Roomba 805 Vs 880: A Complete Comparison Guide With Review

The battle of finding the smartest, most effective, and pet-friendly robot vacuum continues. Among so many competitors, iRobot Roomba makes some of the best robot vacuum cleaners among other automated cleaning robots. They have been constantly coming up with new technology for their robot to enhance the user’s experience and reduce the common issues people have with robot vacuum cleaners.

And this time, we’d love to compare Roomba 805 against Roomba 880, two very capable automated home cleaners. The differences they have simply mean that they are meant for different users and you will be able to see where you’ll fit under these two items.

We’ll begin by going through the features of each product and proceed with comparisons. Afterward, there will be a comparison that will also help users see which one will serve more benefits.

Features and specifications of Roomba 805

Both products came out under the same 800s series with Roomba an earlier version compared to 880. The feature of 805 can be said to represent what the developers have in mind when they start with the 800s series.


  • Roomba 805 is 6 inches high or about 9.2 cm.
  • Roomba 805 has about an hour of runtime on a full charge according to the packaging, however, depending on usage, it can last longer and possibly up to 100 minutes before you need to dock it back.
  • Comes with a charging station as well as dual wall barriers. The manufacturer also includes an extra filter for your first change as well as 4 AA batteries.

Roomba 805 comes with everything you need to operate when the package arrives, so there is no need to purchase extra equipment. In fact, you can immediately run it after plugging in the batteries.

And here are some main features worth noting about the Roomba 805:

  • iAdapt Navigation gives robot vacuum cleaners their ability to detect different areas and obstacles in front of his. This lets the robot to navigate through furnitures, such as the dining table and chairs, as well as along the walls. The robot vacuum is equipped with sensors that allow it to do this.
  • AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System. Agitation, brushing, and suction are the three stages this phrase refers to. The robot vacuum makes sure that specks of dust are brushed and immediately sucked into the robot vacuum. AeroForce refers to a filter system within the vacuum that captures particles as small as 10 microns.
  • Brush-less extractors prevent entanglement within the system. This is a huge issue in houses with pets that shed hair and long-haired residents. This reduces the maintenance one needs to do for the robot vacuum as it is less lightly to be tangled.
  • Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers. This feature gives the Roomba 805 the ability to clean your house according to which room you want to clean. By making effective use of the walls, you can use the Dual Mode to keep the robot out of a certain area or restrict to only clean a certain room.
  • Schedule your robot to clean up to 7 times a week; that means you will always be welcomed with a dusted home every day. Alternatively, just tap on the CLEAN button on the robot to get it running.

Roomba 805, being the predecessor, typically shows several weaknesses.

  • Doesn’t have a HEPA filter with it.
  • More likely to get stuck when met with multiple obstacles, such as the dining area.

Features and specifications of Roomba 880

Roomba 880 is a more advanced version of the Roomba 800s series. 880 comes with more fancy features, however, cost a lot more than the 805 series.


  • Roomba 880 has a similar dimension to the 805 model which is 6 inches high.
  • It comes with a charging station. There are also two Dual Virtual Wall Barriers. 4D batteries are required to run the robot and they are included in the box. You will also get an extra filter for your first change.
  • The Roomba 880 can run-up to an hour according to the packaging. However, numerous tests show it can run longer than that, depending on what mode you are using.
  • Roomba 880 also comes with a remote control that allows you to control it from a distance.

In hindsight, the two models bear almost no differences. Their design is similar to the point that you might not notice the differences if your eyes are not vigilant. And just like the 805’s model, this one comes fully assembled, so all you need to do is plug in the batteries and the robot will begin cleaning your house immediately.

Roomba 880 possesses some features that make it one of the bestsellers among Roomba’s products. Here are some of those features:

  • iAdapt Navigation by the 880 version is much better than the 805. Many people complained about the 805 models getting stuck under complicated structures. However, the 880 manages its way much better.
  • AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System. The 3-stage cleaning has the same definitions as the one 805 possesses. The function is similar to the 805 which means a better cleaning process. AeroForce makes sure particles as small as 10 microns are captured.
  • Aside from the AeroForce, the unit is also equipped with Dirt Detect Series II which concentrates on areas that require more cleaning. The Roomba will find areas with thicker dust or hair and proceeds to go over the same area a couple of times before moving on to another area.
  • Add to the fact that the Roomba 880 is equipped and compatible with HEPA filters. HEPA filter prevents allergen from getting carried in the air, a must for pet owners, or residents prone to allergic reactions.
  • Brushless extractors are the same features that 880 has compared to 805. They prevent hairs from getting tangled around the brushes, reduces the frequency of maintenance that needs to be done.
  • Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barriers. The walls can be used to keep the robot clean only the necessary area. It will keep the robot away from a certain area, or keep them within it.
  • Lighthouse mode allows you to set guided cleaning instructions for up to three different rooms. A good thing about this mode is that it will allow Roomba to pass onto the next area after it’s done with that one. After that, the wall serves as a boundary again.
  • You can also schedule Roomba 880 up to 7 days a week. That means once every day for thorough cleaning or just go and tap the CLEAN button to get it to start running.

What are the reasons that you might not want this particular Roomba?

  • The price. The 880 cost more than twice the price of a new 805. At the exchange of the new features.
  • Still carries a lot of dust and small particles up because of the side-brush used to clean the edges along the wall.

Roomba 805 vs Roomba 880: The battle

Roomba 805 vs 880

Comparing the two models while taking into account all factors including price, the battle is tight. Let’s see why.

  • Both 805 and 880 have iAdapt Navigation, a common feature in many Roomba vacuum cleaners. However, with the new one, comes a better version that prevents the 880 from getting stuck as often as 805. Slightly better and less of a hassle.
  • In addition to the AeroForce, 880 also has Dirt Detect Series II. This gives the robot the ability to repeatedly go over the same area to make sure it’s clean. Areas that have more dirt or hair will be cleaned thoroughly before the robot leaves the area.
  • Both have Dual-Mode Virtual Wall Barriers that keep them working within the space that has been set. However, the 880 models are equipped with Lighthouse mode as well. This mode allows you to create a guided cleaning schedule of sorts for the robot vacuum. It will pass through the wall barrier to continue cleaning the next area until it’s clean.
  • The 880 model comes with a remote control that lets users navigate, turns on & off, and do other things from where they are without moving an inch. This is convenient that doesn’t exist in 805.
  • Appearance-wise, the two models are similar. They have the same black, sleek design with the CLEAN button in the middle and four other buttons for configuration.
  • While the 880 brags 2x runtime compared to its predecessor, in truth, it doesn’t excel that much. The 880, however, still runs slightly longer compared to 805. It runs for 2 hours at max, about 20 to an hour longer compared to 805.
  • The biggest leap in between the models is that the 805 is more affordable (~$400) compared to the 4-digit price of 880 (~$1,000).
  • Both models also show similar performance on different types of surfaces, such as carpet, tiles, hardwood, etc.
  • Both also do well at avoiding stairs and drop-offs. This means you don’t have to worry about your robot screwing itself up or having to spend time keeping the robot an eye.

How to decide between Roomba 880 and 805

How to decide Obviously, 880 has all the fancy features that make it a better-automated vacuum cleaner compared to 805. However, it is at a fantastic price in comparison to the 805.

  • Roomba 880 is the better cleaner is doing a considerably better job at sucking and filtering the dust as it possesses HEPA filter. It also goes over the same area repeatedly as necessary and avoids obstacles at a better rate than 805 thanks to the Dirt Detect technology. The Roomba 880 is very suitable for houses with higher maintenance and homeowners that own hairy pets.
  • The 805 does not do as bad, but there are multiple reports of it occasionally getting stuck under complicated navigation.
  • Comparing the battery capacity of both series, 805 pales against 880 that brags 2x runtime. In actuality, it doesn’t necessarily clean two times longer, but it does clean at a longer time. This means your robot won’t dock as often and finishes its job before charging back. Many users dislike the fact that their robot can’t seem to get the simple job done and requires multiple charging for it.
  • The biggest leap for the 880 model which is the price is worth it if you want something that does a thorough cleaning in a large room.
  • It is totally worth it and thanks to the remote control, you don’t even have to bother looking for the robot all the time.
  • However, if you are looking for something that does a decent job at cleaning and lives alone or has a minimalistic lifestyle, the Roomba 805 is perfect.

Final Verdict

Both models excel when it comes to their cleaning prowess. However, the 880 model excels more in being efficient about it and has a longer runtime. Despite the price, 880 has all the benefits and features that are totally worth it. Cleaner house, flexible configuration, and more time for things you want to do.

As with every other thing we buy, price is an important factor. The two products compared have different prices listed on Amazon. A higher price does mean better quality with fancy features that will definitely keep users convenient. However, they are not always what you really need from a robot vacuum cleaner and if you can save up $600, wouldn’t you want that?

Both models come with similarly excellent performances and the 880 model is obviously a better candidate in cleaning the house and preventing allergic reactions. However, the 805 model already possesses similar cleaning effectivity. And it is good enough for keeping the house clean if the owner does not own dogs or cats or lives alone.

And that was our thorough comparison of the two model. It was certainly hard to decide which one was better not just in terms of performance, but also in terms of their value by taking the price into consideration. Not everything expensive is always better and not everything cheaper is always worse. And with that in mind, we hope you are able to make the right decision in getting a new automated cleaner for your home!

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