Shark Navigator Swivel Pro vs Plus Reviews [Comparison Guide]

In this competitive industry of vacuum cleaners, SharkNinja achieved a significant market share in a short span of time. This high-end brand has been competing with names such as Dyson, iRobot, Bissel, and others for a long time – to provide the best service to the consumers.

After surfing the internet, it can seem that all Shark Vacuums are suitable for both hardwood and carpet floors.  The additional tools that come with the vacuum cleaners make it more convenient for homeowners to use the vacuum for multiple purposes.

Then what is the best vacuum cleaner for you? The choice can be difficult as there are so many good vacuum cleaners available in the market.

In this article, we will talk about two of the most promising vacuum cleaners Shark has brought into the market – Shark Navigator Swivel Pro and Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Upright Vacuum.

Both of the vacuum cleaners are excellent at doing the main job and that is cleaning. SharkNinja introduced the Navigator series to bring more flexibility in the cleaning experience. Both of the vacuums are upright vacuum cleaners, meaning they are cheaper and more efficient in cleaning thick carpet and rugs compared to canister vacuums.

It may seem confusing to you as to which one you should go for. We are here to help you decide just that.

After going through this article, you will be able to differentiate the differences between these two vacuum cleaners and also understand which one is the right choice for you.

Features of Shark Navigator Swivel Pro and Shark Navigator Swivel Plus

Shark Navigator Swivel ReviewsSharkNinja is dedicated to providing cleaning solutions to those who lead a busy life. If you want the mixture of innovation and efficiency, then Shark might just be perfect for you!

On top of that, shark navigator swivel is the most innovative series. These vacuum cleaners trump all other models in terms of design and innovative technology.

The two models we are going to talk about have the “never lose suction” technology in each of them. So, you can be assured of the cleaning performance of your vacuum.

This is just one of the many features of these particular models. The Shark Navigator Swivel model comes with many accessories to make your cleaning experience both rewarding and enjoyable.

Shark Navigator series has around 20 models. In this article, we will review the Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum (NV352) and Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Upright Vacuum (NV46).

The Shark Navigator Swivel Pro model is great for high-pile carpets and floor rugs. You can also use it on hardwood floors. If you live in a small to medium-sized house, then this vacuum would be suitable for you.

The Shark Navigator Swivel Plus is another name for the model NV46. It has a few extra features than the previous models. This model is more suited to larger areas and therefore carries an extra cost.


Shark Navigator Swivel Pro vs Plus Reviews [Which one is better?]

Shark Navigator Swivel Pro vs Plus Reviews


Shark Navigator Swivel Pro! (NV352)

When it comes to bringing new ideas to the table, no one matches the uniqueness of the shark. This model is called “lift away” because you can literally lift it up from the floor base. And by doing so, you can use this vacuum as a canister vacuum cleaner to clean other areas like upholstery and stairs. This flexibility allows you to use it even inside your car.

This is one of the earliest versions of Shark navigator. It is a relatively budget option for those who want powerful suction at a cheaper cost.

Let’s take a glance at the specs and features first!

  • Product weight: 5 lbs
  • Dimension: 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 in
  • Dust Capacity: 2 dry quarts
  • Cord: Cord length 25 ft.
  • LED Lights: No
  • Wattage: 1200
  • Amps: 10
  • Other Technologies and Features: Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, HEPA Filtration, Swivel Steering
  • Color: Lavender

Using this vacuum, you can catch all the dirt and pet hair from the hard-to-reach corners easily. The NV352 model is very versatile and can be used anywhere – be it carpet or hard floor. Shark Navigator stays true to its name “Pro” because it is so efficient that you will think a professional has been in and done the job for you!

Let’s Look at The Dimension and Design!

Shark Navigator Swivel Pro - DesignShark Navigator Swivel Pro (NV352) is one of the most reviewed vacuum cleaners on the market right now. This beauty weighs 12.5 pounds. Despite it’s lightweight it is very powerful. Shark has implemented so many features in this model that you can call it the “jack of all trades” in cleaning.

The most outstanding design of this vacuum is the “Lift-away” feature. Its canister is detachable, which makes it very light, so you can easily pick it up and clean stairs or upholstery quickly and effortlessly. The lift-away feature is also helpful to reach those more difficult areas of your house. With this flexibility, you can quickly detach and attach the canister again when the job is done.

Now About the Performance

In terms of cleaning efficiency, very few models can do what Shark Navigator Swivel Pro offers. This model works really great on both bare floors and carpets.

The NV352 model uses a 1200 watt motor and since the vacuum is relatively lightweight itself, this motor provides powerful suction capability to it. Also, the different attachments also increase the efficiency of Shark Navigator Swivel pro.

Let’s talk about the bare floor cleaning performance.


Shark Navigator Swivel Pro uses the Brushroll Shutoff System which is effective on any type of floor. When you are cleaning the hard floor you can turn off the motorized brush. In this way, your bare floor stays safe from all the possible scratches a brush could make. You can easily pick up large debris like Cheetos or shards with this method.

You are probably wondering “what about the carpet? Does it work well on that too?”

Shark Navigator Swivel Pro works very well on thick pile carpet. This vacuum cleaner has deep cleaning capabilities, this means that it does a good job of picking up dirt lurking deep inside the carpet. You should probably note that you may need more than just one pass to completely clean a deep pile carpet. In normal circumstances this vacuum cleaner can clean most dirt with just one pass.

Let us tell you what we found after reviewing this vacuum’s suction power.

SharkNinja has added a Suction Release Feature in this model. This feature is very sought after among many homemakers in the know. This is because it lets you control how much suction power is needed at the time. With just the press of a button on the vacuum cleaner’s handle, you can control the suction power. This feature is great for area rugs and high-pile carpets because it’s easier to push or pull using this feature.

HEPA Filtration

HEPA FiltrationWhenever you see the word “HEPA” on any vacuum cleaner, you’ll know that this vacuum is going to provide the best filtration system. This is also a highly requested feature. HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. This type of filter keeps the air pure and fresh and coupled with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology can capture 99.99% of the dust and allergens of the house.

The HEPA filtration system is vitally important for sufferers of allergens so it stands to reason that this feature would be paramount when choosing your vacuum cleaner.

Additional attachments and accessories to make it easier for you!

When it comes to cleaning, people usually want to know about the accessories a vacuum cleaner comes with. Luckily, this model provides the best attachments and extra tools to make your cleaning experience a pleasure, well almost! Although it does not come with a pet power brush, it does include other accessories such as two types of crevice tools – 5-inch and 24-inch respectively, and a brush tool.

Now let’s talk about the bagless dustbin

Bagless DustbinBagless vacuum cleaners are definitely more convenient from the point of view of not having to buy or change the bags once they are full. However, it can be argued that the internal filters of a bagless system will require cleaning more often. Also the canisters on the bagless systems hold a little less than the bags do. So it probably comes down to a personal choice.

We have discussed at length about the Shark Navigator Swivel Pro (NV352). Now it’s time to learn everything about Shark Navigator Swivel Plus (NV46)

Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Upright Vacuum (NV46)

Out of all the Shark vacuum cleaners, Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Upright Vacuum (NV46) coming in at approximately $100 is one of the most budget-friendly ones. In short, this vacuum cleaner comes with all the basic features of a high-end vacuum cleaner and comes in a stylish blue color and weighs about 20 pounds.

This vacuum cleaner will actually meet all your basic expectations – Swivel steering, HEPA filtration, and Brushroll Shutoff, making this powerful and lightweight vacuum cleaner a popular choice.

Quick overview of the specs;

  • Dimension: 5 x 13 x 12.5 inches
  • Filter Type: HEPA Filter
  • Item weight: 19.8 pounds
  • Bin Capacity: 2.5 dry quarts
  • On-board extension wand: long wand and hose included (10 feet)
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

Best Features of Shark Navigator Swivel Plus NV46

  • Corded (AC Power)
  • Bagless
  • Hepa Filtration
  • Brushroll Shutoff (Switch from hard floors to carpet)
  • Never Lose Suction Technology
  • Long Wand and Hose combine for 10 feet of reach
  • High Capacity Dust Cup
  • Swivel steering

Features in Detail;

Corded– this unit is an electric powered vacuum cleaner which operates with 100/120 volts. Do not use higher power/volt supply. Inbuilt cord is 25 feet long.

Bagless– does not use bags to catch the dust and debris, instead a sealed canister system is utilized.

HEPA filtration– High Efficient Particulate Air, world renowned filter for many applications, including vacuum cleaner devices. Can be washed in water for ongoing use. Must be dry before use.

Brush Roll Shutoff– is the ability to turn off the rotating roller, which is used for carpet cleaning only. This option will prevent scratching or marking your hard floor surfaces giving you the necessity to only own one vacuum cleaner for multiple uses.

Never Lose Suction Control– is possible so long as the dust cap/canister and filter are clean.

Long Wand and Hose– supplied wand and hose will give you 10 feet of reach, with corded length this should be adequate for most applications.

High Capacity Dust Cup– almost 2 dry quarts or 5 lbs capacity. Suitable for cleaning approximately 2 times the average sized home before needing to clean.

Swivel Steering– simply means your vacuum cleaner will steer around obstacles, giving you a more pleasurable cleaning experience.


Last but not the least – THE ACCESSORIES

This model, just like the one previously discussed, uses different sets of tools. These tools are very effective for getting the best out of your vacuum cleaner. The dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice tool can be used with Shark Navigator Swivel Plus for all kinds of floors. They are also very good for assisting in cleaning pet hair problems.

The best thing about Shark Navigator Swivel Plus is that it provides all the basic tools and attachments for ensuring superior performance. This vacuum cleaner includes 1 On-board extension wand and hose, 1 Dusting brush, one 5.5″ crevice tool and 1 wide pet upholstery tool. Now these different tools can be used to perform different sorts of tasks, making this vacuum cleaner more versatile than ever.

The hose is about 10 feet long. The fascinating part is that it is on-board, meaning it is always handy whenever you need to attach it. This extra-long wand is super beneficial for above floor cleaning.

Crevice tool is the most common type of attachment that comes with any vacuum cleaner. It is used for reaching the tight spots like corners, between cushions or under a refrigerator. Attaching this to your vacuum cleaner gives you added benefits and keeps your house cleaner than ever. The one that comes with Swivel Plus is 5.5” in diameter, so that it is easy to reach tight spots.

Since this vacuum cleaner is designed to work on all types of floors, a dusting brush is added with it. This brush can be very helpful for delicate cleaning tasks.

The Shark Navigator Swivel Plus also provides a fitting for pet hair. This upholstery tool is wide and can be used for versatile cleaning. It is widely considered as the best friend for the pet owners. Cleaning up pet hair is a hard task, especially if you have a carpet floor. The hair gets everywhere and it is not an easy job to remove. But using an upholstery tool with your vacuum will work very well.

Head to Head Comparison

It is quite tough to completely say which one is the best vacuum cleaner when both of the models (Shark Navigator Swivel Pro & Plus) have incredible features and perform so well. Then again, different strokes for different folks, right? Here, we will try to give you some insight into comparing these two models (NV352 and NV46).

First, let’s compare the two vacuum cleaners on the basis of specs and number of features.

As you can see, both the vacuum cleaners have almost same features. They both are efficient and both can be used on different types of floors.

The Best Thing About Shark Navigator Swivel Pro Is Its Flexible Design!

Swivel Pro gets numerous positive reviews for its flexibility and improved design. This vacuum cleaner is ultra-lightweight. The “lift-away” feature lets you lift up the canister of the vacuum and use it to clean above the floor areas. The powerful suction capability, coupled with brushroll shutoff system makes it a really attractive vacuum cleaner for homeowners.

Then there is the filtration system, which uses complete seal technology, and it’s HEPA! It works as a major lifesaver for health conscious people.

This vacuum cleaner has many nice features and benefits making it difficult not to choose this one for your needs.

But Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Has the Best Durability

Shark Navigator Swivel Plus may lack one or two things, but given the 5 year warranty feature, Shark Navigator Plus makers must have confidence in the durability of this product.

Apart from that, Swivel Plus has an extra large dustbin that is an important factor for some people. People with large houses need a vacuum cleaner with this feature, otherwise you would need to empty the dust cup in the middle of cleaning, which is obviously irritating. Shark Navigator Swivel Plus frees you of that burden.

Last but not least, it is cheaper. Many people buy this model because with this model you can get all the basic features at a low cost. It is a major concern for many people because not everybody has the budget to spare for cleaning equipment.

What Does Shark Navigator Swivel Pro Lack?

Medium sized dust cup is the main concern for this vacuum cleaner. This vacuum is extra lightweight due to this factor. If you have many rooms to cover, you may have to clean the dust cup in the middle of cleaning your house. This vacuum cleaner is perfect for a medium sized house.

Another thing to note is that it does not have any LED Headlights. Therefore, darker places such as under the furniture areas can’t be cleaned that effectively.

Price is also a concern here. This upright vacuum cleaner comes with so many top-notch features. In that sense, the price seems reasonable. But still, it is more expensive than its sister models.

What Does Shark Navigator Swivel Plus Lack?

This vacuum cleaner is a bit heavy, weighing almost 20 pounds. The extra large dust cup is the main reason behind that. As a result, Swivel Plus does not have the “lift-away” feature like the “pro” model does. But you should not worry about that, since it comes with a long extension wand that compensates for its heavy design. The extension wand is 10 feet long and can be used to clean above the floor. But it wouldn’t be so bad if it was a little lighter, right?

People Who Will Get the Best Out of Shark Navigator Swivel Pro

If you live in a medium sized apartment with one or two bedrooms, then the Shark Navigator Swivel Pro is probably the best option for you. It has a medium sized dust cup so you cannot store a large amount of dirt for long. This model works great in transition from a bare to a carpeted floor. So if you have a hardwood floor in one room and carpet in the other, you can still use this vacuum cleaner to clean your apartment.

If your house has stairs, then this vacuum cleaner will also be suitable for you. It comes with a tool that removes pet hair from upholstery and stairs.

Mainly, this lift-away model was introduced for houses with stairs. This one thing makes this model more efficient than most other upright vacuum cleaners.

People Who Will Get the Best out of Shark Navigator Swivel Plus

If you are looking for a budget friendly option, then this Shark Navigator Swivel Plus is probably the right choice for you. This budget friendly vacuum cleaner comes at low cost with great features. It has outstanding maneuverability so you can clean your house with little effort.

Also, if you live in a large house, purchasing this vacuum cleaner will also be a good decision. You can store a large amount of dirt in this vacuum thanks to its extra-large bagless dust cup. So you can be done with all your cleaning with just one pass. This vacuum cleaner may not look sophisticated, but combined with additional tools, this model works as one of the most versatile vacuum cleaners in the market.

Final Verdict

We can say a lot more about these two vacuum cleaners as both of them are quite impressive. But the final choice always comes down to you. So choose wisely.

But before finishing, we must say that we are quite mesmerized by Swivel Pro model’s design and features. It has all the latest technologies and the “lift-away” feature is impressive for an upright vacuum cleaner.

If money is not a big factor to you, then you probably should go for the Shark Navigator Upright Swivel Pro Vacuum. Having a home appliance with the latest technologies will definitely make your life easier.

Also Swivel Pro stays true to its price. You are getting a versatile product with a lot of beneficial features at a reasonable price. Also, it comes with a great warranty deal too, so we can assure you that buying this vacuum cleaner will be a good investment for you.

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