Vacuuming Tips and Tricks to make Cleaning Easy

Want to get your vacuuming done quicker? Then let us give some vacuuming tips and Tricks so that you get the job done fast!

It may seem strange to present an article on vacuuming tips because this is a cleaning activity that most of us perform on an almost daily basis. But, there are different vacuum cleaner models on the market and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Understanding how to get the best cleaning performance without wasting time can help.

3 Vacuuming Tips & Tricks to prepare for a more efficient and effective cleaning experience:

1.    Check the Filter or Bag in the vacuum cleaner

Check Vacuum cleaning filtersMany people focus on the air suction power of a prospective vacuum cleaner. But, effectiveness and efficiency of a vacuum will be determined by the bag and/or filter. If the filter is clogged or the bag is full the vacuum will not work as intended by the manufacturer. A bag can fill quickly and a filter can become clogged faster than you may imagine. So, before you start cleaning, replace or empty the bag if it’s over half full and wash the filter if it looks dirty.

2.    Dust the Room before vacuuming

Dusting the room that you want to vacuum before you get started will make the process more effective. There is a myth that dusting after vacuuming will remove dust that the vacuum throws up into the air. In fact, the opposite is true, removing the dust beforehand will prevent it from settling back onto the carpet or floor after you’re done.

3.    Remove Any Small Objects on the floor, that may get in way of the vacuum cleaner

This is an obvious tip, but many people lose small objects that they suck into the vacuum accidentally. Any clutter on the floors can get stuck in the vacuum and there is a real risk that an internal part could be damaged. The more likely scenario is that you have to stop vacuuming to remove the offending part which slows down the cleaning process.

Now that you’re ready to proceed let’s take a look at ten vacuuming tips and tricks

1.    Make the Vacuuming Process Easier

One of the best vacuuming tips that you can take to heart is to make the process as easy as you can. Adopting a proactive approach to make your home cleaner can help to prevent a lot of messes that you won’t need to clean up. For example: If you ban outdoor shoes in the main areas of your home there will be no dirt, leaves or other debris to vacuum. If this sounds draconian, place mats at each entry point and make sure everyone wipes their feet when they enter you home.

2.    Make Multiple Passes with the Vacuum Cleaner

To get your floor truly clean, it will be necessary to make more than one pass. If there is a lot of hair, dust and debris it’s a great idea to make these passes from multiple directions. This is especially true if you are a pet owner and if your pet is shedding, you may need to make up to ten passes to get the floor clean. Some people get excellent cleaning results when they vacuum in a crisscross pattern on carpets and rugs.

3.    Set the Vacuum Cleaner at the Correct Height for your carpet

Most modern vacuums have a useful height adjustment setting and this can make the cleaning more efficient. If the height is set too low, it can cause additional wear and tear on your carpet fibers. If the height is too high, you won’t be able to lift as much dirt. To find the optimal height setting go to the maximum height and lower it gradually until you can hear the vacuum sucking. Check that the carpet is cleaned to your satisfaction and make a note of the height so you can find it easily if it’s changed for some reason.

4.    Establish a Vacuuming Routine

If you vacuum regularly before your carpets start to look soiled and dirty, you can make the cleaning process easier. Entrenched stains and dirtier floors are harder to clean and deep cleaning can take a long time. Make vacuuming a daily chore and you can avoid these longer cleaning sessions.

5.    Be Methodical with your Vacuuming

Avoid working too quickly because you want the most vacuuming contact during your allotted cleaning time. The vacuum needs time to loosen the debris that’s lodged in the fibers of the carpet. Moving the vacuum forward and backward in different directions will increase the chance that you can pick up more loose dirt on the next pass.

Vacuuming high traffic area6.    High Traffic Areas Often take longer to Vacuum

There are areas in your home that have higher traffic than others and these are prime locations for extra dirt and grime. So, it’s important to vacuum locations, such as: hallways, living rooms, the lobby, mud rooms and other places more frequently. Vacuuming these areas is likely to take longer, but you can shorten the time if you vacuum everyday or every other day. If you have a less busy home you may be able to vacuum twice per week and still keep these high traffic areas clean.

7.    Select the Correct Setting for your vacuum cleaner

Many modern vacuum cleaners have different settings that can be adjusted for various surfaces that you need to clean. Vacuuming a hard floor will use a different setting than a thick shaggy carpet. The settings may be basic height settings with an example surface to help you optimize the suction and cleaning power. The height of your floors may vary by room and you may need to make adjustments as you vacuum different areas.

8.    Hard to Clean Areas Need More Attention when vacuuming

There are areas of your home that can be tricky to clean, such as: the stairs, a closet and others. It’s tempting to clean these areas quickly, but it’s a better idea to give them some extra attention. Using attachments can be helpful, you can achieve a deeper clean around furniture and in crevices if you learn how to use them efficiently.

9.    Vacuuming Rugs

The vacuum cleaner can get stuck on the edge of rugs and this can lead to fraying damage. When you vacuum rugs, focus on the center and then move gently to the outer edges. Select the correct height setting and move in different directions to get a deeper clean.

10.    Avoid That Vacuum Odor

Unless your vacuum cleaner has a premium grade filter, it will release a dusty or dirty odor when you vacuum. This can be avoided by sprinkling some baking soda in the bag to neutralize the odors at the source. Another solution is to place a dryer sheet in the bag which will release a nice odor as you clean. The final option is to sprinkle cinnamon in the bag to get a different pleasant scent as you clean.

In Conclusion-Vacuuming Tips and Tricks to make Cleaning Easy

Using these vacuuming tips before and during your regular cleaning schedule will make a huge difference to your home. Making the best use of your vacuum cleaner will help you to keep your home cleaner without wasting your precious time.