Should I Get My Carpets Cleaned by a Professional

Professional carpet cleaning brings new life to a tired, stained, dirty carpet. But did you know that getting your Carpets Cleaned by a Professional is important for removing more than stubborn stains? The professional carpet cleaning process removes odors from a smelly carpet and prolongs your carpet’s lifespan and performance. But unfortunately, many homeowners leave professional cleaning for too long.

The typical household scenarios that ruin the appearance of carpets are too common.

  •  Carpets Cleaned by a ProfessionalFirst, the kids come home from school and cause muddy footprints over the carpet.
  • Then pets have an “accident” on the shag carpet leaving behind an awful smell of pet urine that is tough to remove.
  • Or you realize that you cannot remember the carpet’s original color.

So when it comes to the housework, you start to realize that regular vacuuming isn’t doing the trick.

  • No matter how hard you scrub the tough stains, nothing seems to shift the stubborn marks.
  • So you begin to think that nothing will get the carpets clean again.

The answer to keeping carpets clean is to get a professional carpet cleaner

  • They have specialized tools that reach deep into carpet fibers to remove seemingly indelible stains.
  • They also have a range of carpet cleaning solutions to ensure your carpet looks like new.

However, you may have questions about professional carpet cleaning.

  • For example, is the cost of carpet cleaning worth it?
  • Are there any natural solutions to clean a carpet so you can avoid hiring a professional cleaner?
  • How can you protect a carpet from foot traffic after cleaning it?

This article is for you if you have asked yourself these questions.

The Benefits of Getting Your Carpets Cleaned by a Professional

Carpets do more than add to a room’s aesthetics. The fibers in the soft floor covering act to trap dirt, dust, pollen, and other common household allergens. Some studies suggest that carpeted rooms contain significantly fewer airborne dust particles than hardwood floors. However, a buildup of these particles can cause health problems.

For example, studies into carpets and air quality found that adequate carpet cleaning is necessary to reduce accumulating levels of carpet contaminants. And it is not a good idea to leave off carpet cleaning for longer than the manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise, you risk negatively impacting air quality.

Eight Reasons to Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners

Getting rid of dirt from carpet is the most common reason for calling professional cleaners. However, even with regular cleaning, a carpet benefits from deep cleaning once in a while. Maybe you have tried DIY cleaning methods like a white vinegar solution or a baking soda carpet cleaner, but nothing worked. In that case, here are some reasons to call a professional carpet cleaner.

1. The carpet is no longer its original color

Have you noticed that a light-colored carpet now appears significantly darker? Unfortunately, foot traffic, kids, pets, and wear and tear take their toll on carpets. A professional cleaner will help to remove the buildup of dirt in the carpet fibers. This also removes nasty smells and restores the carpet’s shape.

2. Stubborn stains spoil the carpet’s appearance

Muddy paws, spills, tracked-in dirt, and accidents can all leave tough stains on carpets. Even if you act quickly to soak up the spill, the patch of red wine or orange juice can still be noticeable after it dries. Unfortunately, the only way to remove set-in stains is to call the professionals.

3. The carpet gives off a bad smell

Carpets need regular cleaning when they begin to emit musky smells. The fibers in a carpet absorb grime, cooking smells, dirt particles, pet dander, cigarette smoke, and other nasties. In time, the unpleasant odors from a soiled carpet can permeate the entire house. This is when a deep carpet cleaning is essential.

4. People don’t remove shoes at the door

Do your kids or spouse regularly keep their outdoor shoes on indoors? If so, it won’t be easy to keep a clean carpet. Therefore, you will need professional cleaning fairly regularly. And although DIY cleaning methods can help, it is rarely enough to remove embedded dirt and awkward stains.

5. You last arranged a professional clean several years ago

If you cannot remember when you last arranged a professional cleaning service, then a professional carpet clean is probably due. Remember, even in the cleanest of households, carpets put up with a lot of wear and tear. Therefore an annual carpet clean can help to revive it.

6. People in the house are sneezing or coughing more than usual

Have you noticed that children or other family members are showing signs of allergies? Allergy-inducing particles like dust, dander, mold spores, and pollen get trapped in carpet fibers. And a heavy buildup can cause some in the family to have symptoms of a runny or itchy nose, sneezing, or watery eyes.

Of course, there could be other reasons for showing signs of allergies. However, if anyone in the house has allergies, you should consider getting the carpets cleaned thoroughly. It’s also a good idea to vacuum regularly with a cleaner that has a HEPA dust filter.

7. Pets have left their mark on the carpet

Hire Professional Carpet cleanerAlthough furry friends bring joy to the family, they cause challenges when keeping carpets clean. For example, a single carpet could contain thousands of trapped cat or dog hairs.

This is not to mention dander, mites, and other things your pets shed. Also, pets can track in mud, urine, and feces on their paws.

Urine in shag carpets can be especially tricky to remove. You may find that only cleaning with professional-grade equipment can remove the nasty smell.

Of course, regular vacuuming is vital to keep carpeting and soft floor coverings clean if you have pets. However, regular carpet cleaning with professional equipment is also crucial for removing allergens from carpets and pet stains and ensuring complete odor removal.

8. The carpet has lost its shape or shows signs of matting

You may be surprised how a professional deep clean can transform your carpet. The hot water extraction method not only removes dirt and grime. But it also lifts the fibers, making the carpet feel softer and appear lighter.

How often should you have Your Carpets Cleaned by a Professional?

How often you should arrange professional carpet cleaning depends on several factors. These include the type of carpet, foot traffic, pets, and kids. For example, deep-pile shag carpets tend to hold onto dirt. Therefore, shag carpets and rugs require more frequent cleaning then low-pile carpets.

Of course, a carpet in a hallway at the front door needs cleaning more frequently than one in a bedroom.

As a general rule, refer to the carpet manufacturer’s guidelines on cleaning frequency. However, if you don’t know the manufacturer, schedule a professional cleaning every 12 to 18 months.

How to Prepare Your Home for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Before the professional carpet cleaner arrives, ensure the room is ready for cleaning. In most cases, it’s best to discuss with the company about their requirements. For example, some prefer to handle the pre-clean vacuum themselves, whereas others want you to do this.

Tips on making sure the professional carpet cleaning process is a success:

  • Vacuum if necessary—Vacuuming removes excess dirt and grime from the carpet and helps to remove loose particles.
  • Move furniture—Depending on the scope of the carpet cleaning, you may need to remove furniture from the room. However, the carpet cleaning company can let you know what is required.
  • Remove fragile items from the room—It’s a good idea to remove any breakable items. Accidents can happen, and the heavy carpet-cleaning equipment could knock into furniture and cause a valuable ornament to fall over.
  • Make a list of carpet stains—It’s a good idea to inform the carpet cleaning company about any stains. Knowing what caused them can help the cleaners prepare the correct solutions for stain removal.

Should You Vacuum Your Carpet Before Having It Professionally Cleaned?

Vacuuming your carpet before professional cleaning is usually a good idea. However, the cleaning company will let you know if they expect you to do this or if they will do it. The pre-clean vacuuming will remove any loose particles from the carpet, making steam cleaning easier.

How Do I Maintain My Carpet After having Carpets Cleaned by a Professional?

After professional carpet cleaning, you’ll notice your carpet looks brighter and fresher. This is because the cleaning solution and water treatment penetrated deeply into the carpet pile, removing grime and debris. However, you need to care for a newly-cleaned carpet to prevent it from becoming dirty again.

Tips for maintaining the fresh look of your carpet:

  • Allow for sufficient dry time—Carpets must have sufficient time to dry before walking on the carpet. This also applies to moving furniture back to its place in the room.
  • Vacuum carpets regularly—It’s good to vacuum them at least weekly. Running a vacuum cleaner over a carpet removes dirt and particles, even though you cannot see them. Vacuuming is also useful for removing allergens from carpets.
  • Remove shoes before walking on carpets—Get the family, including spouse and children, to remove shoes before walking on carpeted surfaces. This habit prevents excess dirt from becoming embedded in carpet fibers.
  • Clean spills immediately—You can minimize the need for professional carpet cleaning by cleaning spills immediately. For example, try using a natural cleaner versus harsher chemicals to prevent ruining your rug or carpet. Another suggestion is to blot spills as they soak up the spill. This process prevents rubbing liquids into the carpet fibers, making the stain worse.
  • Use a carpet protector solution. One of the best ways to keep carpets clean and fresh is to apply a quality carpet protector. This solution prevents spills from penetrating the carpet fiber and developing stains.

FAQ — Carpets Cleaned by a Professional

How long does it take to clean a carpet professionally?

The average time required to clean a carpet is between 30 and 45 minutes. However, considering the complete drying process, you should avoid walking on the carpet for longer. A general rule is to avoid walking on the carpet for a full day and night — in other words, 24 hours.

Of course, the time it takes to clean a carpet professionally depends on several additional factors.

  • Size of your home
  • Type of carpet — for example, does it have synthetic or natural fibers?
  • Number of pet stains
  • The general condition of the carpet – smelly and light to heavily soiled

Is it worth cleaning a 20-year-old carpet?

Generally, a carpet older than 20 years needs replacing. Typically, dirt, dust, grime, and debris build up in the fibers. And over time, the dirt affects the carpet’s performance. However, a carpet’s lifespan depends greatly on foot traffic, regular maintenance, and quality.

How long do you have to stay off the carpet after cleaning?

It’s important to allow the carpet to dry completely after cleaning. In typical conditions, you should wait six to eight hours before allowing normal foot traffic on the carpet. However, if you must walk on the carpet for some reason, you must wait at least 30 minutes. But remember to remove your shoes before stepping on the newly-cleaned surface.

Which is better wet or dry carpet cleaning?

Typically wet carpet cleaning — also called steam cleaning — is the most effective method. Hot water and cleaning solutions penetrate the carpet fibers, and powerful suction instantly removes the dirt and breaks up the carpet’s stains. Then, the dirty water is sucked back up into the machine.

Dry carpet cleaning uses dry or slightly damp chemicals on the carpet surface. The chemicals work to break up the dirt and grime embedded in the carpet. After that, vacuuming removes all the loosened dirt and chemicals from the carpet.

Most professionals prefer wet carpet cleaning, or hot water extraction cleaning because it is more thorough and kinder on carpets.

How long does it take the carpet to dry after a professional cleaning?

After steam cleaning a carpet, the surface will be slightly damp. It may take six to eight hours for the carpet to dry completely. However, the drying process can take up to 24 hours, depending on the type of carpet, humidity, air circulation, temperature, and season.

Why is my carpet not drying after cleaning?

Stagnate air moisture is the most common reason carpets take a long time to dry after professional cleaning. For example, cool temperatures, high humidity, and poor air circulation can make it difficult to attain a quick drying time after hot steam cleaning a carpet.

To speed up the drying process, open windows, turn up the radiators and use a fan to increase air circulation.

What time of year is best for carpet cleaning?

What time of year is best for carpet cleaningSpringtime is the best time of year to get your carpets cleaned professionally. Typically, the weather is warmer in spring, and less debris and mud get tracked into homes. But it’s good to wait until all snow has melted and spring rains have finished. This is also a good time of year to eliminate allergens from a carpet.

Some people prefer early fall to arrange a professional carpet cleaning service. Typically, the weather is still warm — giving you ample time to dry a carpet. And you probably start spending more time indoors as winter approaches. Therefore, it’s nice to relax in rooms that have clean carpets.

Is it OK to walk on a wet carpet after cleaning?

It’s best to wait a few hours after cleaning to allow excess water in the carpet material to dry. However, if you must walk on damp carpets after cleaning, walk on bare feet, use socks or protective shoe coverings to avoid soiling the carpet. Damp carpets can soil extremely easily.

Getting Carpets Cleaned by a Professional— In Conclusion

Carpets Cleaned by a Professional is an investment in your home. Professional cleaning prolongs the life of your carpet and makes your house look great and feel fresh. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a schedule to arrange annual carpet cleaning. This way, you save money because you increase the lifespan of your carpet, reduce the risk of allergens, and ensure your carpet always looks immaculate.