SweepoVac Reviews [The Best Kitchen Vacuum Cleaner in 2024]

If you are home bound and like to cook, it’s normal that your kitchen will be messy. As a result, keeping a built-in vacuum cleaner in the kitchen has become a recent trend in many households.

And among all the brands, Sweepovac built-in kitchen vacuum is the most sophisticated and popular vacuum cleaner right now. The unique design and features of this vacuum meet the affordability of regular people – which has been a key factor for it to gain huge popularity.

About Sweepovac?

Sweepovac is a company founded and run by engineers. Therefore, they are very much cautious about the quality of the services their products provide. They believe that convenience is the key factor that all customers want. And they work and try to develop their products keeping that in mind.

Today, we will review the overall features and benefits of this kitchen vacuum comes with, and will also provide additional information for you – so that you get a clear picture of this product.

SweepoVac Reviews

SweepoVac Reviews [Best Built-in Kitchen Vacuum in 2024]



This vacuum cleaner is not only efficient, but also looks stylish too. The design of the Sweepovac vacuum blends perfectly with the interior of your kitchen. After installation, it looks just like another compartment of your kitchen.

Strong Build Quality

Strong Build QualityThe SweepoVac kitchen vacuum is very sturdy and durable. It is made of heavy duty materials. And since the vacuum is not portable rather built –in, you will not have to worry about it being broken.


Sweepovac Built-in kitchen vacuum comes with all the latest technologies available for a vacuum. It is basically a central vacuum cleaner. It uses anti-bacterial bag for keeping germs and odors out of the kitchen. When the dirt bag is full, a light will be automatically turned on to remind you to clean it. The powerful suction capability of this vacuum cleaner is unparalleled. The vacuum takes only 3 seconds to clean all the dirt and particles swept in front of it.

Extra Tools

SweepoVac Reviews-Extra Tools

As we have said before, Sweepovac comes with anti-bacterial dirt bag and post-motor filters that keeps the bacteria and smells off the kitchen environment. In addition to that, you can easily covert the built-in vacuum cleaner into a typical vacuum. Sweepovac has an option where you can plug in a hose. An 18 ft. expandable hose is included with it. There are three more tools included that makes it easier for the hose to clean hard-to-reach places.

Basic Installation Process

Basic Installation Process

Sweepovac has gained widespread acclaim for its easy installation process. The vacuum comes with a user guide. Even for an inexperienced homeowner, it takes only 30 minutes to complete the whole installation process. This built-in kitchen vacuum is 14-7/8″ Wide, 4 1/2″ Tall and 18-1/4″ deep. It can be put anywhere in the kitchen – be it the kitchen wall or base cabinet.

Why Should You Choose Sweepovac?



Sweepovac has done an amazing job designing an affordable vacuum cleaner. Both the versions are very cheap. The vacuum can be installed in the toe kick of the base cabinet. Therefore, it blends in with the design of your kitchen and is hardly noticeable as well. Its dimension is comparatively much smaller. As a result, it takes up little place of your kitchen. For these reasons, sweepovac is gaining popularity among the customers.

Strong Suction Power:

The dimension of this vacuum cleaner can be small, but that is not the case for its suction capability. Sweepovac is 5 times more powerful than traditional hand-held vacuum cleaners. It takes only 3 seconds for it to suck all the dirt presented in front of it. The removal system is so strong that it can also remove pet hair.

Great Efficiency:

The efficiency of the Sweepovac built-in kitchen vacuum cannot be put into just a few words. It offers convenience and saves time. The toe kick feature lets you turn it on or off without ever bending over. Since it’s a built-in model, you do not need to carry it around. Also, the dirt bags are reusable, saving you the hassle of buying dirt bags over and over again. And if you have an awkward place to clean, you can always plug in the hose with the vacuum cleaner.

Requires Little Maintenance:

This amazing vacuum need little to no maintenance at all. It does not require a central vacuum system. Its anti-bacterial bag and post-motor filter are enough to keep it clean and germ free. You will need not more than 30 minutes to fully install the vacuum cleaner in your kitchen. The product comes with a 2 years warranty – all the more reason for you to not worry.


This is an interesting feature. You can set a 10 seconds timer for the vacuum cleaner to run. After sweeping all the dirt near it, the vacuum cleaner will stop automatically.

FAQs – What People Want to Know About

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the anti-bacterial dust bags included in the box?

Ans: Yes, you will not need to buy them separately.

Q: What are the tools needed for the installation of Sweepovac vacuum cleaner?

Ans: You do not need a lot of things to install it, and you can install it on your own.

If you want it to be placed in the base cabinet, use – a marking pen, Drill machine, Reciprocating saw, a Screwdriver and 4 screws. For better understanding, you can watch this video

Q: How many versions does this vacuum cleaner have?

Ans: There are currently two basic styles available in the market – V1.0 and V2.0.

Final Verdict

Even if you own a handheld vacuum cleaner, there is no harm in keeping a built-in kitchen vacuum cleaner. It will save you tons of efforts of carrying the vacuum cleaner. Sweepovac is essentially a perfect kitchen appliance. It is self-contained and works great for keeping your kitchen odorless.

Based on what we have found so far, the Sweepovac is unique in all aspects. This vacuum cleaner costs comparatively less than the traditional models and therefore, buying it will be a win-win situation for you.


Overall SweepoVac Reviews
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