Why Is My Dyson Cordless Vacuum Not Charging

The Dyson has become a popular household item. In fact, statistics show that the recent Dyson cordless model has pushed brand sales over $3 billion. However, this does not mean that Dyson vacuums are free of problems and one of the most common is the cordless vacuum failing to charge. So, in this article we’ll explore answers to the question why is my Dyson cordless vacuum not charging.

Why is my Dyson Cordless Vacuum Not Charging?

dyson vacuum not chargingBefore you start to worry that your Dyson has developed a fault, you need to be aware that one of the most common reasons why it may not be charging is a connectivity problem. When your Dyson is in a normal operating mode, most models have no status light.

The light should only illuminate when you mount your Dyson in its docking station. However, if the status light does not illuminate, it is a sign that it is not actually charging.

So, check all the connections; make sure the power cord is fully plugged into the charging port and wall outlet. If the connections are correct, try using another plug into the outlet to ensure that it is operating correctly. Once you have established that the wall outlet is working, you can start to explore other reasons why the Dyson is not charging.

Vacuum Cleaner Charging Cord is Damaged

Many of us are aware that charging cords can have a hard life. They can become twisted, exposed to sunlight, or even nibbled on by pets. All of these things can create small nicks and cuts in the cord. Unfortunately, this damage can allow moisture, dust, and other contaminants to compromise the cable’s ability to conduct electric current. So, check the power cord for signs of wear as it may be that you need to replace it.

Incorrect Docking Set Up for your Vacuum

Your Dyson docking station is wall mounted hardware for unobtrusive storage while charging. However, if you connect your charging station cord to your Dyson as it is free standing, it is possible that the cord has been over stretched, which compromises cord performance.

Faulty Fuse

Like most home appliances, your Dyson charger and cradle has a fuse and if this develops a fault, it could answer your question “why is my Dyson vacuum not charging?” You’ll find the fuse under a small panel inside the plug. Use a small flat head screwdriver to remove the panel. You can then pop out the old fuse and replace it with a fuse that has the same amperage.

Your Vacuum is Overly Soiled

If your vacuum has become overly soiled, it may interrupt the connection between the vacuum and its battery, which will lead to inefficient charging. So, if you are having charging problems, try clearing any wand or hose blockages, washing the vacuum filter, and cleaning the inside of the vacuum canister.

The Vacuum is Overheated

Dyson vacuum cleaners are designed to operate at between 37°F and 104°F. The machine needs to be within this temperature variance to both charge and function. If your Dyson’s status light is shining a solid amber color, it indicates the unit is not charging and other functions may be impeded. Check the location of your charging station. If it is in an area of your home that receives a great deal of sunshine, you may need to relocate it.

Why Does My Dyson Not Hold a Charge?

dyson not chargingEven if your Dyson is properly charging, you may still be wondering why does my Dyson not hold a charge? Dyson recommends fully charging its cordless vacuums before using it for the first time and after every use.

So, it can be frustrating if you leave your Dyson on charge permanently and then find it stops working after only a few minutes. Dyson cordless vacuums should be able to operate for 30 to 60 minutes on a full charge. So, if you’re wondering why does my Dyson battery die so fast, you’ll need to consider a few scenarios.

1. The Battery is Old

Dyson typically covers vacuum batteries with a two year warranty. However, the battery can remain feasible for up to 15 years. Bear in mind that every year the battery is in use, the battery will lose a little of its ability to hold a charge.

So, if your battery is outside of its warranty period and is approaching the end of its useful lifespan, it may simply be old and in need of replacement.

2. The Battery has been Damaged

The battery pack is located in the handle of the vacuum cleaner, and accidents can happen. Whether you’ve dropped the vacuum or been a little heavy handed during an intense cleaning session, the battery could have become damaged. Remove the battery pack and you can then check for signs of cracks, scratches, or other damage.

Tips to Extend the Life of Your Dyson Battery

Once you have established the answer to the question why is my Dyson cordless vacuum not charging, there are some tips to help you extend the lifespan of your Dyson battery.

Don’t Automatically Use High Power Mode:

Many Dyson vacuums have a high power mode, but this is only designed to help with challenging messes. If you constantly use the high power mode, it will discharge the battery at a far higher rate. So, save the high power mode for situations where you need it.

Cool Down Before Recharge:

Dysons tend to run a little hot after use, particularly when it is used for an extended period. The heat comes not only from the motor, but also from the discharging energy from the battery. As we touched on above, your unit will struggle to charge if it is hot. So, allow a little cool down period before you put the vacuum back on charge.

Fully Discharge the Battery:

Finally, you can extend the lifespan of your Dyson’s battery by fully discharging the battery once a month. This means running the vac until all power has been drained from the battery and the vac stops completely.

Now you know the common answers to the question why is my Dyson cordless vacuum not charging, you should be able to enjoy years of trouble free use.