum makes can really be distracting and scare your pets away. That is how we’d define the noise that Roomba 650 makes. It’s loud, no other way around that and a solution that we find interesting is by attaching a rubber door weather stripping. It won’t get in the way of the Roomba as it gets docked back.


Typically, in comparisons, each product has its own ups and downs and that’s what makes making a choice hard. We help our readers by pointing out the strengths of this product and why anyone would need it. Then, we compare it with the other and point out why other users might prefer this one. Well, this time, we could easily see which one is the better overall choice.

Roomba 770 was designed with fewer flaws that 650 possess. It has better dirt detection technology that cleans 98% debris and less of noise to make. 770 is also equipped with a fancy remote control, so you don’t have to get up of your seat to turn it on. Roomba 770 is also equipped with a HEPA filter that makes cleaning less of a mess.

On the other hand, AeroVac from 650 is enough for those of you who don’t fine vacuuming that much of a problem. It is actually pretty good in cleaning small area by repetitively going through those sections and keep the floor squeaky clean. Basically, a simple man without a pet will find using 650 to be good enough.

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Now, what are you thinking right now? Decided yet? which one is your pick?

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